The Swinging Pendulum

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By Burt Prelutsky ~

Inevitably, in overcompensating in favor of one group, you wind up mistreating others.

It is probably inevitable that in the process of making up for past misbehavior that one over-compensates. But it is equally inevitable that in overcompensating in favor of one group, you wind up mistreating others.

For instance, because once upon a time, blacks were brutalized in parts of this nation, we now see them brutalizing others all over the country. And because of the overcompensation, the authorities turn a blind eye to it. At times, as when Kamala Harris suggested that people donate to a fund to provide bail for the looters and the vandalizers in Minneapolis, those in authority actively encourage it.

We have seen something similar taking place with homosexuals, lesbians and even those oddballs who claim they have the ability to invalidate biology and change their sex the way I understand the appropriately named clownfish do.

In the past, there’s no denying that the sexually maladjusted were stigmatized in society. So it’s no surprise, America being the loony bin it has become, that today we see schools, businesses, even the military, turning themselves into buffoonish characters in their wokish attempt to accommodate these people who shouldn’t be mistreated, but also shouldn’t be permitted to dictate terms of surrender to the rest of us.

As for women, I would treat rapists in the vilest way imaginable. Tossing them into alligator swamps or septic tanks has a certain appeal for me.

I would not want to be groped or grabbed by jerks in the Andrew Cuomo mode. But if I were a woman, my response would be a slap or a punch, followed by a resignation.

But I, a major supporter of women’s rights, have gotten sick and tired of overly ambitious women who go for auditions in Bill Cosby’s home or Harvey Weinstein’s hotel room, and years later crawl out of the woodwork to denounce the lout for the sake of political or financial gain. In some cases, where the creep isn’t a household name, the reason might be personal revenge because a promotion or proposal wasn’t forthcoming.

Obviously, I am not referring to children who are victimized by pedophiles, whom I would sentence to 10 minutes, the time to be served in a shark tank.

But so far as I’m concerned, any woman who has been assaulted by a man and doesn’t report the crime to the police forfeits the right to show up 10 years later accompanied by Gloria Allred, demanding her pound of flesh or a cash settlement.

At the very least, she should report the assault to her male relatives and have them dole out the appropriate punishment.

Funny, we keep hearing about empowered women. But, these days, those are most likely to be men who insist that, contrary to the physical evidence, they are actually women.

After I heard a report by super reporter Lara Logan on Tucker Carlson’s show, I learned that our failure in Afghanistan wasn’t due entirely to micromanaging by the various presidents or through the ineptitude of the goony birds at the Pentagon.

It turns out our military has been fighting with its hands tied behind their back, thanks to our State Department.

It seems that Taliban leaders spend a great deal of time in neighboring Pakistan. It’s also from Pakistan that the Taliban receives its cash and weapons (up until now when they’ve inherited all the equipment we left behind), and yet we have never attacked the supply line.

That’s because Pakistan is the one nuclear nation in the vicinity and the State Department geeks long ago decided they’re the nation that counts and, therefore, we don’t want to do anything that upsets them. Such as win a war against a bunch of goat herders.

It might even explain why Joe Biden was the guy who objected to our going after Osama bin Laden when he was being protected in his villa by the cretins in charge of Pakistan.

Over the past half dozen years or so, probably no department or agency of the federal government has done more to tarnish its image than the FBI, and that’s saying something when you realize the moral depths to which the CIA, the NSA, the NIH, the IRS, the Pentagon and the State Department have sunk.

In a recent development, a Minnesota detective who has been collecting forensic evidence that the second man that Ilhan Omar married (in order to evade U.S. immigration law) was in fact her brother, was arrested the day before he was going to expose the congresswoman.

As for her crime, the FBI announced that the statute of limitations had run out for the crime of marriage fraud.

I feel sorry for the Afghanis, at least those who were apparently helping us — as opposed to the many who pretended to be our friends, all the better to ambush our soldiers — who failed to make it out of that godforsaken pig sty.

But it disgusted me to hear members of the Biden administration and various honchos at the Pentagon declare that they and Americans would be treated alike as far as flying them out of Afghanistan. That’s no way to run a nation. America First also means Americans First. You save your own and then you try to save others.

Still, Biden couldn’t have made a bigger botch of things if that had been his intention. Instead of women and children first, he decided it would be soldiers first and let the women and children fend for themselves. Word at this point is that the British soldiers are leaving the relative safety of the airport to rescue their stranded diplomats, whereas ours aren’t. Probably because they are under orders not to risk being shot, lest we be dragged back into a shooting war. It seems to me that this would be the ideal time to attack the Taliban, while they’re crowded into Kabul. Collateral damage is something we’ve been worrying about way too much ever since George W. Bush denied the military the right to bomb mosques in Iraq even though we knew they were being used as armories and military barracks.

Bush, who was about as bright as a 40-watt lightbulb, was afraid someone might get the idea that we were at war with Muslims.

From now on, I suggest that instead of trying to export our democratic values to Third World cesspools, we start retaining them here at home.

It seems that Joe Biden, who is as bright as a 20-watt light bulb, apparently took the Taliban at their word when they announced they were turning over a new leaf.

No more beheadings, no more torture, no more honor killings. But, alas, no less.

Burt Prelutsky is a columnist at The Patriot Post, and is a former humor columnist for the LA Times.

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