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Pursuit of Happiness

Tue 12/09/2008


The third unalienable right stated as the purpose of government is the one which explicitly requires citizens to put forth effort. While life and liberty will not be maintained with out a conscientious practice thereof, “The pursuit of happiness,” contains with in it the expression of an individual responsibility to strive for pleasure. So often […]


Thu 11/13/2008


My county tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, Of thee I sing. Second only to Life, Jefferson listed liberty as one of the aims of American Independence, and yes, a God given right. Liberty is to the human spirit what air is to the human body. We inhale it’s fragrance and revel in it’s […]


Wed 11/12/2008


People are eager to declare that this is the end of the line for conservatism in general and the pro-life issue in particular. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Jefferson said these were God given rights in the declaration of Independence.  The are also the Core of Conservatism. What is Life? It is nothing […]

Common Sense Conservatism

Tue 11/11/2008


There is a lot of hand wringing and soul searching going on in the conservative movement these days. The Republicans are debating a move to the center which means a move leftward. “Facts are stubborn things,” John Adams proclaimed in his defense of the British Soldiers indicted in the Boston Massacre. He was famously correct […]

Mr. President

Wed 11/05/2008


I’m not a fan of Barack Obama. I am happy for his supporters and a rejoice that our nation has moved beyond race in politics. I believe fervently in America. We are a resilient nation, full of hope and ideals. So long as we remain free we will have the power to mend what needs […]

It Can’t Be Over, I Haven’t Voted Yet

Mon 11/03/2008


I’m looking forward to tomorrow, Nov. 4, 2008. I’m sick of being told that the election is over, I’m sick of being called bitter, racist, ignorant. I’m sick of my values being trashed for political expediency, I forgot to add “homophobe,” since I reside here in California. Now I remember why I canceled my subscription […]

The Play at First

Mon 10/27/2008


Left handed pitchers fall away to the left side of the diamond, just like a right handed pitcher falls away to the right side of the in field. Natural pitching mechanics. If you are trying to bunt for a base hit off a left handed pitcher you want the ball far enough away from the […]