The Devil’s In The Details

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By Burt Prelutsky ~

How is it that a state that provided Trump with a 30% margin of victory in 2020 can’t do better than Joe Manchin?

Why does Joe Manchin keep getting elected in West Virginia? It’s not that I hate him. I reserve that for senators like Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Dick Durbin. But really, how is it that a state that provided Trump with a 30% margin of victory in 2020 can’t do better than a Democrat who drew the line at $3.5 trillion for social welfare, but is happy to add $1.75 trillion to our national debt?

Also, how is it that Manchin is the one who is always being interviewed on TV? Apparently, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is also one of the Democrats who is trying to hold the fiscal line, but I never see her being questioned, even on Fox.

Even before the polls suggested that Glenn Youngkin had surged ahead of Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, I felt it coming. My reason is that Barack Obama left Martha’s Vineyard to campaign for the guy who made his political bones working as a bagman for the Clinton crime family.

I can’t recall a single candidate who has ever benefitted from Obama’s endorsement. That even includes Stacey Abrams, who managed to lose the Georgia gubernatorial election in spite of blacks constituting 32% of the electorate.

Apparently, so many people have come to despise Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg felt he had to take the heat off by renaming it Meta. I suppose that is intended to be the corporate version of the Federal Witness Program. But since Facebook has no intention of changing its vile ways, I’m sure people will quickly learn to hate Meta.

If that happens, I predict that Zuckerberg’s next move will be to change his own name to Santa Claus.

Although I hadn’t been as aware as some people that Biden’s policies have sent inflation soaring, I got a taste of it at the gas pump this afternoon. A fill-up of 9.98 gallons cost me $48.93.

Thanks to the undue influence that environmental zealots have on California governors and state legislators, we California drivers are accustomed to paying a dollar-a-gallon more than the national average. But in the past, even when it’s taken more than 10 gallons of gas to fill the tank, I have never paid that much all at once.

You know you are living in dangerous times when Joe Biden outdoes even Barack Obama when it comes to the redistribution of wealth.

So while his spending bills and the soaring rate of inflation are making American citizens poorer by the day, Biden is trying to make certain that illegal aliens will be able to afford to buy eggs, bacon, lumber and gasoline well into the future, by handing them between $450,000 and a million bucks for any inconvenience we may have caused them as they came sneaking across our border.

By comparison, if a member of the military dies while defending this nation, his family receives $100,000.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but freaks and sexual degenerates have seemingly gone overnight from pleading for tolerance to demanding total acquiescence from the rest of us.

Just a few of the items they have demanded and received include a whole new set of pronouns; the right for biological males to compete against females in previously female-only athletic events; the right of biological males to share female bathrooms; the right to have a U.S. passport that indicates X instead of Male or Female; the opportunity for transvestites in full regalia to function as storytellers at public libraries; the right to deny that biology is an actual science and to therefore deny that genitalia and chromosomes determine gender.

The insanity has become so commonplace that in Broward County, Florida, a public school took the kids on a field trip to a gay bar.

In yet another of his legion of unforced errors, Joe Biden announced during his campaign that drunk driving isn’t a felony in his opinion and those who were found guilty of the offense should not be deported.

I would love to hear him explain his reasoning to the parents of the five-year-old girl in Florida who was recently killed when an illegal alien driving without a license and with his headlights off slammed into the car she was riding in.

It turns out he was on a beer run after having consumed the equivalent of 16 beers.

In a case of better late than never, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has assigned 6,500 Texas National Guardsmen to stop the caravans in their tracks and to lay down razor wire in the most traveled areas of the border. In the meantime, he is building a wall.

The only question I have is why it’s taken him so long to do his duty. After allowing about two million illegal aliens to come through and be resettled all over America, locking the barn after the horses have run off inevitably comes to mind.

It’s bad enough that creeps like Biden, de Blasio and Newsom, are jerking us off with their mask mandates, but we can all live without entering restaurants and Broadway theaters.

But a woman named Leilani Lutali in Colorado isn’t so lucky. Even though she needs a kidney transplant and has a friend named Jaimee Fougner who is willing to donate one, the local hospital where she has been on the transplant list for a long time, won’t perform the surgery. That’s because Ms. Lutali, who has had Covid and now has natural immunity, refuses to get a shot.

One can only hope she gets her kidney and winds up owning the hospital after she wins her lawsuit.

Just as I was feeling good about PETA because the group has loudly condemned Anthony Fauci for his abominable experiments on dogs and monkeys, Mike Niederberger informs me that “PETA is now demanding that Major League Baseball stop using the word ‘bullpen’ to describe where pitchers and catchers warm up because of its insensitivity to bulls. They want coaches, players, announcers and fans to use the terms “arm barn” or “play-pen” instead.

I confess to being skeptical, but I can’t bring myself to deny it.

I know it sounds stupid. After all, no bull has ever complained about the term. But these days, just about every news item I discuss would have seemed unbelievable just a year ago.

Patrice Hartung sent me a meme of a woman riding a jet ski, and captioned: “Americans going ship to ship shopping for Christmas presents this year.”

James Fulton shared a meme of a 17th century maiden being tied to a stake. One of the attending officials, all of whom are fully-masked, points out “No mask, no jab, and she is still healthy? Do we need any additional evidence of witchcraft?”

Jan Hooper passed along a meme that reads: “A man asked a fairy to make him irresistible to women. So she turned him into a credit card.”

Burt Prelutsky is a columnist at The Patriot Post, and is a former humor columnist for the LA Times.

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