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I am NOT Charlie Hebdo

Thu 01/15/2015


Originally posted on Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay:
I am NOT Charlie Hebdo. I am an American Christian Soldier. I believe the Global War on Terror in the modern era started on November 21, 1979, with the wanton killing of U.S. Marine CPL Steven Crowley, guard at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, by militant…

Rant & Raves of this #rsd #crps #chronicpain #warrior Disabled Veteran

Thu 05/22/2014


Sadly these words are so very true… even if you are not usually into Hip Hop please listen to these words of truth in this fine, fellow Veterans video.          #My Veteran Veteran Theme Song- “Why” Why do twenty-three Veterans kill themselves a day? When money comes first…over veterans lives This is […]

Who’s Mis-Spending Our Money? Why?

Wed 01/15/2014


~ PA Penn Dot Highway Funds Not Released Yet But Already Spent ~ Talk with truckers and you hear Pennsylvania has the worst roads in the nation. Talk with most drivers in Pennsylvania, and they will say our roads are deplorable. Talk to anyone with a bad back, or #RSD #chronic pain sufferings, as each […]

The Evil and Corrupt in America Hurts Veterans as Their Control Grows $tronger

Tue 03/12/2013


America speak up, stand up, and stop being terrorized by the corrupt Liberals’ use of racism as  the tool allowing your neighborhood to become overrun by undocumented trash because you fear being called a racist!  What is happening today in our country is a slap in the face to every American citizens and veterans of […]

A Mother’s Response to ‘The Screwed Generation’ + Video

Thu 05/12/2011


Alan, thanks for another good column.* I enjoy your writing. In the 2008-09 college year my daughter was 18 and her first time ever voting was for Obama. About the third semester after the 2008 election when the college students were receiving any funds left from that semester’s tuition bill. This “refund” sometimes can be […]

Obama Seems Intent on One Global Order over America

Mon 01/31/2011


ICE Touts Audit Numbers in Worksite “Enforcement” Report Most of the investigations being touted in the new report are similar to the one that got workers fired from a Chipotle restaurant in Minnesota – the jobs were freed for legal workers but the illegal aliens were not deported. Don’t miss a good article just […]

Obama Pushes Amnesty Hogwash, College Kids Punished and The La Raza Threat

Fri 01/28/2011


President Peddles Amnesty Yet Again in Second State of the Union: “Forward Looking” Speech Recycles Rejected Immigration Policy by Federation for American Immigration Reform January 26, 2011 (Washington, D.C.) President Obama told the nation last night that “the future is ours to win,” and exhorted Congress and the American people to move forward. But, on one vital […]