It’s All About Joe

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By Gary Bauer ~

The Chinese communists, through multiple front companies, compromised the Biden family.

I want to bring to your attention perhaps the most comprehensive analysis that I have seen recently regarding the severity of the Biden scandals. And I want to reiterate that this has never been about “getting” Hunter Biden. It’s all about Joe Biden and the integrity of the presidency itself.

As we approach the two year anniversary of Biden killing the Keystone XL pipeline, it is important to remember that Biden has done his best to bankrupt our great energy industries — critical assets to our economic and national security.

Now, the left is even coming for your gas stove and home heating. Biden has also suggested that outrageously high gas prices are a good thing.

What explains Biden’s hostility to American energy? It’s been noted before that the radical push for “green energy” primarily benefits communist China.

And while Biden has been doing his best to crush our energy companies, his family was helping to grease the skids for a communist Chinese conglomerate — CEFC China Energy — to gobble up American energy companies.

Now, when I describe this as a “Chinese communist” company, I’m not just throwing around hyperbolic adjectives.

Even left-wing CNN noted that CEFC “had China in its name — a privilege normally reserved for state-owned companies,” adding that the company “aligned itself so closely with the Chinese government that it was often hard to distinguish between the two.”

There’s no question that CEFC China Energy was doing the bidding of the communist regime in Beijing — and, by extension, so was the Biden family.

In addition to paying millions of dollars to Hunter Biden’s companies, the chairman of CEFC China Energy, Ye Jianming, also gave Hunter a diamond worth $80,000. (Did you know about that?) And Hunter wasn’t the only one.

Uncles Frank and James Biden also cashed in on their connections to Joe. James and his wife, Sara, used credit cards tied to an account connected to CEFC China Energy to go on a $100,000 spending spree. (Did you know about that?)

Several Biden business associates were connected to the Chinese communist intelligence apparatus, including Patrick Ho Chi-Ping. Hunter even described Ho as the “the f—king spy chief of China.”

Now we’ve just learned this interesting nugget: While Hunter Biden was up to his eyeballs in deals with the communist Chinese, he was living in the Wilmington, Delaware, home where “the Big Guy” kept top secret documents from the Obama White House.

Here’s the bottom line: The Chinese communists, through multiple front companies, compromised the Biden family, including the former vice president and current president of the United States — Joe Biden.

America’s economic and national security are at risk.

The Gatekeepers Failed

In America, we rely on our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to protect us from foreign enemies. And we have traditionally relied on our so-called “free press” to expose government corruption. These “gatekeepers” miserably failed us.

Blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump and his America First agenda, the Deep State and their media allies covered for the Biden crime family’s corruption. And Biden even used his power as president to change government policy to hide Hunter’s financial dealings.

If that’s not evidence of a criminal conspiracy, I don’t know what is!

This isn’t the stuff of partisan dirty tricks and opposition research like the absurd Steele dossier. This isn’t the stuff of demented conspiracy theories like the Russian collusion hoax.

This is real — and it’s all documented on Hunter’s “laptop from hell,” which the FBI has had in its possession since December 2019, which dozens of Deep State officials tried to deny, and which multiple media outlets initially dismissed and ignored but have now confirmed is totally legit.

Why isn’t every reporter pushing this obvious line of questioning? Well, we know why. Every Republican in Congress must start demanding answers.

Resisting The Rainbow Mafia

A lonely Christian on the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team took a stand for his faith this week when he refused to wear a jersey featuring the homosexual pride rainbow logo and take part in a pre-game ceremony dedicated to gay pride.

It was a simple act of courage, but not a minor one. Ivan Provorov is now being clobbered for exercising his religious liberty.

Like so many professional sports teams and institutions, professional hockey has gone woke. It has completely embraced transgender insanity with all the predictable results — women are getting hurt and normal Americans are being disrespected.

Players and teams have been browbeaten into celebrating the sexual preferences of LGBTQ+ individuals. Obviously, we should treat everyone with respect.

But is there a heterosexual pride night? Is there a Christian pride night when every player is expected to wear jerseys featuring a large cross?

How did we allow the idea to take root that we must publicly celebrate the private bedroom behaviors of those with “alternative lifestyles” or we are bigots who must be canceled?

Several months ago, a few brave athletes stood up and said, “NO!” to the Rainbow Mafia. This week, Ivan Provorov, a Russian Orthodox Christian, stood up for his faith. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a trend of many more Christians taking a stand for our faith.

Provorov may not get as many cheers as he deserves on this earth, in this country at this time. But he will get those cheers where it matters most when he is in a better place with the God of the universe.

In the meantime, has our Christianity grown so weak and passive that when we’re told to bow before the gods of this earth the only objectors are a few lonely athletes here and there? God help us.

A Supreme Failure

The Supreme Court acknowledged yesterday what many had already concluded: It cannot find the individual who leaked Justice Alito’s draft opinion in the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, and officials have given up the search.

So, using all kinds of cellphone tracking and other extraordinary methods, the government is able to find anyone and everyone who was in the Capitol Building on January 6th, including many who did nothing wrong. But they can’t find the one person who leaked the Dobbs decision.

This is unacceptable!

The Dobbs decision was leaked because leftists were hoping to intimidate the justices into changing the decision. They wanted to pressure and browbeat the court the way the left pressures and browbeats every other public and political institution.

In the months ahead, the conservative constitutionalists on the Supreme Court will likely overturn other leftist decisions from previous liberal court majorities. The failure to find the leaker at the court only guarantees more leaks (and potential corruption) in future high-profile, controversial cases as leftist clerks will be emboldened by this colossal failure.

Once again, the Swamp creatures escape accountability.

Gary L. Bauer is an Opinion Columnist at The Patriot Post, and is one of America’s most effective spokesmen for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-growth values. Bauer is a frequent guest on a wide variety of political talk shows and a much-in-demand speaker nationwide.

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