Climate Change Humor

Posted on Wed 10/20/2021 by


Commentary by Geoff Derrick ~

As we speak, the Nationals (Ed adds – The National Party of Australia, one of the two major parties from the Conservative side of politics here in Australia) are trying to decide what to do in light of the shameful reversal of policy in October 2021 by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, compared with 2017 when he brought a piece of coal into the House and waxed lyrical about its virtues.   Should his party decide to take a Net Zero Emissions Policy by 2050 to COP26 in Glasgow, it may be recorded as the biggest back stab of conservative voters for the past 40 years or so. And voters will not forgive him, should it come to that.

Perhaps the whole Zero Emission stance being taken by Mr Morrison has some history in the submarine deal brokered with Biden and Boris, and we make some reference to this in our Section 14, as the deal was secretly negotiated at the G7, well hidden from French president Macron.  Was this Zero Emissions policy of the LNP (Liberal National Party) a condition of doing a submarine deal with the US and the UK??

The G7 was tinged with all sorts of green lunacy and hand-on-the-heart declarations, and they deserve much the same treatment as we would recommend for most of the agenda on offer at the upcoming COP26 gabfest in Glasgow.  BS detectors should be in everyone’s briefcase and tofu bag at Glasgow.

Geoff Derrick is a now retired Consultant Geologist from Australia