The Fourth Reich

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By Burt Prelutsky ~

There are obvious parallels to life in Germany before Nazism fully took hold.

I keep hearing those on the Left calling out people for daring to compare America in 2021 to Germany in the late 20s and early 30s. At first blush, it can seem a bit over the top. After all, cattle cars are not transporting Jews to concentration camps and the ovens are not working overtime.

But in the early days, those things weren’t taking place, even after Hitler came to power. They came later. But there are obvious parallels to life in Germany before Nazism fully took hold.

They had Brown Shirt bullies beating up people in the street; we have BLM and Antifa.

They banned and burned books; we have publishers refusing to publish books and Amazon refusing to carry them if they’re written by Conservatives.

They kicked certain “wrong thinking” professors out of the profession; we do the same with those who question Anthony Fauci’s medical credentials; those who oppose the racist propaganda of Critical Race Theory; and those who disagree with such meteorological gurus as Al Gore and Greta Thunberg about the “existential threat” of climate change.

The Nazis made Jews wear yellow stars on their sleeves to make them easier to recognize and harass; today, our masters mandate we wear masks for the same reasons.

They destroyed the nuclear family by encouraging youngsters to snitch on the anti-Nazi actions and thoughts of their parents. We have millions of brainwashed college-age students turning their backs on their parents over political differences.

They intimidated their political opponents; we still have patriotic, Trump-supporting, Americans locked up in Washington, D.C., jails for trespassing on January 6th.

They disarmed the population; the Democrats keep trying.

They turned the media into Nazi propagandists; it’s already happened here and is even more expansive because we now have things like cable TV and social media, propaganda tools that Hitler could only have fantasized about.

John Durham, whose picture I kept expecting to see on the side of milk cartons, has finally emerged from his cave to announce that after spending years delving into the source of the trumped-up Russian collusion hoax, he has decided to indict (a drum roll, please) Michael Sussman. Michael who?!

It seems his crime was lying to the FBI, not letting on that he was working for Hillary Clinton and the DNC, when he testified about the Russian dossier.

That’s it? How about Mrs. Clinton, the shot callers at the DNC and her consigliore John Podesta, who hired Mr. Sussman?

How about Rep. Adam Schiff, who spent two years insisting he had evidence in his possession that proved Trump was taking his marching orders from Vladimir Putin? But even after Robert Mueller and his snoops devoted 18 months and $35 million trying and failing to sniff out any wrongdoing, Schiff didn’t run out of his mouse hole, waving incriminating documents, and squeaking, “Hey, not so fast!”

As for Sussman’s crime, considering how many lies the FBI tells us, it doesn’t seem right that anyone should be prosecuted for lying to them.

I wonder if there’s one person in Washington, D.C., whose fulltime job it is to give bills misleading names.

Take the Affordable Care Act, for example. It was not affordable.

Consider the Dreamers Act. They’re a bunch of Latinos whose parents smuggled them into the country because the Democrats feared they might need to replace their black voters if the poor clods ever caught on that they’re being played for suckers by the latter-day plantation owners.

Now we have something called the Human Infrastructure Bill which carries a $3.5 trillion price tag.

Because the Democrats believe that the public reacts well to the word “infrastructure” because they envision better roads, safer bridges and stronger levees, the Democrats decided that they could use the word to roll over GOP objections to busting the budget with this list of Christmas goodies for cities and states run by Leftists and for the lunkheads who keep electing them.

The bill even includes amnesty for illegal aliens, including those with criminal records.

There is only one way in which this piece of legislation has anything to do with infrastructure: instead of shoring up bridges and levees, its sole intention is shoring up support for the Democrats a year before the midterm elections.

If those who elect Democrats weren’t so abysmally stupid, Chuck Schumer wouldn’t dare go on TV to voice concern about the counterfeit Covid cards coming in from Mexico at the very same time that his president is rolling out the red carpet for millions of illegal aliens, many of them suffering from the virus.

