What Would Jesus Do?

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How is it that those who should be leading the fight to preserve our religious rights are doing even less than I am, and I’m not even religiously observant?  ~


A while back, it became something of a fad with people asking what kind of car Christ would drive, who he’d vote for, even, if I recall correctly, what sort of ice cream he would buy.

These days, I find myself wondering what he would do about those who insist they’re speaking in his name. At least on Sundays.

Lest you think that I, a non-Christian, am voicing religious bigotry, I am not excluding rabbis or any other group of religious leaders who are acquiescing to the edicts of despotic mayors and governors.

How is it that those who should be leading the fight to preserve our religious rights are doing even less than I am, and I’m not even religiously observant?

How dare they cancel their services just because people like Governors Cuomo, Pritzker and Newsome, along with mayors Lightfoot, di Blasio and Garcetti, tell them they must shut their doors?

As I recall the biblical quote, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and render unto God the things that are God’s.”

I realize that according to the Left, everything belongs to Caesar. That’s why for years now, we’ve heard political hacks and other left-wing atheists complain about religion encroaching on secular matters. But it’s been the reverse. It’s the government that has tipped the scales when it’s come to such things as abortions, same-sex marriages and gender identity, matters about which religion had long had a vested interest.

The fact that Liberals* tend to ignore the second half of the quote should come as no surprise. After all, when they’re not engaged in lying, they typically resort to half-truths.

Frankly, I find the cowardly complicity of religious leaders difficult to fathom. Does anyone really picture mayors arresting scores of priests, pastors and rabbis, and thousands of their congregants?

If the punishment took the form of fines, is there a judge in the land who would uphold the fines and not rule that they were an obvious violation of the First Amendment? And even if one could be found in New York or California, I have no doubt that the Supreme Court would rule 9-0 to over-rule him.

Any so-called religious leader who hasn’t balked at being shut down by the left-wingers is no better than a charlatan and has no more right to call himself a man of God than my dog has.

And at least Angel isn’t pretending to be something she isn’t. She may hold a special place in my heart, but she’d never claim to hold the deed to the moral high ground.

It occurred to me that it’s a good thing that black criminals don’t tend to go in for bank robbery. That’s because if they did, the law against robbing banks would soon be stricken from the books.

After all, you may have noticed that every time you hear about prison reform or about a place like Oregon decriminalizing the use or sale of hard drugs, it’s done in order to lower the number of black prison inmates.

It’s why George Soros keeps helping elect district attorneys whose mission in life is to avoid prosecuting criminals and to do everything in their power to empty the jails. This sometimes takes the form of discouraging the police from making arrests, sometimes using the threat of Covid-19 to swing open prison doors.

As we’ve seen this past year, blacks have been encouraged to run wild, burning, killing and looting, all because a career criminal was killed by an over-zealous cop in Minneapolis.

All things considered, I suppose we should all be grateful that the 13% of the population who commit well over 50% of the violent crimes in America aren’t creating even more havoc than they do.

Of course that percentage could eventually reach zero once they get around to decriminalizing rape, murder and domestic violence.

After I surmised that the real purpose of the masks we’re being forced to wear is so the despots know we’ve been successfully turned into sheep, one reader suggested “It is much easier to have the public voluntarily wear masks than to have serial numbers branded on their arms.”

I let him know I thought the masks are more comparable to the yellow stars the Nazis forced Jews to wear on their sleeves. That was prior to the concentration camps and the branding. It was no coincidence that the Nazis transported Jews in cattle cars; that was how they viewed us.

Actually, if tyrant wannabe Bill Gates gets his way and the Covid-19 vaccinations are used as a means by which he can inject a barcode into our arms, that will be a closer parallel to the tattoos.

It has been odd but predictable that at the same time that Joe Biden is speaking about uniting the nation (a feat that would be beyond the combined efforts of Hercules, Atlas and Superman), we have heard Christiane Amanpour compare Trump’s presidency to Hitler’s reign of terror and Rep. Ilhan Omar liken Trump’s campaign events to Klan rallies.

Whenever I hear a miscreant say that he did whatever bad thing it was that’s gotten him in the soup because he was doing it for his loved ones, I yearn to have 10 years added to his sentence for committing hypocrisy in the first degree.

That is unless he could prove that while his wife and kiddies were in the mansion being waited on hand and foot by a battalion of maids and butlers, he was bunking down in the room above the garage with a hot plate and a crown of thorns.

Jonah Goldberg, who could rent himself out as a sure cure for insomnia, has spent the past four years sniping at Trump while posturing as the one true Conservative in America.

However, when questioned by Howard Kurtz about his opposition to the President, he replied: “There have been some great wins for Conservatism under Donald Trump and there have been some real losses, so it’s been a mixed bag.”

Unfortunately, Kurtz, who’s not the brightest guy in the world, neglected to ask Goldberg to provide examples of Trump’s successes and his failures.

By my reckoning, his successes are too numerous to list in the space I’m allotting to this article. His only failure was in not running the sort of campaign I would have suggested, which would have concentrated on wooing white suburban women, who were there for the taking if he hadn’t let his ego get in the way.

Getting back to Goldberg, in four years, the arrogant bozo had nothing good to say about the President. Instead, the self-anointed keeper of the Conservative flame, who never gave up on the GOP through the years of people name Bush, Dole, McCain, Romney and Ryan, decided to break ranks with the party.

When such an odd thing happens, you can safely assume the move was dictated by an awareness that there was more money to be made by pretending that your disillusionment was dictated by principles.

After all, anybody could be anti-Trump. But for someone as allegedly right-wing as Goldberg to turn on the most Conservative president since Calvin Coolidge is certain to grab the attention of wealthy Republicans who hate to see the status quo thrown into turmoil every bit as much as any of those Deep Staters burrowed deeply into Washington’s corrupt bureaucracy.

Not that I expect it to happen, but if we are ever again to have honest elections, we have to get rid of all the electronics. All votes will be on paper ballots and all voters will identify themselves with photo I.D.s. What’s more, absentee ballots will be a thing of the past unless the voter can provide medical evidence that he or she can’t possibly make it to a polling place on Election Day.

* Please note: In the U.S.A. the word Liberal was hijacked by Democrats. It was and is being used to Mean Leftist, Socialist, Marxist, etc. But in Australia, England and most of the world 🌎 it still is what the original meaning is: Conservative. In fact the Liberal party in Australia is equivalent to our Republican party.

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