The Rise And Fall Of Andrew Cuomo

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By Burt Prelutsky ~

The man was responsible for the deaths of elderly New Yorkers, but if he hadn’t groped those women, people would still be pushing him as a presidential candidate.

There is no getting around the fact that Gov. Cuomo is a sleazebag, but the fact that he has met his Waterloo because he treated his female staffers boorishly says more about our society than it does about him. The man was personally responsible for the deaths of at least 10,000 elderly New Yorkers, but if he hadn’t groped those women, people would still be pushing him as a presidential candidate in 2024.

No doubt he is now looking at Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam, who rode out his blackface scandal as his inspiration. But their situations are not comparable. It was Northam’s good fortune that at the same time that he appeared to be swirling down the toilet, his lieutenant governor and his attorney general were also dealing with their own, even worse scandals. And if all three had been forced to resign, Northam would have been replaced by a Republican. The party couldn’t have that, so they just toughed it out.

But in New York, all the Democrats below Cuomo are nipping at his heels because they all want a crack at his job. But the person most likely to replace him is his nemesis, the state’s attorney general, Letitia James, who had the distinct pleasure of reporting that an independent commission had found that he had broken the law when he misbehaved with state employees.

I don’t think he helped his cause when people got to hear him crooning “Do you love me?” to one of his victims, apparently confusing himself with Perry Como.

It turns out that along with all his other failings, Cuomo is the one Italian who can’t sing.

In a related matter, what is it with these young women? I mean, if she’s politically ambitious and plans to seek political office like Kamala Harris, it makes sense to get involved with a schmuck like Willie Brown. But why would anyone want to work as a lackey in the office of a politician? They’re nearly all egomaniacs and often come to regard the women in their office as members of his harem.

Fortunately, the worst that usually happens to the ladies is that they get hugged or pinched. They don’t usually wind up dead like Mary Jo Kopechne.

If I had a daughter and she let me know she aspired to work for someone like Andrew Cuomo or Gavin Newsom, I’d demand a paternity test.

As you may have heard, after Obama announced that he was inviting 500 people to celebrate his 60th birthday, the backlash was so severe, he scaled it back to just his family. Who knew that he had such a big family, and that among his cousins are George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg?

As usual, I have skipped the Olympics, although I did see some of the female divers because the TV was on where I was having lunch. It only confirmed one of the things I object to about the Games; the subjective judgment by a bunch of people pretending they can discern a difference between the competitors.

But I do have one Olympic heroine. Her name is Tamyra Mensh-Stock, a black flag-waving gold medal-winning wrestler.

Although I didn’t realize that there is money that goes with winning these medals, at least not until the endorsements begin to roll in, she announced she intends to use her prize money to buy her mother a food truck.

What’s more, Ms. Mensh-Stock even admitted she loved representing America.

I certainly hope to see this patriot adorning boxes of Wheaties in the near future.

And I hope that food truck is only the first of a fleet her proud and obviously patriotic mother will eventually own.

Living in Southern California as I do, I take the droughts seriously. And now that I know that the water level at Lake Mead is at its lowest level ever, I know that on top of the draconian measures we’ll be facing because of the Delta variant, the water restrictions will soon be introduced.

What’s most annoying about all this is that we are never more than a year or two away from the next drought. But not only has California not built a dam in decades, partly because they spend billions pandering to the needs of illegal aliens, but they’ve never built a single desalinization plant, even though we have the Pacific Ocean as our potential water source.

The argument is always that the plants are very expensive to build and run. But when the farmlands dry up and the Central Valley, California’s salad bowl, turns into a dust bowl, the palookas in Sacramento will discover the plants are even more expensive not to build.

The New York Times has had an overinflated reputation for decades. It has always been left-wing in its politics, and although people are finally becoming aware of its bias, it was even worse 90 years ago. Back then, they had a correspondent in Moscow named Walter Duranty.

Even though Joseph Stalin was murdering his political foes and starving millions of Ukrainians because they were unwilling to surrender their farms to the state, Duranty’s communiques painted the Soviet Union in such rosy terms that a generation of dumb Americans grew up believing it was truly a worker’s paradise.

What they didn’t know, but should have suspected, was that Duranty was double-dipping. He was collecting two paychecks, one from the Times and one from Stalin, who bribed him with money, booze, drugs and prostitutes. It was of course Duranty who was the biggest prostitute of all.

And for serving as Stalin’s personal P.R. man, he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize.

Years later, when it was disclosed that Duranty had lied and Russians had died, it was suggested that the Times should surrender the Pulitzer. Naturally, they refused. But then, who would expect anything better of pimps?

If people like Joe Biden and Bill De Blasio are going to insist on shutdowns and mask mandates because the Delta variant is so dangerous, it would behoove them to do something about violence taking place in our major cities.

Over the past five weeks, there were 21 homicides in Washington, D.C., while eight people died of the virus. In Philadelphia, the count was 40 homicides, 13 Covid victims. And in Chicago, that toddling town, the score was 95 to 31.

Even when I was young, and being a flower child was all the rage, I found it very strange that it’s in our youth that we seek to be recognized as individuals, but insist on looking, dressing and, worst of all, thinking like everybody else our age.

And if, for whatever reason, you decide to be a Democrat, you never get past that stunted stage of mental development.

As most of you know by now, I love dogs. But it’s more than that. I admire and respect them. They’re brave, they’re gentle and they’re loyal. They have all the virtues and none of the vices. Even if someone has beaten them, they will respond with love and affection to the first person who shows them kindness. On top of everything else, they openly express their gratitude. Unlike, say, most welfare recipients, dogs will never bite the hands that feed them.

I used to think that George Soros was the worst, most repulsive man in America. But I’m beginning to think the title might belong to Anthony Fauci.

He not only funded the virus research at the Wuhan lab but has repeatedly lied about it. But, of course, he’s lied about everything. He tells us we don’t have to wear masks, but then, once, he’s changed his mind and insists we wear more than one at a time, he shows up at a baseball game without a mask. He is literally a bare-faced liar.

Everyone, including Fauci, knows that the masks are no defense at all against the virus. The only thing it keeps out is oxygen.

He should be arrested for practicing medicine without a brain.

The Democrats could use me as a poster boy for the anti-vaxxers. But it might boomerang on them when it was discovered that I had not only been vaccinated for all the childhood diseases, including polio, but as an adult, when it was my decision and not my parents’, I chose to be vaccinated for the flu, pneumonia and shingles.

The reasons I have avoided the Covid vaccines are that I don’t trust the politicians or the so-called medical experts; the virus’s kill rate is so low, I don’t find it very threatening; the FDA still hasn’t okayed it; and too many people are getting way too rich and too powerful off the panic induced by left-wing politicians, the media and the pharmaceutical companies.

Burt Prelutsky is a columnist at The Patriot Post, and is a former humor columnist for the LA Times.

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