COP 26: Obama And AOC Fly In

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By Craig Rucker ~

Barack Obama may have served as the 44th President of the United States, but he is just as wrong as anyone else who approaches global warming from deep roving left field.

“For those listening back home in the U.S., let me say this,” Obama told UN COP 26, “It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat if your Florida house is flooded by rising seas, or your crops fail in the Dakotas or your California house is burning down.”

Sorry to inform you, Mister President, all those things are WEATHER, NOT CLIMATE. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, short or tall, crop production is setting records, California fires are historically normal, and sea level has risen at the same minuscule pace since before the industrial revolution.

“It’s not just that we can’t afford to go backward,” Obama said. “We can’t afford to stay where we are. The world has to step up and it has to step up now.”

The U.K. Independent commented, “The emptiness of these promises shows COP26 — and the future COP27, COP28, COP129 — for the farce that it is. This is not a serious attempt to solve the climate crisis. It’s a chance for world leaders to pat themselves on the back for doing barely anything in the past and pledge to do stuff they’ll never do in the future. Obama is famed for inspiring hope, but today his words ring hollow.”

Obama called for wealthy nations to spend much more. The Paris Climate Accord contains plans to redistribute $100 billion per year to poor nations. Funding never reached that level and the developing world is not happy. At a UN conference in Bonn years ago, a delegate from the island of Tonga approached CFACT’s delegation and asked, “you’re Americans? When are you sending the money?” Climate cash is the reason they signed onto the Paris agreement in the first place.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also jetted in to Glasgow to push the Green New Deal.  “I have worked very hard on advancing the Civilian Climate Corps, which is now successfully in the Build Back Better Act,” AOC said, “we’ll seek to mobilize over 300,000 jobs for young people in emissions draw down and environmental injustice.”

That’s a pretty big reveal AOC made.  If she is correct, the Biden social spending bill still contains funding for AOC to mobilize, indoctrinate and deploy a vast brigade of climate campaigners to harry and subdue the rest of us.  There seems no end to the bad policy crammed into Biden’s bill.  That’s no way to “build back better.”

The UN announced today that it has performed an analysis that the pledges made at COP 26 are insufficient to keep the globe from warming over its (arbitrary) 1.5 degree C target.  The UN announced that 2.4 degrees seems more likely.  Of course that is based on climate computer modeling, not reality.

The good news?  Climate computer modeling ALWAYS runs too hot!


Craig Rucker is the current President of, and the co-founder of the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).

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