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Judge Rules DC Gun Carry Ban Unconstitutional + More – Daily Digest

July 28, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ THE FOUNDATION “[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons. They are left in full possession of them.” –Zacharia Johnson, speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788 TOP 5 RIGHT HOOKS Judge Rules DC Gun Carry Ban Unconstitutional After a five-year court battle, a federal judge ruled that the District […]

Flight 370 ‘flew directly to heaven’: Dupes fall for Daily Currant’s Sarah Palin satire

March 25, 2014 by


  Humor is good for the soul.  —ed Related articles Malaysia Airlines defends text message to families as China demands satellite … – Fox News

After Disgusting Attack on Sarah Palin, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Resigns in Disgrace

December 10, 2013 by


Nineteen days after suggesting that someone should defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir resigned from the network, according to Mediaite. In a statement reprinted on the website, Wednesday, the liberal host announced, “Upon further reflection, and after meeting with the President of MSNBC, I have tendered my resignation. It is my sincere hope […]

Is Obama Right Not to Release Bin Laden Photos? – Video

May 5, 2011 by


Uploaded by patriotupdatereport on May 5, 2011 Columnist Ann Coulter sounds off on administration’s decision not to release pictures of Al Qaeda leader; as does Sarah Palin! H/T The Patriot Update Is Obama Right Not to Release Bin Laden Photos?

Sarah Palin To Support Obama’s 2012 Re-Election Campaign

March 31, 2011 by


Judging by early indications, the biggest asset of the Barack Obama 2012 re-election committee is that darling of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin. More than anyone else out there, Palin is working hard every day to help make sure that Obama is elected to another term as Commander-In-Chief. Right about now, those of you that […]

Sarah and CNN

January 3, 2011 by


So what’s up with the CNN political ticker headlines? At first I thought it must have just been me but after I really started paying attention I’d realised that over the past month Sarah Palin has been the headliner for all but about 4 days and every single one of the headlines on the main […]

The Bloodthirsty Left

December 31, 2010 by


By Burt Prelutsky I used to get a warm feeling when I’d read or hear the words to be found at the base of the Statue of Liberty. It’s a poem titled “The New Colossus,” and written by Emma Lazarus. Among its odd requests are that the world give us “your poor, your huddled masses, […]

Obama and Clones ‘Recovery’ Destroyed Millions of Jobs + More

September 8, 2010 by


The Patriot Post Chronicle The Foundation “I will venture to assert that no combination of designing men under heaven will be capable of making a government unpopular which is in its principles a wise and good one.” –Alexander Hamilton Editorial Exegesis “It’s not as bad as it could’ve been. That, as the Labor Day weekend […]

Obama Turning the Page to Campaign Rhetoric + Much More

September 3, 2010 by


The Patriot Post Digest The Foundation “A universal peace, it is to be feared, is in the catalogue of events, which will never exist but in the imaginations of visionary philosophers, or in the breasts of benevolent enthusiasts.” –James Madison Government & Politics Warfront With Jihadistan: Obama’s Speech Tuesday evening, the Whiner-in-Chief gave yet another […]

How Many Attended The Glenn Beck Rally?

August 29, 2010 by


By Nancy Morgan The question on the minds of millions of Americans this morning: How many people attended Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ rally yesterday in our nations’ capitol? The answer to this question has ramifications far beyond mere crowd size. It is one of the few concrete indicators of the popularity and viability of the […]

Black Conservatives Compare 1964 King March to 2010 Beck Event

August 28, 2010 by


Project 21 / National Center for Public Policy Research For Immediate Release: Contact: Judy Kent at (703) 759-7476 or Goals of Events Similar Washington, D.C. – Black conservatives from the Project 21 leadership network do not see much of a difference in the goals of the August 28 “Restoring Honor” rally talk show host […]

Fake Tea Party, ObamaCare Recovery + More

August 27, 2010 by


The Patriot Post Digest The Foundation “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual — or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in […]

Muslim Group to Build Mosque in Bloomberg’s Ass

August 6, 2010 by


The Endive – The News Leader of the Known Universe The Cordoba Initiative cleared a few more hurdles today in its quest to build an Islamic Center and Mosque inside the ass of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Today, New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission denied landmark status to Bloomberg’s ass in a unanimous vote. […]

