Pence Fights For Families

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By Gary Bauer ~

“We cannot stand idly by as the Radical Left attempts to indoctrinate our children behind parents’ backs.”

Former Vice President Mike Pence and his organization, Advancing American Freedom, are launching a major campaign to support Iowa parents fighting radical indoctrination in our schools.

In a statement announcing the new effort, Pence declared:

“The strength of our nation is tied to the strength of our families, and we cannot stand idly by as the Radical Left attempts to indoctrinate our children behind parents’ backs. Advancing American Freedom will not rest until parental rights are restored in Iowa and across the nation.”

In November, Advancing American Freedom filed an amicus brief on behalf of Iowa parents opposed to school policies that allow the “gender transitioning” of children without parental knowledge. The Dr. James Dobson Family Institute and American Values also joined that brief.

The transgender issue is quickly emerging as a major dividing line in America.

Teachers are openly bragging about how they are forcing it on kids in their classrooms. Joe Biden raised it in his State of the Union address for the second year in a row, clearly demonstrating that he’s all in on this insanity.

But if you happen to believe America is an exceptional country, that our Constitution is a remarkable document and that socialism is seriously flawed, well, Democrats don’t want you anywhere near our classrooms.

As we noted last week, Donald Trump made a powerful statement vowing to protect children from this insanity. I’m glad to see Mike Pence is speaking up and taking a strong stand. More politicians need to follow their example.

“Balloonacy” Backlash

Defense Department officials testified before a key Senate subcommittee Thursday about the Chinese communist spy balloon that the Biden/Harris Administration allowed to fly across our country. They were raked over the coals by visibly angry senators.

Chairman Jon Tester (D-MT) was livid, saying, “I don’t want a damn balloon going across the United States when we could potentially have taken it down over the Aleutian Islands. I got a problem with a Chinese balloon flying over my state, much less the rest of the country.”

A furious Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) said, “As an Alaskan, I am so angry. I want to use other words but I’m not going to… Alaska is the first line of defense for America… Seems to me the clear message to China is ‘We’ve got free range in Alaska, because they’re going to let us cruise over that.’”

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) rejected the idea that it was too risky to take the balloon out earlier, saying, “It defies belief that there was not a single opportunity to safely shoot down this spy balloon prior to the coast of South Carolina.”

Apparently, the Pentagon got the message. Friday afternoon, the U.S. military shot down another “high altitude object” off the coast of Alaska.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that some components from the recovered spy balloon may have been made in the West. It’s not clear exactly what parts these are as most of the spy balloon’s sophisticated electronics still haven’t been recovered.

Nevertheless, there are deeply disturbing questions about the extent to which Western corporations are enabling communist China’s aggression against the United States.

It is long past time for American corporations to stop being apologists for the brutal communist Chinese regime and to start acting like American companies loyal to American workers, American values and America’s national security!

Our Rogue FBI

The House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government held its first hearing Thursday and heard testimony from several former FBI agents.

While it wasn’t on the agenda at Thursday’s hearing, there was breaking news over the past 48 hours that the FBI’s Richmond field office had devised a scheme to spy on Catholic churches!

This shocking news only underscores the critically urgent work of Chairman Jim Jordan and the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

I’m sure it won’t surprise you that the primary focus of the FBI’s concern is conservative churches that are proudly pro-life and pro-family. Nor will it surprise you to learn that the impetus for this latest outrageous abuse of government power is the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left hate group.

This is another version of the Biden Administration’s obsession with “white Christian nationalism,” which the left sees as an existential threat to the Republic. The real threat to the Republic is the neo-Marxist left’s intolerance and totalitarianism!

The FBI is reportedly retracting the document after its public exposure. But the fact that it was even entertained at all shows just how deep the leftist rot truly is.

It should serve as a slap in the face of every pastor in America, waking them up from their slumber and forcing them to come to grips with the precarious state of religious liberty today.

This report is the latest indication and perhaps the biggest proof yet of just how serious the battle has become.

We’ve seen the left target conservative organizations.

We’ve seen the left threaten free speech.

We’ve seen the left target concerned parents.

Now it’s threatening churches!

Beyond Common Ground

I regularly have good people say to me how desperate they are to support a candidate who can bring people together or the country is in trouble.

My friends, the country is in trouble!

This is way beyond overcoming partisan differences and finding common ground. There is no “common ground” here. There’s no “coming together” here.

How do you bring together a country where millions believe liberty comes from God and millions don’t even believe in a god?

How do you bring together a country where millions believe in the sanctity of life and millions believe an innocent baby is nothing more than an appendix to be disposed of at whim?

How do you bring together a country where millions believe in biological reality and more and more openly deny it?

Maybe we can agree on marginal tax rates and acceptable levels of regulation. But we are living in a time when we can’t even agree on the most fundamental values about who we are.

Don’t bother asking candidates what their plan is to bring us together. The left isn’t interested in finding common ground. It means to crush us!

The question should be, “What is your plan to stop the left’s fundamental transformation of America?”

More Jab Mandates

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just added COVID-19 shots to its list of annual vaccination recommendations. Unfortunately, many school districts automatically adopt the recommendations as required vaccinations for children to attend school.

This makes absolutely no sense. Children are at virtually no risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19.

Moreover, it’s been clear for some time now that the vaccines really aren’t very effective in the traditional sense of the term “vaccine.” Some officials have admitted that they knew the vaccines wouldn’t prevent transmission of the virus.

Now even the sainted Dr. Anthony Fauci is admitting that he knew the vaccines wouldn’t tame the pandemic, in spite of everything he and others told us. People lost their jobs and we forced good men and women out of the military over these ineffective shots!

This is totally outrageous. What is the real agenda here?

Did anyone at the CDC think about how controversial their new “recommendations” would be? Did they stop to think about how they could “bring everyone together”? Of course not!

This is about using the brute force of government to control everything from how we’re allowed to live, how we can cook, what we’re allowed to drive, and whether we’re even allowed to work.

Good News

  • The House of Representatives approved a resolution 260-to-162 to prevent illegal aliens from voting in the District of Columbia. All House Republicans voted for the resolution and were joined by 42 Democrats who broke ranks with their party.
  • The House of Representatives also approved a resolution 250-to-173 overturning the District of Columbia’s criminal justice reform that lowered penalties for serious crimes. The vote occurred on the same day that a Democrat congresswoman was attacked in her apartment building. All House Republicans and 31 Democrats supported the resolution.
  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is revoking the liquor license of an Orlando venue that hosted a drag show for children.
  • Harvard University just terminated a left-wing “disinformation” program that wrongly labeled Hunter Biden’s laptop “Russian disinformation.”
  • An entire New Jersey town council and the mayor switched parties from Democrat to Republican saying, “We collectively determined this was the best course of action” to put their community first.

Gary L. Bauer is an Opinion Columnist at The Patriot Post, and is one of America’s most effective spokesmen for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-growth values. Bauer is a frequent guest on a wide variety of political talk shows and a much-in-demand speaker nationwide.

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