Exploiting Ukraine

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By Gary Bauer ~

Biden argued that when Putin saw the mob outside the Capitol, he concluded we were too weak to stop him.

We all know how Joe Biden and the socialist left exploited the COVID pandemic and used it as an excuse to restrict our liberties. They also used it as a bludgeon against conservatives. But if we can lose our liberties during a time of crisis, the left will always make sure we’re in a crisis.

Well, just as we seem to be turning the corner on COVID, we find ourselves in another crisis with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

And sure enough, left-wing politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Stacey Abrams are trying to exploit this crisis, too. They are suggesting that the battle for democracy in Ukraine is just like their battle to “save democracy in America” from conservatives.

That is a disgusting libel.

Well, Joe Biden went to Wisconsin this week and told an audience that the reason Putin invaded Ukraine was because of January 6th. Yes, he really said that. Biden argued that when Putin saw how divided we were and saw the mob outside the Capitol, he concluded we were too weak to stop him.

I’ll guarantee you we will hear this argument made over and over the closer we get to November. It is, of course, a ridiculous argument.

Clearly, we are deeply divided as a nation. A big reason we’re so divided is because Joe Biden and his party have intentionally stoked the divisions. The left has done everything it can to increase racial tensions in America. It has undermined respect for law enforcement in every way possible.

Vladimir Putin didn’t need to see the unpleasantness of January 6th to know how divided we are. Putin watched for four years how viciously the American left attacked Donald Trump for wanting to make America great. Their response was, “America was never great.”

Now the anti-American left is in charge. Do you think Putin learned anything from that?

Putin watched the left impeach Trump twice and push the false narrative that Russia was responsible for Trump’s election, which we know was the worst hoax in history.

Putin watched leftist youth pull down statues of our heroes, and he saw the political and media establishment defend them.

He watched violent rioting in dozens of our cities throughout the summer of 2020, and he saw the political and media establishment defend it, while liberal mayors refused to call out the National Guard.

So, yes, the frayed fabric of America’s culture and civil discourse no doubt figures into the calculations of our enemies. But those enemies feared Donald Trump, and they laugh at the naivety of Joe Biden and the American left.

Don’t Forget China

As I noted in yesterday’s report, communist China is really America’s biggest threat. So, kudos to Sen. Marco Rubio for acknowledging that reality. Speaking to Fox News, he said:

“I think [communist China is] the real long-term problem for this country, okay. China is Russia times 1,000. Their economy’s way bigger, their military might is superior at this point…

“There are American companies and their CEOs who are basically lobbyists for the Chinese government’s position … on a range of issues. Because they’re (the CEOs) desperate for market share over there and because they’ve got their factories and production over there.”

Putin is bad. He’s a thug. But everyone needs to understand that Russia is in decline, while communist China is a rising power that intends to dominate the world and replace the United States as the leading global superpower.

Busting The Bidens

Devon Archer was sentenced this week to one year in federal prison and ordered to pay nearly $60 million in damages for defrauding Native American tribes. Why should you care?

Well, he’s a former business partner and best friend of Hunter Biden, the president’s son. Archer and Hunter Biden also served together on the board of the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma.

The Biden family is deeply compromised by its foreign financial dealings. Hunter and his uncles, James Biden and Frank Biden, have exploited the family’s name for decades and were neck deep in questionable deals domestically and overseas with communist China and the Russian oligarchs in the news right now.

Is that why Joe Biden inexplicably ended sanctions on Putin’s pipeline to Europe? Is this why Biden just ended a Trump-era program to expose Chinese spies stealing our intellectual property at American universities?

In each case, Joe Biden took action that went against America’s interests and promoted the interests of communist China and Russia.

If Republicans retake one or both houses of Congress this November, they must follow the money and fully expose just how compromised the Biden family really is.

More Low Ratings

As you know, Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union address Tuesday evening. There’s a war raging in Europe, and the president was clearly going to address it. Well, the ratings are in, and they were the lowest in 30 years!

That leads me to only one conclusion: The 80 million people who allegedly voted for Joe Biden must not have TVs.

No One Took A Knee

I admit it. I almost teared up watching members of the Ukrainian parliament standing at attention as they proudly sang their national anthem.

Then, while trying to imagine a similar scene in our Congress, I really did tear up because I can think of dozens of Democrats who would take a knee during our national anthem.

Good News

  • Fifteen Republican state attorneys general are suing the Biden Administration for imposing new rules meant to cripple the American energy industry.
  • Navy SEALs win a major court victory over Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.
  • Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed legislation ensuring that only biological girls can compete in girls’ sports.
  • The Idaho School Boards Association withdrew its membership in the National School Boards Association in protest of the national group’s outrageous letter comparing concerned parents to “domestic terrorists.”
  • Florida’s Ted Deutch is the latest House Democrat (31 and counting!) to announce his retirement.
  • A Massachusetts judge who helped an illegal alien escape in her courtroom was ordered to stand trial.

Gary L. Bauer is an Opinion Columnist at The Patriot Post, and is one of America’s most effective spokesmen for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-growth values. Bauer is a frequent guest on a wide variety of political talk shows and a much-in-demand speaker nationwide.

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