Earth IS Cooler with Atmos/GHGs/Albedo NOT Warmer!

Posted on Tue 11/15/2022 by


When Elon finally sealed the deal, I opened an account.
Twitter encourages frequent tweets – which I did dozens of times yesterday.
280 characters can include links to encyclopedia.
Today there is not a trace that I can see.
Censorship cares not if you are wrong but being correct is a threat.
Feel free to retweet/copy/circulate as you see fit.

Earth is cooler w atmos/GHGs/albedo not warmer,
Earth w/o GHGs would be a Lunarific barren rock ball, 400 K lit side, 100 K dark.

The GHE heat balance graphics don’t.

GHE theory is as bogus as caloric and phlogiston.

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