Radical Resetters Publish Plan To Wreck America And The Free World

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By Craig Rucker ~

Apparently the problem with the world is that you are too free.

Americans must slash our energy use 87% and abandon limited government and our free economy if we are to live “sustainably” and meet the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.  That is according to a peer-reviewed study by five lead authors published June 29th in the journal Global Environmental Change.

Read the entire study at CFACT.org.

It’s not often that the Socialists planning our future dystopia make their intentions plainly known.

We can thank five academic radicals for doing just that.

Although the study’s authors concede that only countries with high energy use accomplish “decent living standards,” they nonetheless conclude that our political and economic systems are “misaligned with the aspirations of sustainable development” and are “unfit for the challenges of the 21st century.”

You can kiss individual freedom and prosperity goodbye, along with individual housing, cars, air travel, entrepreneurship, and even eating meat.

Their prescription:

  • Slash annual energy use per person from Canada – 232 Gigajoules (GJ), U.S. –  204 GJ, and France 95 – GJ to a very low 27 GJ per year
  • “Fairer income distribution is crucial for achieving decent living standards at low energy use”
  • “To reduce existing income disparities, governments could raise minimum wages, provide a Universal Basic Income, and introduce a maximum income”
  • “We also need much higher taxes on high incomes, and lower taxes on low incomes”
  • Move from “an animal-based to a plant-based diet”
  • Move from “individual to collective transport”
  • Move from “motorized to active” (walking and cycling) travel
  • “Economic growth beyond moderate levels of affluence is detrimental for aspirations of sustainable development”.
  • “Degrowth… is an idea whose time has come”

CFACT reposted the study under a creative commons license as well as the press release the authors issued to accompany it.

According to the Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. home uses about 10,399 kilowatt hours, which is 37.4 GJ per year.  Driving a car averaging 25 mpg, 15,000 miles per year requires 72.79 GJ.  According to the study Americans another 100+ GJ per year on top of that.  Reducing American energy use from 204 GJ to 27 GJ per year would require reducing our living standards to serf-like conditions, weakening our military and economic might, and abandoning fundamental freedoms in a way no American is prepared to endure.

Nor should we.  Neither should the rest of the world.

“In short,” the study’s authors sum up, “we need to abandon economic growth in affluent countries, scale back resource extraction, and prioritize public services, basic infrastructures and fair income distributions everywhere.”

Delve into this revealing study and its accompanying press release for yourself at CFACT.org.

This kind of nihilistic Socialist economic thinking is incredibly dangerous.  Do not write it off.  This is the kind of radicalism that has taken over education, the United Nations, and has found its way into our government agencies.

We must rebut these destructive leftists forcefully and constantly with the facts.

Socialism has failed every time it has been tried.

Voluntary exchange in a free market is efficient.  Government control is not.

Craig Rucker is the current President of, and the co-founder of the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).

Read more excellent articles at CFACT  http://www.cfact.org/

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  2. nickreality65

    Tue 07/06/2021

    Did you read the CVs on these authors?Four from Leeds one from Geneva.Just Google them.I have underwear older than these naive twits & twats. PhDs used to mean experience and knowledge.Now they are just handed out like cupcakes at a day care to those willing to play the PhD clique academic game.

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    The climate trojan horse is in plain sight.

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  5. What is interesting is that Marx was all in favor of economic growth — in fact, his main critique of capitalism was NOT that it “wasn’t fair”, but that it would eventually hamper economic growth. Read the Communist Manifesto — it’s a peaen of praise to ‘the bourgeoisie’ for unleashing the productive forces.

    And the Communist revolutions which followed — and those revolutions which sought to model themselves on the Communist countries without embracing full-blown Communism — were led by people who wanted their countries to experience economic growth.

    It used to be a major bragging point for pro-Soviet people, that the USSR’s rate of growth was significantly higher than the US rate of growth.

    Communists would boast about bringing the ‘backward peoples’ of the USSR into modernity. China today is fixated on high growth … and achieving it, since the Chinese Communists were intelligent enough to realize that socialism didn’t work to achieve high growth.

    What a contrast to today’s hair-shirt Left. Except that most Leftists don’t practice what they preach. Let them grow their own cotton and weave their own cloth and use leaves instead of toilet paper and give up the use of razors and soap and deoderant. (Okay, some of them appear to already be doing at least some of this.)

    It’s deeply anti-progress and anti-human. The human race will develop new energy sources without the disadvantages of the tradtional ones. But it won’t return to the caves.

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