We’re Not The Only Crazy Ones

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By Burt Prelutsky ~

Even in far off New Zealand, the politicians have the people locked down.

It wasn’t that long ago that I wanted everyone in the world to be more like Americans, and for the life of me I couldn’t imagine why they all didn’t just try harder. But that was then and this, unfortunately, is now.

The insanity is so widespread that we can’t even comfort ourselves with the delusion that it’s only the way it is over here because of a concerted effort by people like Biden, Fauci and Walensky; the corrupt media; and the various power-mad governors and mayors; that we allow ourselves to be bullied into cowering before an over-hyped virus.

Even in far off New Zealand, the politicians have the people locked down. No doubt they convinced the citizens by telling them that the sheep were carriers. And just like that, they doubled the number of sheep in the country, only half of them four-legged and wool-bearing.

Things are even worse in Australia. In spite of losing only 10 people a week to Covid, this formerly free nation of 25 million has also ordered a lockdown. And to prove how seriously the politicians take the threat, they have initiated martial law.

Considering that more than 10 Aussies a week die as a result of standing too near the barbie or choking on a shrimp, you might consider their reaction somewhat overwrought.

I had actually imagined that as we got close to the recall vote here in California, Gov. Newsom would lighten up, hoping that if we were allowed to finally lose the masks we might not notice the homeless, the illegal aliens, the wildfires, the taxes, the gas prices and the way he arrogantly ignored his own mandates when it came to enjoying pricey French cuisine.

But no such luck. Now we can only hope that he is recalled, not because it will change anything in the state, but as a shot across the bow as a warning to the other governors that if it can happen to Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, it can happen to them.

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, she recently hosted a fundraising meal, which appeared to be a brunch or a lunch, for Democrats willing to plunk down $30,000 for the chance to brag that they’d seen the Speaker in person. Neither she nor any of the suckers or their wives was wearing a mask, although she is fining any member of the House (so long as that person is a Republican) who doesn’t wear one.

By now, we have grown accustomed to seeing high-ranking Liberals, including Anthony Fauci, ignoring the mandates they’re shoving down our throats and the throats of our children and grandchildren.

I just recently learned that in 1918, in the midst of the Spanish Flu, which really was a legitimate pandemic, masks were mandated, and the public obediently acquiesced, until they saw a single photo. It had been taken at a boxing match in San Francisco and clearly showed a mayor, a congressman and a public health official, all seated ringside unmasked. In fact, nobody in the massive crowd was masked.

Soon after, because of public outrage at such blatant hypocrisy, the mandate was rescinded.

Unfortunately, we have become so inured to hypocrisy in this country, we remain compliant no matter how often the likes of Newsom, Pelosi, Feinstein, Whitmer, Pritzker, Fauci and all the others rub our face in the fact that they are the overseers, and we are the peons.

As you probably recall, in my recent poll asking which of the potential candidates you’d like to see atop the GOP ballot in 2024, I was offended that Sen. Ben Sasse (R, NE) tied me for fifth place with one vote apiece. The man is barely a Republican, let alone a Conservative.

As bugged as I was then, I’m even more so now that he’s calling for thousands of Afghanis to be settled in the U.S.

In a different poll, 99% of these people expressed a desire to live under Sharia Law. That is also my wish for them, so long as it’s somewhere other than Dallas, Duluth, Biloxi, Oakland, Denver or Minneapolis.

Muslims should live in Muslim countries. They should not be invited into countries where they have no intention of acclimating themselves to the morals, values and freedoms, of their host nation.

We can repay our debt to them for their efforts to translate for our troops by providing them with transportation to those nations which also believe in murdering homosexuals, honor killings, and beheading their political opponents and other infidels.

Not only did our retreating troops leave $85 billion dollars in military ordnance behind as a parting gift to the Taliban, we also left behind at the Bagram Air Force Base prison 4,500 Taliban, 1,000 ISIS members and 500 Al Qaeda terrorists.

Unfortunately, we left them alive, so that the 6,000 can now track down and murder those who helped lock them up.

The Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians and the North Koreans, must be wondering why on earth they ever feared us. They had probably heard that the Army was actively recruiting women, homosexuals and transgenders, but assumed that was just for show. Until now, they hadn’t realized that everyone at the Pentagon is a limp-wristed twit.

If only this was a movie and James Bond could parachute into Afghanistan and bring order out of chaos with just a little ju-jitsu and some of those neat weapons that Q whips up for him.

Or better yet, parachute into Washington, D.C.

Just when you’re about to give up on America, you hear about a Michigan outfit called Fenix Ammunition that set up a giant pop-up window on their homepage that asks visitors if they voted for Joe Biden. If they click “yes,” the website redirects them to Biden’s campaign website.

As reported in The New American, the company explains they don’t want to sell to Biden’s supporters because his is the most radical anti-gun administration in history, and those who helped elect him are apparently okay with bankrupting the company.

When asked if Fenix is really serious about turning away paying customers, they responded: “Yes, we are. We’re dead serious. And Biden supporters shouldn’t want us to have their money because we’re going to use it to make more ammo, sell it to the citizenry, and do everything in our power to prevent Joe Biden’s administration from usurping the rights of Americans. We have no problem talking to Biden voters and educating them on what they did, but they have to be willing to acknowledge their ignorance at the very least. We’re not going to sit here and debate with them. We are a 2A (Second Amendment) company, and those are our first principles.”

Makes me want to run out and buy some ammo. And use it.

Jere Styrk passed along a meme that’s titled: Natural Medicine for Guys, although it should be Diagnosis, not Medicine.

In any case, it reads: “Go up to a tree and take a leak. If your pee attracts ants, you’ve got diabetes. If it dries fast, your sodium level is too high. If it smells like meat, your cholesterol level is too high. If you forget to zip up, it’s Alzheimer’s. If you missed the tree, it’s Parkinson’s.

If you peed on your shoes, enlarged prostate. If you can’t smell it, Covid-19.”

I’m not sure this is right 100% of the time, but neither are doctors. And this way, at least you don’t have to worry about the co-pay.

Burt Prelutsky is a columnist at The Patriot Post, and is a former humor columnist for the LA Times.

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