Biden Gaslights On Guns

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By Gary Bauer ~

If you can’t buy a gun because no one makes them anymore, you’ve effectively banned guns.

The ease with which President Joe Biden and other leftists stand on the bodies of dead Americans to further divide us is disgusting. He did it again Thursday night during an address to the nation on “gun violence.”

Biden began by saying that he didn’t want to ban guns. But then he talked about banning so-called “assault weapons,” and again demanded a radical proposal that would allow left-wing activists to sue firearms manufacturers into bankruptcy.

This is an absurd idea. No one is suggesting that Ford should be sued because some maniac drove a Ford SUV into a Christmas parade. But if you can’t buy a gun because no one makes them anymore, you’ve effectively banned guns.

Biden also threw out a hodgepodge of “do something” ideas. (I addressed the danger of the “do something” rhetoric earlier this week.) Some of those ideas might attract bipartisan support.

Unfortunately, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is rushing through a huge package of “gun control measures” that she knows will never pass the Senate. Even some Democrats disagree with what she’s doing.

But that’s the point of this exercise. They don’t want legislation. They want a campaign issue, and Biden even said as much last night. That’s not surprising since Democrats can’t run on the economy. (See below.)

Among all the “do something” ideas Biden mentioned, there was one missing that every Republican would support – strengthening security in our schools.

It’s the most obvious thing, but the White House has already told us Biden is opposed to this commonsense idea. And many Democrats who are the loudest voices demanding “gun control” today pushed legislation to defund school police officers.

Biden Of Arabia

On Thursday, the White House announced that President Biden is going to Saudi Arabia soon. This is a last-ditch, desperate effort by “Sleepy Joe” to try to stop a Democrat-destroying spike in gasoline prices this summer.

When Biden took office, he should have known (and probably did know) that the trends in the energy market were not good. Sadly, he didn’t care because he is committed to leftist ideological ideas that are “necessarily” causing our energy costs to skyrocket.

When Democrats realized they had a massive political problem, they had several options to choose from:

  • The American energy industry.
  • The mullahs of Iran.
  • Marxist Venezuela.
  • The Saudi royal family.

Going to the U.S. energy industry was off the table because the left has been demonizing American energy for decades. (See next item.)

So, Biden picked Iran as his solution. He did everything he could to end sanctions on Iran in exchange for a new nuclear deal. But the mullahs of Iran kept demanding more. Reportedly, those demands are beyond what even the appeasers in the Biden Administration can stomach.

Then Biden turned to Venezuela’s Marxist dictator for more oil.

Now he’s heading to Saudi Arabia, with his tail between his legs, to beg the Saudi royal family for help. And they’re not in a good mood.

Biden denounced the Saudi’s as “a pariah state.” The kingdom is in a proxy war with Iran, just as Israel is. But the Biden Administration has been trying to restrain Israel and Saudi Arabia, while appeasing Iran.

So, it’s going to be a very challenging time for Biden in Riyadh.

By the way, the communist Chinese have been doing everything they can to woo the Saudi royal family away from the United States, and they may well be succeeding – all because of Biden’s hapless foreign policies that put America last.

Strangling The Golden Goose

Boxed in by their ideologically insanity, Democrats will resort to their usual playbook of demonization and demagoguery. As gas prices continue to rise this summer, expect more attacks on the U.S. oil industry.

I share your frustration with these outrageous gas prices. But it is important to understand that “Big Oil” isn’t your problem. The problem is that the left – at every level – has been undermining the U.S. energy industry for decades.

When you hear Biden and other Democrats say we’re going through an “incredible transition,” that transition is the deliberate result of their radical green agenda. It cannot be repeated often enough: Your incredibly awful pain at the pump is intentional. It’s not a mistake. The Democrats are doing this on purpose.

But many Americans don’t appreciate how oil coming out of the ground turns into gasoline. That oil has to be put into pipelines to get to refineries. Well, the first thing Biden did when he occupied the Oval Office was cancel a major pipeline.

The pipelines, of course, don’t go to your car. They go to refineries that turn the oil into fuel for your car, airplanes and diesel for trucks. An intricate system then delivers that fuel to gas stations.

Throughout New England and other northeastern states, Democrat politicians have blocked virtually every attempt to build new refineries or make major improvements in existing facilities.

We now have only 50% of the refineries in the Northeast that we had just 15 years ago. California, which has some of the most expensive gas in the country, hasn’t built a new refinery since 1979.

Biden made a huge mistake in not cooperating with the U.S. energy industry. He compounded that mistake by repeatedly attacking the U.S. energy industry.

He’s made it harder to get oil out of the ground.

He’s made it harder to get oil to refineries.

He’s made it harder to get gas to your car.

He’s made us vulnerable to foreign enemies, and he has left us at the mercy of other energy producing nations.

That’s putting America last, and now you’re paying dearly for it.

But in the days ahead, you’re going to hear that “dirty capitalists are gouging you.” You will be told that “oil companies are destroying the planet.” It’s garbage.

It is an effort by radical leftists to strangle the golden goose – to destroy the energy miracle that has fueled our economy and lifted billions of people around the world out of poverty.

Gary L. Bauer is an Opinion Columnist at The Patriot Post, and is one of America’s most effective spokesmen for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-growth values. Bauer is a frequent guest on a wide variety of political talk shows and a much-in-demand speaker nationwide.

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