Ashli Babbitt: A Martyr To Wokeness

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By Burt Prelutsky ~

It seems pretty obvious to me that Ms. Babbitt’s death can be traced to WWW (walking while white).

When I theorized a few days ago that the person who shot and killed an unarmed woman during the kerfuffle on Capitol Hill on January 6th was a black police officer, I wasn’t channeling my inner Nostradamus, I was merely being logical.

For one thing, although the FBI has been busy rounding up everyone who was in our nation’s capital that day, even if they were only there to take inspiring pictures of the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Monument and Donald Trump, the shooter had not been arrested.

For another thing, the media is always extremely reluctant to identify wrongdoers if they’re black or Islamic.

For a third thing, it’s Washington, D.C., where the population is overwhelmingly black, so there’s a darn good chance a police officer is going to be black.

So, now, we learn that the shooting of Ms. Babbitt has been declared appropriate, and no action will be brought against the shooter. Whoever made the questionable judgment call has also decided that her killer will remain an anonymous member of the Capitol police department.

It does beg the question, though, if it is appropriate to shoot a small, unarmed woman when she is not posing any sort of potential threat to a police officer, when is it not appropriate to shoot small, unarmed women? I’m not asking for myself, you understand, but on behalf of small, henpecked husbands everywhere.

I could be wrong, but it seems pretty obvious to me that Ms. Babbitt’s death can be traced to WWW (walking while white).

Although Joe Biden just formed a committee to study ways of possibly changing the way that the Supreme Court works and given them six months to come up with suggestions, the Democrats are in no mood to waste time or take chances.

In both the House and the Senate, bills have been introduced to add four justices to the Court, ensuring that nobody even the slightest bit similar in judicial judgment to William Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas or Samuel Alito, would ever get within a mile of the Supreme Court, except as a plaintiff.

The truth is I would never have imagined when I began writing these articles about 22 years ago that I would be writing so often about blacks or so negatively. But then, I never would have guessed they’d be in the news so much.

After all, the major battles for their civil rights had been fought for and won way back in the 1960s. Since then, the country had gone pretty much out of its way to atone for its past sins by providing redress in the form of welfare, affirmative action and generous small business loans.

Blacks were even pandered to in the form of homes purchased with no down payments, a boneheaded policy which led to the economy-crushing real estate bubble bursting in 2007.

Yet here we are, standing idly by while blacks, sometimes acting as a gang, sometimes acting as individual opportunists, trash and burn our cities with impunity.

Politicians, both black and white, but nearly all Democrats, along with their enablers in the media, pretend this is Mississippi, circa 1860, and take up for the looters.

And once again, we’re hearing the demands for reparations from people who never picked cotton or performed any other useful service, from white Americans who never owned slaves or even lived south of the Mason-Dixon line 60 or 70 or 150 years ago.

If you ask me, every black person in this nation should express gratitude that, as a result of what their ancestors endured, they were lucky enough to be born in America and not in Africa.

Bob Hunt shared the following meme: “Only a fool would give up a weapon in order for the government to protect them. The government cannot even stop a telemarketer.”

Or defeat tribesmen after 20 years of trying and trillions of misspent dollars.

Speaking of which, I had hoped if I waited long enough, Joe Biden would do something I agree with. We are well past the point when we should have left Afghanistan to the Afghanis.

I still think Biden is making a mistake by calling for our withdrawal by 9/11. What is the point of calling attention to the fact that after all this time, we still couldn’t exact the appropriate revenge on our enemies for the 3,000 innocent Americans who died on that awful day?

I should confess that when I credit Bob Hunt or anyone else with a meme, I feel a little guilty. I know they didn’t make them up, and I wish I could credit the creative mind behind them, but the source is nearly always anonymous. So, I settle for the next best thing, which is crediting the first person to share them with me.

Something else to keep in mind is that whenever I quote from an email, I try to remember to ask the person if they wish to be identified or if they’d prefer to remain anonymous. But, as I can’t always remember, if there’s ever anything you write to me that you wish to keep between just the two of us, you should probably mention it.

Movie trivia: I recently watched a terrific comedy called “Tin Men” (1987) and was reminded that once he got a little older and a little thinner, Richard Dreyfuss could have passed for Paul Newman’s twin brother.

Arthur Lourea shared a couple of quotes that followed on the heels of the lady cop accidently shooting Daunte Wright when she merely wanted to tase him after he tried resisting a traffic stop and got into a scuffle with the cops.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said: “Daunte Wright’s killing was not a random, disconnected ‘accident’ — it was the repeated outcome of an indefensible system that grants impunity for state violence, rewards it with endlessly growing budgets at the cost of community investment and targets those who question that order.”

(The only impunity most of us are aware of is that which is granted to those who burn and loot businesses, pretending they’re fighting for racial justice.)

The second quote is attributed to Ben & Jerry’s, a radical left-wing operation pretending to be an ice cream company: “The murder of #DaunteWright is rooted in white supremacy and results from the intentional criminalization of Black and Brown communities. This system can’t be reformed. It must be dismantled, and a real system of public safety rebuilt from the ground up.”

(For what it’s worth, I buy Dreyer’s.)

Although I have called for a moratorium on jokes, my friend Linda Posto snuck one past me, and because I didn’t see the punchline coming, I’ve decided to share it. But don’t anyone get the idea that I have called off my moratorium.

An elderly Jewish man decided to eat his Passover lunch in the park. Naturally, it included the traditional unleavened bread known as matzo. After a few minutes, a blind man approached and took a seat on the bench.

After the two men exchanged comments on the weather, the first man passed over a sheet of matzo.

The blind man handled it for several seconds, looked puzzled, and finally exclaimed: “Who the hell wrote this? It’s absolute nonsense!”

Burt Prelutsky is a columnist at The Patriot Post, and is a former humor columnist for the LA Times.

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