Ed Schultz: Sarah Palin’s ‘Cojones’ Remark About Obama Was ‘Sexist’ – Video

August 3, 2010 by


By Noel Sheppard Warning: Readers are strongly advised to remove fluids from their mouths as well as from proximity to their computers before proceeding any further! Ed Schultz on Monday accused Sarah Palin of making a sexist remark about President Obama. As NewsBusters previously reported, the former Alaska governor on Sunday said, “[Arizona governor] Jan […]

NewsBusted 4/13/10

April 13, 2010 by


Topics in today’s show:– Ugh. Tax Day– Stupak and Justice Stevens retiring– Obama won’t respond to bio attack with nukes– CNN: Tea Party lacks diversity– Fonda criticizes Palin– Whitney Houston hospitalized for allergies?– Local GOP HQ vandalized Starring: Jodi MillerDirector: Bruce RoundtowerExecutive Producer: Matthew Sheffield NewsBusted is a comedy webcast about the news of the […]

Tea Party Applauds Racist Remarks At Convention

February 8, 2010 by


The Tea Party movement seems to have found their head racist. That’s the conclusion drawn by “unbiased journalist” Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. And although I agree with her that making African-Americans take a literacy test as a means to keep them from voting was shameful, it is a thing of the past and she needs […]

NYT Shocker: Sarah Palin ‘As Big A Celebrity As Princess Di’

February 7, 2010 by


By Noel Sheppard It seems rather serendipitous that the New York Times would publish an amazingly flattering article about Sarah Palin on the same day the East Coast got walloped by a massive snowstorm. But to see the Gray Lady quote an Alaska editor saying the former governor is “as big a celebrity as Princess […]

‘Drill, Baby, Drill’? Yes We Can!

October 19, 2009 by


By Donald Douglas at American Power That’s the message from Sarah Palin at National Review, “Drill: Petroleum is a major part of America’s energy picture. Shall we get it here or abroad?“: Reliance on foreign sources of energy weakens America. When a riot breaks out in an OPEC nation, or a developing country talks about […]

Sarah Palin’s Response To The President’s Health Care Speech

September 10, 2009 by


President Obama held quite the pep rally last night. I decided that, rather than watch his speech to Congress at home, I wanted to see what the reaction of the general public would be. So I sat myself down at the bar of my favorite restaurant, and at various points I thought that they would […]

Sarah Palin’s Decision, The Demo-Gogues, Village Idiots + More

July 8, 2009 by


The Patriot Post – Wed Chronicle  Vol. 09 No. 27 THE FOUNDATION “I have no ambition to govern men. It is a painful and thankless office.” –Thomas Jefferson Palin’s resignation raises questions EDITORIAL EXEGESIS “The political class is flummoxed by Sarah Palin’s decision to quit as Alaska Governor, and understandably so. Giving up on an […]

I’m With Sarah!

July 8, 2009 by


By Nancy Morgan Millions of liberals rejoiced and thousands of Republicans heaved a sigh of relief Friday as Sarah Palin announced her decision to resign as Alaska’s governor. In her usual forthright manner, Gov. Palin made clear that she was not content to squander her time on ‘politics as usual’. Hear, hear. Sarah Palin has […]

Politics – When In Trouble, Divert Attention To The Other Side

July 7, 2009 by


It would seem that the first thing senior politicians learn, besides never answering the question, is that when there’s a perception that you might have pointed questions asked about you, or your policies, then the thing to do is to immediately attack the other side of the political fence, hopefully diverting attention away from your […]

Palin Quits

July 4, 2009 by


By Andrew Bolt TonyfromOz prefaces …..     This is just the first story of many about this that will come. I can just see the mainstream media frenzy that will start now, all trying to find ‘dirt’, and a perceived reason on why she has made this personal decision, one that is in her own best […]

Governor Sarah Palin Resigns!

July 4, 2009 by


It’s no wonder that Sarah Palin quit. She was constantly harassed, put down, vilified by the Ultra-Liberal, Marxist, UnFree, BHO A** kissing Press. It’s amazing that she took it as long as she did. Of course you won’t read, hear or see these Truths in the Main Stream Ultra-LeftMedia. It makes me so mad to […]