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Pole Dancing For 14 to 19 Year Olds…

Fri 01/30/2009


I enjoying putting hot girls with low self-esteem through college as much the next man. However, I don’t really see the purpose to having pole dancing included in “Be Heathy” week. (Fox News) As part of a British school’s “Be Healthy Week,” students were treated to performances by a pole dancer. About 1,000 students between […]

Abolish Parole!

Tue 12/30/2008


Common sense… at work… (GoUpState) The attorney general is proposing to do away with parole so that violent offenders spend more time behind bars and victims of violent crimes will know how long their attackers will be behind bars when they are sentenced. It is unreasonable for victims to have to relive their ordeals each […]

HWY-81 Blues

Sun 12/21/2008


I hate driving across Pennsylvania. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I live in Watertown, NY; my parents live in Virginia… so when I travel through PA, I am headed either up or down HWY-81. More often than not, I get stuck in traffic in PA. Virginia, no issues. Maryland, no issues. […]

My Hero Of The Day

Fri 11/21/2008


I don’t do this kind of thing. I rarely post about people in my own life and I even more rarely involve people I like on this blog. Mostly this blog has been about my deep seated rage at the bottomless supply of stupidity that mankind has. However, today I take a break from my […]

Welcome Home, Now Get A Job…

Thu 11/20/2008


So, I get home from Iraq a few days ago, and then yesterday I get a call from the company I work for telling me that my position has been eliminated by the primary company on the contract. Welcome back to the USA, have a happy holiday season, here’s your pink slip. This is more […]

Mormons Asked To Stop Baptism For Holocaust Victims

Tue 11/11/2008


  Well, this is just silly… NEW YORK —  Holocaust survivors said Monday they are through trying to negotiate with the Mormon church over posthumous baptisms of Jews killed in Nazi concentration camps, saying the church has repeatedly violated a 13-year-old agreement barring the practice. Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints […]

Dow Tanks Two Days In A Row After Election

Tue 11/11/2008


Now that I’ve managed to recover from my post election dissipointment in the American People (America! How could you be so God-Damn-Fucking STUPID!!!) I guess it’s time to start posting again. So as we usher in the most unqualified, ill-equiped, and ill-prepared President elected in the history of this nation. I have to ponder the […]

Misbehaving Characters

Sat 11/08/2008


When you sit down to write a novel or a story you think you know how things are going to go. You may have even plotted out the novel event by event. Then, something happens. The novel takes on a life of its own and things don’t go according to plan. Such as been my […]

Dow Tanks Two Days In A Row After Election

Fri 11/07/2008


By Sniper One | Now that I’ve managed to recover from my post election disappointment in the American People (America! How could you be so G**-D***-F***ing STUPID!!!) I guess it’s time to start posting again. So as we usher in the most unqualified, ill-equipped, and ill-prepared President elected in the history of this nation. I have […]

Murtha: Sorry, I didn’t mean Racist, I meant Redneck…

Sun 10/26/2008


Of course, according to my Liberal/DNC decoder ring, “Racist” and “Redneck” mean the same thing. FoxNews – Democratic Rep. John Murtha said Monday some of his constituents in western Pennsylvania are “rednecks” and the entire region just five to 10 years ago was “really redneck.” The comments come one week after he called his own […]

Western PA, Rep. Murtha Says You’re Racist

Sat 10/25/2008


WASHINGTON — Democratic Rep. John Murtha said Wednesday his home base of western Pennsylvania is racist and that could reduce Barack Obama’s victory margin in the state by 4 percentage points. The 17-term Democratic congressman told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a story posted Wednesday on its Web site: “There is no question that western Pennsylvania […]

Is It Child Porn When It’s Self Shot?

Wed 10/15/2008


NEWARK, Ohio — October 09, 2008 – Central Ohio authorities have filed felony charges against a 15-year-old girl accused of taking nude cell phone photos of herself and sending them to high school classmates. Police say the Newark Licking Valley student was arrested Friday and held over the weekend. On Monday, she entered denials to […]

Vote For Barack Or You’re Racist

Sat 08/30/2008


Ahh, the sweet smell of identity politics. Vote for the black man or you’re a racist, you sheet wearing, negro lynching, affirmative action hating, black hating, white man. I’d love to vote for a black man, or a black woman, or any kind of person. Hell, I’d vote for someone whose parents were from Mars, […]

Week Of Mondays

Fri 07/11/2008


My wife has been forced to put down our two dogs. For the most part they have been wonderful companions & good dogs. Both of them have started to consistently, at the worst possible moments, lose their ever-loving minds. When I left for Iraq two months ago, I didnt expect to come home to both...

R.I.P.: George Carlin

Mon 06/23/2008


Damn it! LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Comedian George Carlin, a counter-culture hero famed for his routines about drugs and dirty words, died of heart failure at a Los Angeles-area hospital on Sunday, a spokesman said. He was 71. A sad day indeed.

Stress, Sex, Alcohol… in Iraq

Mon 06/09/2008


The rumor is that there are three sexual assaults per month here on base. I have no idea if it’s true, and to be honest, I don’t want to know. It would kind of surprise me if it was only three a month, and not three a week. However, that is what happens when you […]

Corky’s Headgear…

Sat 06/07/2008


I have a vehicle over here, so I typically drive to lunch, and usually invite several “green suit-ers” to come with. A few days ago, I invited a couple of guys, and one gal. Everything seemed to be going fine, we made it to lunch, and ate without incident. And then, it happened… as we […]

Countdown to Fascism

Wed 05/21/2008


Do you want to know how big a fascist pig George W. Bush is? Do you really want to know? Bush is such a fascist pig, that the Armed Forces Network has Countdown with Keith Olbermann on during lunch here in Iraq. That’s right, the cable provider for the Military here in Iraq, has one […]


Tue 05/20/2008


My Cash & My Army Is In The Middle East

Mon 05/19/2008


Victor Davis Hanson ponders a question that I too have been wondering. Why are we still providing aide money or foodstuffs to the middle-east when the blood suckers have been sucking the life from wallet every damn time I fill up. Egyptians have been recently rioting over price hikes in their food subsidies and occasional […]

Odds And Ends

Tue 05/13/2008


One of the things I have noticed here in Iraq, is that there are allot of EODT guys walking around. I was under the presumption that  EODT was getting removed from the country do to the sexual escapades of Eric Barton. I guess I was wrong. I see EODT guys everywhere it seems. Like I […]

Made It

Sun 05/11/2008


For those of you who haven’t personally heard from me, I did make it to Iraq just fine. No lost luggage, no sniper fire, no ied’s… was a pretty dull trip all and all. But I’m back in the land of Palm Trees and Hajjis.

Iraq Bound

Fri 05/02/2008


Oh, oh big ol’ jet airliner Don’t carry me too far away Oh, oh big ol’ jet airliner Cause its here that I’ve got to stay Goodbye to all my friends at home Goodbye to people I’ve trusted I’ve got to go out and make my way I might get rich you know I might […]

Prep For Iraq

Wed 04/16/2008


Well, the last few weeks I’ve been in furious prep for going back to Iraq. Unlike last time, where I was flown in via Terrorist-Airlines and dropped into the heart of Iraq via commercial flights, the current company I work for is doing things the right way. Unfortunately for me, that translated into over twenty […]