Mobs Will Be Mobs

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False hopes can be as harmful as false words.

Rarely has any public event left me with such conflicted feelings. On the one hand, I shared the feeling of frustration that had brought tens of thousands of people to the nation’s capital to demonstrate, among other things, their support for President Trump. On the other hand, I thought it was a futile gesture. The vote was never going to be over-turned, and I thought it was unwise of the President to suggest to his legion of followers that it could be.

False hopes can be as harmful as false words.

As things turned out, it couldn’t have been worse for Trump, the Republican Party or the future of the nation.

As I sit here, the woman who was shot and killed hasn’t yet been identified, but Tucker Carlson has heard she’s a wife, a mother and a military veteran. Not the typical demonstrator as we’ve come to know them in 2020, but she was a member of a mob and mobs are fueled solely on emotion and are angry, mindless beasts. And now for no good reason, she has lost her life and her child or children have lost their mother.

I understand that in the wake of an election that many of us feel was stolen, a great many people wanted to come together to voice their loyalty to Trump and their frustration with judges and politicians who felt entitled to freeze them out of the process.

People kept asking judges to intervene and investigate claims of fraud, and, seemingly without actually investigating, judges told us that no fraud had been committed. Or we were told that not enough fraud had been committed to over-turns elections in one state after another. Or we were just told there was nothing to see and to just shut up and go home and to stop bugging the grown-ups.

800 pound Gorilla in the Room

The 800-pound gorilla in the room for the folks in black robes who shot down every attempt by Trump’s lawyers to question election results is that they refused to even consider what happened in Pennsylvania. There it wasn’t a question of fraudulent mail-in ballots or rigged voting machines. In that state, the vote took place in violation of Pennsylvania’s constitution. That should have been red meat for the Supreme Court, no matter how reluctant the Court is to get involved in presidential elections.

The basic problem is that whereas a silent vigil by that enormous crowd might have changed hearts and minds, once the crowd devolved into a mob, the only change that took place was a revulsion for those whose intent seemed to be to give the world a vision of America as a banana republic.

I find it hard to understand what they thought would happen as a result of storming Congress. Hardly conducive to converting people to their cause. Did they think they would intimidate the members of the House and Senate into crowning Trump the emperor of the United States?

For that matter, what did Trump think was going to happen?

He has never looked smaller and pettier than when he threw Mike Pence under the bus just for stating that he lacked the authority to invalidate the Electoral College votes. I had always considered it one of Trump’s many strengths that he was loyal to his supporters. Nobody has supported him more steadily than V.P. Pence has for the past four years.

Trump did himself no favors when he demanded that the referee, Pence, whose job was simply to oversee the vote, cheat on his behalf.

I know that the President enjoys football, so he should know the rules. There are only four quarters in a game, and it only goes into overtime if the two teams are tied, not if after 60 minutes one team has won. Not even if they cheated their way to victory.

There was one good thing to come out of this latest day of infamy. After months of left-wing rioting in cities across America while the participants suffered no pushback and no negative consequences, we finally discover that cops still know how to protect property, at least when politicians are endangered.

Too bad there were no politicians around when America’s small businesses in Minneapolis, Kenosha, Portland, New York, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago and New Orleans, were being looted and torched by hordes of what we were told were peaceful black protesters.

It did make for a change, though, to hear the troublemakers in D.C. referred to as a mob and as marauders, words we never heard applied to the thugs in BLM and Antifa.

Speaking of Antifa, while watching the barbarians invade the halls of Congress and trash our national capital, I did find myself wondering how many of them were Antifans who had infiltrated the ranks of the Republicans in order to give Trump’s loyalists a black eye.

I don’t think it’s too wild a theory to mark me as a conspiracist. I just know that if I were a member of the domestic terrorist group, that’s where I would have been today.

One of the tip-offs is that a lot of those who broke into the House were wearing kneepads, an untypical fashion statement for Conservatives.

But if the crowd hadn’t been there in the first place, looking for trouble, the punks wouldn’t have had a crowd to infiltrate.

I kept hearing all day from politicians and pundits who insisted this isn’t who we are. They all lied. Anyone who has been paying any attention at all for the past four years knows that this is exactly who we are.

What took place on 1/6/21 wasn’t entirely about the election. It was the culmination of the resentment that has been brewing in the pressure cooker we call America.

The stew has been bubbling and bubbling and those on the Left have kept raising the temperature, confident that only they get to go hog wild and break things and hurt people. Republicans never act up. They’re polite and law-abiding. Apparently, only up to a point.

There were simply too many ingredients in the pot and the cooks figured they could even toss in the kitchen sink and their political foes would just stand by with their little bowls begging for stew, just like Oliver Twist.

They were nuts, to put it mildly, to think that anyone could stomach what they’ve been serving up ever since Trump came down that golden escalator.

In no particular order, we had the lies calling the man a sexist, a racist, a fascist, a Nazi and an anti-Semite. We had the phony Mueller investigation and the fraudulent impeachment. We had the lockdown intended to destroy Trump’s economy, but which also bankrupted millions of small businesses. That, according to those on the Left, was dismissed as collateral damage.

We saw Democratic mayors and governors shutting down schools and churches, separating people from their friends and families. We saw the same politicians encouraging black thugs to run wild in our streets by preventing the cops from earning their salaries.

We saw the Speaker of the House disgrace herself and her party by making a show of tearing up the President’s State of the Union speech.

We saw the propaganda arm of the Democratic party pretending to be a free press, while the tech tycoons censored the news on social media, all to make certain that a complete nonentity like Joe Biden would assume the office of president.

All of that culminated in a presidential election that fairly reeked of corruption. If Joe Biden were a race horse and he had just beaten Secretariat, he would be tested for drugs. And if they didn’t find any, they’d test again.

The idea that Donald Trump received 10 million more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016 and still lost to Joe Biden, is ludicrous in the extreme.

Before I’d believe that Joseph Robinette Biden III received 81 million votes, I would find it likelier that the sun revolves around the earth, that if you sail too far out to sea you’ll fall off the edge and that Nancy Pelosi has a higher IQ than my dog.

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