When Did America Go Berserk?

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By Burt Prelutsky ~

Never in the history of mankind has a disease been as politicized as the Wuhan virus, and never has the medical profession been so easily cowed and manipulated.

It’s not an idle question. We can all trace the origin of the Coronavirus to a military facility passing itself off as a virology lab in Wuhan, China. But when did widespread insanity break out in this country?

A couple of years ago, would you have believed that cops would be ordered to stand down while gangs looted and burned down our cities and toppled our statues?

Would you have believed that governors and mayors would be able to use an overhyped virus to deny us our constitutional freedoms of speech, assembly and religion?

Would you have believed that instead of prosecuting criminals, district attorneys, handpicked and financed by Mr. Evil Incarnate, George Soros, would be using their authority to release felons from jail?

Would you have believed that anyone would be regarded as courageous for merely declaring that males should not be allowed to compete against females in athletic competitions; that there are only two sexes; and that eight-year-olds should not be permitted to undergo a regimen of hormones and radical surgery because they would prefer to be a member of the other sex because “boys have more fun” or “girls are treated nicer”?

Would you have believed that something as wicked as the cancel culture would spring up and be able to destroy the lives of those who hold dissenting opinions from those of the rabble?

Would you have believed that the snots working at the large tech companies would have the power to squelch a scandal about one presidential candidate and at the same time silence his opponent, who just happened to be the president of the United States?

Never in the history of mankind has a disease been as politicized as the Wuhan virus, and never has the medical profession been so easily cowed and manipulated.

For a while, even if a person was hit by a bus, but was found to have contracted the virus, his death was attributed to Covid. Now, however, if a person dies in bed after getting vaccinated, his death is blamed on his having been hit by a bus.

The fact is all of our institutions have been taken over by the ignoramuses who feel their allegiance to wokeness confirms their superior intellect, compassion and decency.

The FBI, the CIA, NSA and the Pentagon, have all been taken over by those who were promoted by Barack Obama. So, even when people like James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper and Michael Hayden, depart, they are replaced by their fellow swamp creatures.

The cops come from a better place because they don’t have offices within spitting distance of Congress. But, unfortunately, they have to answer to mayors and city councils who are so terrified of being called racists, they will parrot any slogan, any piece of anti-white tripe, that originates with BLM.

Considering all the restrictions placed on them, it’s a wonder that every cop doesn’t quit and go looking for police departments in places like Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, that just might be looking for recruits.

The blacks and their sycophants keep going on and on about systemic racism, but nobody ever confronts them with the fact that it’s never a black who’s on his way to work or coming home from the job who gets hassled or shot by a cop. It’s always a criminal, and generally one resisting arrest. That doesn’t sound like systemic racism to me, that sounds like cops doing a dangerous job and risking their livelihood and their lives, all because a disproportionate amount of the violent crime is committed by young black males.

Blacks complain that if policing was done honestly in America, no more than 6% of the prison inmates would be black. That would be fine if that tiny percentage didn’t commit at least 50% of the rapes, murders and assaults.

White Americans are sick and tired of being called names because of the color of their skin, especially when no race has ever done more for another, as whites have done for blacks.

For the past 60 years, whites have given blacks every possible advantage when it comes to employment and education. If blacks haven’t fully taken advantage of their opportunities, it speaks to their general lack of smarts and ambition, and that’s hardly the fault of Caucasians.

Even when urban blacks riot, they do so in the full knowledge there will be no consequences.

We whites are told we owe them because their ancestors were slaves in America, wrenched from their idyllic homelands in Africa.

Today, their descendants, who never picked cotton or felt the whip, claim they are owed money to compensate them for sufferings they never experienced.

There are those, on the other hand, who insist they are owed nothing because it is such a privilege to live in America.

I, like Henry Clay, am a proponent of compromise. I would offer every black person in the country a one-way ticket back to their ancestral home, or they can stay on the condition that they stop collecting welfare and that they never again denigrate this country, never again claim that America is a systemically racist nation.

It is a slander that exposes not only their stupidity, but their lack of gratitude.

After I wrote about how my mother used to spit on her handkerchief in order to wash the occasional smudge off my face, I heard from a dozen others, and not just Jews, who had the same experience.

After thinking about it, I’ve come to believe that much like mother’s milk, these women believed that their spittle had magical healing powers or at least provided smudge protection, like scotch-guarding our little faces.

After I mentioned that I believed that China intentionally unleashed Covid on the world, Arthur Lourea let me know he agreed: “Proof of that is that they immediately locked down all internal travel between Wuhan and the rest of China but placed no restrictions on international travel from Wuhan. If that isn’t an attempt to spread it throughout the world, I don’t know what is!”

After I mentioned that pandas apparently take 12 minutes to poop, Dave Krueger observed that bears do indeed shit in the woods, “But, apparently, very slowly.”

The Democrats did a heck of a job in 2020 stealing the election for Joe Biden, but it seems that compared to Charles King, they were mere amateurs. Back in 1927, King won the presidential election in Liberia by garnering 234,000 votes to his opponent’s 9,000 in a country with only 15,000 registered voters.

Speaking of politicians, it was Will Rogers, Ralph Irish reminded me, who observed that “We could certainly slow down the aging process if it had to work its way through Congress.”

Jack Frank shared the news that if you can find a boat for sale, and if your credit passes muster, you can finance it for 20 years. “Similar financing,” he wrote, “is available for RV’s as well. Imagine paying all that interest for depreciating assets.”

I replied: “Sounds to me like alimony.”

Burt Prelutsky is a columnist at The Patriot Post, and is a former humor columnist for the LA Times.

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