Stuck On Stupid

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By Gary Bauer ~

Remember Barack Obama’s big stimulus bill that “Sheriff Joe” was in charge of? That didn’t work out so well.

The House of Representatives passed Joe Biden’s latest inflation-inducing, massive spending bill Friday afternoon. It’s a huge disaster. It’s jammed full of tax hikes and green boondoggles.

We’ve done this before. Remember Barack Obama’s big stimulus bill that “Sheriff Joe” was in charge of? That didn’t work out so well. All I can say is that Democrats are stuck on stupid.

Here’s just one example: While you’re struggling to put gas in your car, Democrats are using your hard-earned tax dollars to massively subsidize fancy electric cars for rich people! Don’t take my word for it. Even the New York Times admits it, writing:

Policymakers in Washington are promoting electric vehicles as a solution to climate change. But an uncomfortable truth remains: Battery-powered cars are much too expensive for a vast majority of Americans… electric vehicles remain largely the province of the rich.

Adding insult to injury, Democrats are about to double the size of the IRS with 87,000 more agents!

Remember in November!

Silencing Dissent

Americans have been among the freest people in the world. We have a right to petition our government. We have a right to be critical of our government at every level.

We can even be angry at our government. We’re allowed to join with other angry people to form organizations and protest against our government.

We can hold rallies and write letters. We run ads in the media. Anyone can run for public office, seeking to defeat an officeholder he doesn’t like.

That’s the American way.

But something very disturbing is happening. There are forces in America today trying to erode those liberties, trying to silence dissent. When we’re angry and speak up, those forces tell us that our defense of our rights may cause someone else to engage in violence against government officials.

For example, when concerned parents learned that our schools were calling their children “racists,” they were justifiably outraged.

But when they went to school board meetings to complain about it, the attorney general and the FBI labeled these angry moms and dads “domestic terrorists” in an obscene attempt to silence them.

When parents go to school board meetings, they are under no constitutional requirement to be “nice.” Some of the greatest speeches in American history were delivered by angry patriots with raised voices!

When conservative Christians defend traditional marriage or the idea that there are only two genders, we’re accused of being “homophobic” or “transphobic.” When conservatives concerned about election integrity advocate for voter ID laws, they’re called “racists.”

These smears are meant to silence dissent from the left’s insanity.

Now we’re seeing this tactic being used against those critical of the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s home.

Obviously up to no good, some idiot tried to enter an FBI office Thursday. But he was solely responsible for his actions. In no way should his unlawful activity be used to silence other Americans who are critical of the FBI’s corruption.

We must not allow anyone to intimidate us!

We must not allow anyone to tell us that we cannot speak up, that we cannot criticize, that we cannot confront and that we cannot unelect anyone we believe is jeopardizing our God-given rights.

Be bold, my friends. The defense of liberty demands it!

Garland’s Garbage

Attorney General Merrick Garland went on TV Thursday, 72 hours after the unprecedented raid of Donald Trump’s home, and said next to nothing of any real value. The only new thing we learned from his 500-word statement is that he personally approved the raid.

He then insisted, “This is all I can say right now. More information will be made available in the appropriate way and at the appropriate time.”

But as soon as Garland rushed off the stage, people inside the Department of Justice were calling their co-conspirators at the Washington Post to leak “more information,” alleging that Trump had classified information about nuclear weapons at Mar-a-Lago. Trump blasted the leaks as just another “hoax.”

Is leaking to the Washington Post “appropriate”? Are we going to hear that there is a major investigation underway to find the rogue agents at the Department of Justice and the FBI who are leaking to the media? Of course, not because that is what they have been doing for years!

They Can’t Stop Lying

The political left, the Deep State and their media allies just can’t stop lying about Donald Trump. Consider these examples:

  • As the Trump team was getting ready to take office after the 2016 election, James Clapper leaked details of the fake dossier to CNN, suggesting the incoming president was compromised by Russia. It was all lies!
  • Among those lies was the absurd suggestion that Trump paid prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed in Moscow. That was not only a disgusting lie, but the only individual known for paying prostitutes is Hunter Biden. And the media lied to us about that by calling it “Russian disinformation.”
  • When Trump grew increasingly suspicious of James Comey, Comey leaked to the New York Times, hoping to trigger a special counsel investigation to further undermine Trump. And even though that effort failed, the media and Deep State operatives continued to lie about Trump throughout his entire administration.
  • They said Trump called our fallen heroes “suckers.” It was an outrageous lie.
  • They lied about Trump’s call to the president of Ukraine.
  • After the Charlottesville riot, they said Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people” – even though he specifically condemned them. But to this day, Joe Biden continues to repeat that disgusting lie.
  • They accused President Trump of assaulting a Secret Service agent and trying to commandeer a vehicle on January 6th. A totally insane lie!

I could go on, but you get the point. So, why on earth would anyone believe this latest lie from the Washington Post and Biden’s Department of Injustice?

Garland & The Unabomber

Kudos to Terry Turchie! He’s a former top counterterrorism official at the FBI who is very familiar with Merrick Garland. He went on Fox News Thursday night to reveal some history about Garland that I suspect many Americans don’t know.

Before his appointment to the federal court, Garland had been a deputy assistant attorney general in the Clinton Administration under then-Attorney General Janet Reno. One of the cases Garland oversaw was that of Ted Kaczynski, aka, “the Unabomber.”

Here’s what Turchie said Thursday night:

I’ve never said this publicly, but I’ll just tell you right now because it just sickens me to watch and listen to Merrick Garland, because Merrick Garland was in charge of the prosecution of the Unabomber. And I have to tell you something: He would not recommend to [Janet Reno] that our search warrant to get into Theodore Kaczynski’s cabin be approved…

Now, that was a case where we had bombs on airplanes. We had threats to blow up airplanes midair. We had people killed with bombs for 18 years. He [Garland] wouldn’t do anything.

So, Garland refused to recommend raiding the Unabomber’s cabin, who was a left-wing environmental extremist, but he signed off on a warrant to raid the home of a former president of the United States.

Ice Cream, Israel & Irony

As almost everyone knows, Ben and Jerry of the “Ben & Jerry’s” ice cream company are far-left radicals who hate the nation of Israel. And “hate” is exactly the right word.

They regularly claim that Israel exists on occupied land that belongs to someone else. Of course, Israel existed in the Holy Land long before anyone had ever heard of “Ben & Jerry’s.”

Well, a group of Israeli students and their teachers decided to do a little research project. My, oh my! It turns out that “Ben & Jerry’s” facilities in Vermont are located on “occupied land” that once belonged to the Native American Abenaki tribe.

Ben & Jerry’s should immediately evacuate their facilities, turn the land back over to the Abenaki and compensate them for the unauthorized use. The Abenaki have been under the heel of Ben & Jerry’s brutal occupation for decades. This injustice must end now!

What goes around comes around.

Good News

  • Indiana legislators approved legislation protecting innocent preborn babies from abortion.
  • More than 40 abortion clinics have closed since the Dobbs decision was handed down. Lives are being saved!
  • Texas State Troopers have deported nearly 4,000 illegal aliens in the last five weeks.
  • The state of Florida officially banned the use of public tax dollars for the “gender transitioning” of minors.
  • The effort by the January 6th Committee to smear and destroy Donald Trump appears to have been an epic failure.

Gary L. Bauer is an Opinion Columnist at The Patriot Post, and is one of America’s most effective spokesmen for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-growth values. Bauer is a frequent guest on a wide variety of political talk shows and a much-in-demand speaker nationwide.

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