Biden’s ‘Pleasure’ Presser: Celebs Declare Biden Their ‘Man Crush’ After Press Conference

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By Gabriel Hays ~

President Joe Biden just had his first ever press conference on Thursday and boy was it a snoozefest. The old man was tossed softball after softball question by his close journalist friends and even then he could hardly make it through a complete thought without his brain almost having to reboot.

Of course, that’s textbook Joe Biden. But for his Hollywood lefty fans who are in extreme denial of how lame this whole 46th president spectacle is, oh goodness, he’s such a great president, inspiring leader, competent executive, etc. Hell, he’s even a poet and ladies man as far as they’re concerned.

In another shameful display of ass kissing one of the weakest American leaders of the last century, Hollywood actors like Rob Reiner, Patricia Arquette, and John Leguizamo heaped all manner of flattery upon Biden. It’s clear they need to delude themselves into thinking it wasn’t that bad that they elected the guy who is turning America into an open borders, woke hellhole.

Come on, guys, this is at least a little better than Trump, right? … RIGHT?! Sorry, ladies, when “good” guy Joe can’t even treat kids at the border better than fascist Trump, you might have to admit you’re wrong.

Rob Reiner, the director of The Princess Bride, praised Biden during his rambling, gaffe-filled press conference on March 25. The actor tweeted, “What a pleasure. A Presidential press conference where the President doesn’t lie.” Oh, sure. Too bad there were several lies throughout Biden’s presser, especially notable ones about the current ginormous crisis on the southern border.

In a quick blog about the presser titled “Biden is Lying,” National Review’s Rich Lowry wrote that Biden lied that “Trump was just pushing unaccompanied minors back into Mexico, when the truth is that they were flown home and handed over to social-service agencies in their countries.”

Lowry also blasted Biden for claiming that Trump had been “letting minors starve and die” and  saying “Trump hadn’t diminished the flow at the border, which is completely false.” Sorry, Mr. Reiner, the emperor has no clothes. Just admit it.

Escape From Dannemora actress and anti-Trump nut case Patricia Arquette praised the new dear leader’s empathy and selflessness that was apparently present in his conference. She tweeted, “Did Biden just have a We! We! We! Press conference instead of a Me! Me! Me! One? Yes he did! Hallelujiah!!”

If by “we,” Patricia is referring to the canoodling between Biden and his journalist friends with their easy questions about the president running in 2024, then yeah, we saw the “togetherness” present.

Ice Age actor John Leguizamo tweeted, “Biden is the FDR of our time!  Got a man crush on him!” Well, many folks consider FDR to be one of the worst presidents ever for his love of big government. In that sense we could agree with Leguizamo. Though, sadly, he probably is talking in the sense that the dementia-prone Biden is one of the great ones.

And they called Trump supporters a cult, prone to believing lies and doing whatever he told them. Oh, the irony.

Gabriel Hays is a staff writer for MRC Culture

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