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The Huffington Post Plays The Super Bowl Race Card

February 7, 2016 by


By Jeffrey Lord ~ You were waiting to settle in for Super Bowl 50. Can Peyton Manning pull it off? Can Cam Newton play under Super Bowl pressure? These and the usual other Super Bowl conversations are waiting to be had  — the thumbs up or down on the halftime show, who had the best […]

NYT Column: Cruz And Rubio Not Really Latino Because Not Liberal

February 5, 2016 by


By P.J. Gladnick ~ Your last name could be Cruz or Rubio but unless you pass the stringent political tests of certain self-appointed gatekeepers, you are not authentically Latino. One such gatekeeper is Roberto Suro who wrote in a New York Times column that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio can’t be considered to really be Latino […]

No Surprise Here: NYT Backs Hillary As ‘One Of The Most…Deeply Qualified’ ‘Candidates In Modern History’

January 31, 2016 by


By Curtis Houck ~ In what should come as a shock to no one, The New York Times editorial board endorsed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary Saturday afternoon (for Sunday’s print edition) in a glowing piece that gushed in the subhead that Clinton is “one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates […]

Press Release? Friday’s NY Times Story On Obama’s ‘Town Hall’ Is Almost All About Obama, His Quotes

January 9, 2016 by


By Tim Graham ~ The New York Times should earn some kind of dubious award for its story in Friday’s newspaper on Obama’s CNN “town hall” event. While other liberal media outlets stressed the back-and-forth with Obama’s critics, Times reporter Michael Shear’s article resembled a press release stuffed with quotes by Obama and his top […]

New York Times Book Review Explores ‘Right-Wing Dallas’ As ‘Nut Country’

December 22, 2015 by


By Tim Graham ~ While The New York Times Book Review ignores books by conservatives from David Limbaugh to Mark Levin, they analyze conservatism by going to Sam Tanenhaus, who edited the Book Review from 2004 to 2013. One small problem: He wrote a book issued in 2009 predicting The Death of Conservatism. Tanenhaus (pictured) […]

NYT’s ‘News’ Bias Boils Over At Paris Summit: ‘Why Do People Question Climate Change? — Hint: Ideology’

December 2, 2015 by


By Clay Waters ~ The New York Times’ coverage of the international climate change summit in Paris remained on an aggressive boil, as Coral Davenport and Gardiner Harris’ report from France Tuesday, “Citing Urgency, World Leaders Converge on France for Climate Meeting,” hit the same set of alarmist notes Davenport did in her previous story […]

NY Times Once Thought ‘Toxic’ Woodrow Wilson Was ‘A Man Of High Equipment For The Office’

November 28, 2015 by


By Tim Graham ~ James Taranto at The Wall Street Journal often tackles newspapers contradicting themselves under the headline “Two Papers in One!” Wednesday’s edition, though, went back to point out that the sudden revulsion at Woodrow Wilson’s racism is at odds with The New York Times editorial page arguing  in favor of Wilson for […]


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