Biden’s ‘Russian Oil’ Smokescreen

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Why Biden really fears altering Russian petroleum product imports.

As corrupt Russian dictator Vladimir Putin tightens his grip on Ukraine, preparing for its annexation or puppet president installation, there is a lot of bluster about “cutting off Russian oil.” Some reports indicate that Joe Biden is aggressively discouraging congressional Democrats from supporting that cutoff.

As global crude oil tagged $130/bbl and domestic gas prices topped $4/gallon, both highs last seen when Barack Obama and then-VP Biden were in office, Biden knows that the disruption of Russian oil imports will exacerbate the rising inflation his policies have accelerated.

But banning Putin’s oil is not Biden’s real concern.

As I wrote last week in my summary of Biden’s State of the Union lies, when he aptly demonstrated his state of confusion, if Biden wanted to hit Putin, he should start by cutting off all U.S. imports of Russian oil and petroleum products, and thus stop funding his war on Ukraine with U.S. dollars. Biden is expected to take that action this week.

But as I noted further, the fact is, while refusing to import Russian oil may feel good, oil supplies are fungible, which is to say we will be buying somebody else’s oil and somebody else will be absorbing the Russian oil we didn’t buy.

The boldest thing Biden can do to really hit Putin’s purse is to conscript one of those Western alliances he claims he is so adept at forming and sanction Russian oil. As the Wall Street Journal editorial board notes, “A mere U.S. ban on Russian oil imports is a distraction from the real issue.”

However, Biden knows that sanctions could really push oil prices higher, despite OPEC’s excess production capacity now. And that would put additional pressure on Biden to increase U.S. oil production.

Biden could, with a stroke of his pen, restore the Keystone XL pipeline and fracking and drilling projects. America was the world’s largest energy exporter under Donald Trump but is now, once again, a net importer — including Russian imports.

Of course, he won’t reverse his war on affordable energy because it would infuriate his Demo “Green New Deal” socialists, especially his jet-setting “climate change” czar, John Kerry, who has already expressed his concern that Putin’s invasion will impact carbon emissions.

Bottom line, Demos agree that shutting down Russia’s oil production will cripple their economy, but shutting down our production is good for our economy! Go figure!

At this point, the fact is both the U.S. and to a much greater extent, our European allies are dependent on Putin’s exports, and the increase in oil prices has greatly helped the cost of his assault on the Ukrainian people. Notably, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, already declared that global support of his country, including sanctions, came too late.

Oh and on the subject of sanctions and all Biden’s bluster about sanctions against Russia’s corrupt oligarchs, the wealthiest among them, Vladimir Putin, has stollen what is estimated to be somewhere between $10 and $200 billion from the Russian people, but he and his wealth are virtually untouchable.

Regardless, Putin the dictator has been busy threatening nuclear winter to resolve Kerry’s emission concerns, but he remains far more interested in the accumulation of power than wealth, and he knows well the amount of daylight between U.S./NATO rhetoric and the reality of his options.

PS: Let’s not the take our eyes off of all the mischief Biden and his Demos are doing domestically while the MSM has everyone focused on Biden’s foreign debacles.

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