Just how stupid are Democrats? Well, the next city attorney of Seattle, Washington, is likely to be a goony bird named Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, an advocate for Antifa, the group that commandeered a few blocks of the city last year, turning it into an rodent-infested, armed, encampment.

Mrs. Thomas-Kennedy wants the voters to know that “Property destruction, at this point, is a moral imperative.”

You can bet that just like Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who opposes the police except for those assigned to protect her, Thomas-Kennedy is not referring to her own property.

The House of Representatives is looking into whether New York’s Met comped Rep. Ocasio-Cortez with a $35,000 ticket to its annual gala. If so, she broke House rules by accepting the gratuity.

My question is why the Met decided she deserved such an expensive gift? And did they tell her she would not be permitted to wear the silly evening gown with “Tax the Rich” on it, as I’m sure they would have if I had shown up wearing a tuxedo that had “Vote for 45 in ‘24” stitched on my cummerbund.

Also, I’d love to know who else was comped? Any New York first responders? Any injured vets?

Or was the Met’s generosity limited to a 30-something Communist? And if so, why?

This might be the last report on the pet peeve survey. At least by suggesting that people mention something besides other people’s lousy driving, I got a more diverse selection.

John Walsh hates it when people getting on an elevator don’t let other people get off first.

Charles Salter just wants to exercise outdoors but is always interrupted by neighbors wanting to chat.

Maralyn Polak is pissed off by people who hit “reply to all” instead of just replying to the sender, “so 933 strangers get your email and wonder who the eff you are anyway.”

James Whitesell, a man after my own heart, can’t stand people who are always late.

Jerome Reyer couldn’t resist getting me back on the road again by declaring he’s had it with people who first turn slightly to the right to make a left turn. “They don’t seem to realize that power steering has been around forever.”

Sports fan Joseph Neuner can’t stand people at ball games who jump up in front of him for one reason or another and then remain standing.

When Charles Patterson mentioned “People sitting behind me in a restaurant swinging their feet hard enough to rock my side,” it occurred to me that he either winds up seated in a booth behind very young children or that, for some reason, he frequents eateries that cater to midgets and dwarfs.

Scott Randle sent me a long complaint, but when boiled down, it turned out he hates being stuck in a checkout line behind a woman who pays for her groceries with a check.

Suzan Reiner, an officer with the Grammar Police, takes strong exception to people who confuse “less” and “fewer,” “infer” and “imply” and “different than” and “different from.” The fact is I do, too, but it’s in 147th place on my list of peeves.

It gets Doug Reynolds’ goat when people at a place like Starbucks or MacDonald’s take forever to place an order. “After all, it’s only a cup of coffee or a burger, plus it’s not the first time they’ve been there.”

He did put in a plug for a chain that has two hyphens in its name, but I don’t like their burgers so I’m not going to mention it. Howard Last hates it when he has to type in a password and it only shows dots, not letters or numbers. “If you hit the wrong key, you don’t know about it until you’re finished and then have to do it all over again.”

I let him know that you are often given the option of seeing what you’re typing. In this area, my own peeve involves having to enter passwords in the first place. If hackers want to get in, as we’ve seen, they can access the Pentagon, the State Department and even our oil pipelines. I suspect they can crack my code in about two seconds, but why they’d want to is beyond me.

So far as I can see, the only person who can’t access my computer is me, and that’s because I can’t keep track of all my passwords.

One of my two favorite memes of the week shows Gen. Milley testifying before a congressional committee, saying: “I had to commit treason to prevent Trump from committing treason.”

The other one, sent to me by Michael McCaffery is from the Babylon Bee. It shows a familiar-looking cargo plane lifting off from the tarmac. Its caption reads: “Californians Desperate to Escape Cling to Landing Gear of Last Jet Leaving LAX.”

Burt Prelutsky is a columnist at The Patriot Post, and is a former humor columnist for the LA Times.

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