Antisemite Of The Week

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A Dry Bones Cartoon ~

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Anuradha Mittal is the driving force behind Ben & Jerry’s decision to boycott over 800,000 Jews who live in 140 communities in various parts of Israel. Mittal serves as head of Ben & Jerry’s Board of Directors and Vice President of Ben & Jerry’s Foundation Inc. and has a long history of supporting antisemitic causes and pushing narratives vilifying the Jewish nation.In addition to her role at Ben & Jerry’s, Mittal is also the Founder and Executive Director of the Oakland Institute, a policy think tank with a strong anti-Israel stance. In 2017, Mittal co-authored a series of 9 reports by the Oakland Institute called “Palestine for Land & Life.” The reports falsely accused Israel of apartheid, colonialism, and land grabbing.

Mittal also uses her role at the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation to funnel money through the Oakland Institute to fund antisemitic projects such as Badil, a Palestinian group with ties to terror and a history of vile Jew-hatred that includes publishing Nazi-era cartoons.

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