Solving the Border Crisis

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I say it’s better to spend money down there than up here.

Everyone seems to agree that until things get straightened out in Central America, we’re going to have to deal with millions of people wanting to either move here or at least send their kids to America.

Straightening things out will take money, but I say it’s better to spend money down there than up here. We don’t need any more technologically deficient foreign laborers who don’t even speak the language; at least not unless they can hit a curveball and steal bases.

According to my research there are 18 million people living in Guatemala, 10 million in Honduras, and six million in El Salvador.

Roughly half of the 34 million are younger than 19. So, I propose sending each of the 18 million adults $1,000. That works out to about $18 billion. I have a feeling that $1000 for an individual, $2000 for a married couple, would make a big difference in their lives. It would certainly perk up the economy of those three nations.

What’s more, I would send the money every year for at least the next 10 years. The catch is that if a single member of a family is caught trying to sneak into the U.S., payments would stop to the entire family. Knowing your relatives are going to kill you as soon as they get their hands on you should certainly work as a disincentive.

Considering what illegal immigrants cost us in free schooling, health care, housing, incarceration, etc., I suspect the total outlay would be chump change, especially compared to the $1.9 trillion pork bill the Democrats just passed.

If we play our cards right, we might even be able to get NATO to pick up some of the cost. After all, if we’re supposed to defend those ingrates from Russian invasion, why shouldn’t they help defray the cost of our stopping the invasion from Latin America?

Suzan Reiner let me know that her sister-in-law noticed something that most of us didn’t. She noticed that when Joe Biden went down three times while boarding Air Force One, there wasn’t a Secret Service agent in sight. How could they know when he went down the first time that it wasn’t an assassination attempt? It’s one thing, after all, for me to assume it was just a slip, but how could the folks whose job it is to take a bullet for him be so sure the President hadn’t been shot?

Probably no department of the federal government has seen its reputation suffer a bigger hit than the FBI has over the past dozen years or so.

When J. Edgar Hoover was heading up the agency, even his harshest critics tended to separate the man, with all of his quirks and prejudices, from the work of the agents.

These days, even Congress has a higher rating. That’s because we all have certain senators and House members we think are doing a fine job. But when it comes to the FBI, because nobody ever stepped forward to blow the whistle on the traitorous activities of such Deep State villains as James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr, we had to assume they were all complicit in the bigwigs’ criminal activities.

It didn’t help things that in the wake of most of the Islamic attacks around the country we’d hear that the FBI had the terrorists under surveillance but had done nothing to prevent the slaughter.

The agency’s reputation certainly wasn’t helped when we saw 30 heavily-armed agents staging a dawn raid on Roger Stone’s home for the sake of CNN cameras.

Stone was a political operative who was friendly to President Trump. He hadn’t killed anyone. He hadn’t even planned to kill anyone. But the FBI deployed more men and weapons to bring him in than the Navy Seals had used in the raid to kill Osama bin Laden.

This week, our faith in the FBI under its director Christopher Wray took another hit when a man named Ahmad al-Aliwi Alissa entered a Boulder, Colorado, grocery store and killed 10 people.

As usual, when it’s a Muslim who commits these acts, we are immediately told that his family knew he was having mental problems. What they never say is that he was a dedicated jihadist who made a habit of posting radical statements on social media.

It makes me wonder what Muslims think when every single time someone follows the word and spirit of the Koran, he is described as demented.

But all of that aside, we once again heard that the FBI had Mr. Alissa on its radar. I guess the one thing we should be grateful for is that these guys all joined the FBI and didn’t become air traffic controllers.

As Howard Last has pointed out, the FBI knew in advance about the guy who shot up the gay nightclub; they knew in advance about the San Bernardino terrorists; they knew about the Garland, Texas, gunmen; knew in advance about the Parkland High school shooter; knew in advance about the Fort Hood killer; and knew in advance about the Boston Marathon bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers.

Say what you will about the G-men, they sure know how to keep a secret. Even when it came to Ahmad Alissa, they didn’t alert gun sellers in the Boulder area not to sell the schmuck anything that shot anything more lethal than water or caps.

In the meantime, the Democrats continue to pretend that the danger is guns, not the people — be they Islamists in Colorado or black gangbangers in Chicago — who use them.

As we sit by and watch the various governments — municipal, state and federal — gobble up more and more power, denying us what are allegedly our God-given rights, it behooves us to understand the genius of the Founders. It was their wish to create a government strong enough to secure our rights without possessing so much power that it could infringe on those very same rights.

But infringe they have. And not just on any rights, but on really major ones: religion and free speech.

In the past year, the fascistic elements in society have shut down churches, using a virus as their excuse, and they’ve censored speech that they deemed offensive (speech, that is, which questioned and disputed their speech).

Then, compounding their crimes, they colluded to steal a presidential election and to then shame and destroy anyone who dared call them out for it.

It wouldn’t take a 20-year nap for a modern-day Rip Van Winkle to wake up and find the world changed. If I had gone to sleep last March and woke up this morning, I might recognize my bedroom. But I would quickly assume that the house and I had been magically transported to a banana republic.

The Founders were very clear about the responsibilities of the federal government as opposed to the governments of the various states. The problem these days is that the state governments are just as likely as the government in Washington to usurp our inalienable rights.

Working in collusion with the Fascists who infest social media, say the wrong word, think the wrong thought, and they will label you a racist, a homophobe or a white supremacist, and you will be a non-person with a non-job, a non-future and very likely, non-friends.

In response to a question from a subscriber, I wrote: “Yes, I have heard that Biden has asked that in the future, all references should be to the Biden-Harris administration. I’ve heard some people theorize that he’s preparing everyone so that it won’t come as a big surprise when he announces within the next couple of months that he is stepping down and turning the reins of power over to Kamala Harris.

“But I don’t see it that way. For one thing, the guy had been trying to get the job for over 30 years. For another, he looks like he’s enjoying himself. For still another, I can’t see Mrs. Biden agreeing to move out of the White House. So, unless Harris and her husband intend to share the place with Dr. Jill, I’d say they better cool their heels.

“And, finally, I suspect Biden’s motive for including his vice-president’s name in all reference to the administration is simple; after seeing the mess he created at the border, he’s just looking to share the blame.”

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