Democrats Finally ‘Telling’ the Truth

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Burt Prelutsky · ~  

Dr. Barbara Ferrer, the Public Health Director of Los Angeles, let the proverbial cat out of the proverbial bag when she announced the other day that “We don’t realistically anticipate that we would be moving to reopening K-12 schools at least until we’re done with the election.”

In the past, Democrats usually talked about ending shutdowns once we were coming down the other side of the peak or referred to some numerical signpost, such as decreased cases or fewer Covid-19 related deaths. But Ms. Ferrer came right out and spilled the proverbial beans. So far as she was concerned, the K-12 schools can throw open their doors once Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been elected. If, on the other hand, Trump and Pence win, the children of L.A. may never again see the inside of a classroom.

Which, so far as I’m concerned, is another reason I’m praying for a Trump victory. Anything that keeps the kids out of classrooms dedicated to filling their little noggins with Marxist talking points is the only good thing about Governor Newsom’s dictatorial lockdown.

Because Democrats have such a tough time telling the truth, you often have to resort to watching and listening for “tells.” In poker, tells are the unconscious tics, winks, blinks and mannerisms, by which players give their hands away.

Some players will breathe differently when they’re trying to run a bluff. Some will smile without even knowing it when they’re dealt a full house. Of course, there are also false tells that a player will use to set up the opposition for when a huge pot is at stake.

With Democrats, a tell can be a statement like Ferrer’s that lets you know that her real concern is not with the health of her young charges, but with a political victory for her party.

In much the same way, when a few days apart, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris referred to a Harris-Biden administration, it was an acknowledgement that she would be the alpha dog if they manage, by hook or crook, to defeat Trump and Pence.

Proof that to Democrats, Liberalism is less a political party and more a religion is that questioning the agenda or its leaders is regarded as heresy. When you see how viciously they have gone after people like Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump, you can see how, given the chance, they wouldn’t be above declaring death fatwas on their political foes.

Another sign of their perverse ideology is that whereas the Christians believe in Original Sin, the Democrats who have no use for Jesus Christ, dismissing both his divinity and his teachings, have their own version. To them, being born white is the original sin. And short of a skin graft, there is no way to expiate one’s guilt. But one can at least make an attempt by accepting blacks as one’s moral superiors and coughing up billions of dollars in extortion, which, to remove the faintest tinge of criminality, is defined as reparations.

Something else I’ve noticed about Democrats is that they are always on the hunt for props. So if some loon shoots up a school or a movie theater, that becomes a prop to get rid of the Second Amendment.

If a cop kills a black man, even one committing a crime or resisting arrest, that becomes a prop to defund or disband this nation’s police departments.

Even slavery is a prop. The Left uses it to convince ignoramuses that this country is racist and the Founding Fathers were devils. That, in turn, leads to the biggest lie of all, that it’s white people who hold black Americans down.

Because people generally prefer being able to blame others rather than themselves, it allows millions of urban blacks to pretend that their lowly status has nothing to do with turning their backs on education, making the decision to dedicate their lives to using and/or peddling illegal drugs and refusing to get married first and then raise their offspring in two-parent homes.

Tell people long enough that they’re not to blame for their personal failings and they’ll be only too happy to believe it and to behave accordingly.

Even when our native-born blacks know or suspect that black immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean are faring far better than themselves, our urban dwellers prefer to perpetuate the myth that it’s the color of their skin that’s keeping them on the bottom tier of society.

Provide people with a handy scapegoat, and you create a perpetual underclass, just the way that Lyndon Johnson envisioned it when he and Hubert Humphrey devised a welfare system that, as LBJ boasted, would mean the Democrats had locked up “the nigger vote” for the next hundred years.

They’re more than halfway through the century mark and Johnson has shown himself to be the equal of Nostradamus. Also Satan.

The 1619 Project curriculum, which has replaced CORE as the latest move by the Liberals to pervert our education system, is being promoted all over the country.

The Marxists are out to convince American kids that their parents aren’t to be trusted, especially if they’re white. Children as young as seven are being taught that all lives don’t matter or, at the very least, don’t matter nearly as much as black lives.

Instead of leaving the kids to be brought up by two parents, the loons want us to return to some imaginary “collective village,” where we all take care of each other.

Those jackals do love the sound of “collective.” Ever since it was popularized by Joseph Stalin, the Reds have made it sound like a form of Eden, when in fact it’s a slave camp or, if you prefer, a plantation.

That village that Hillary Clinton was always rhapsodizing about keeps popping up in left-wing talking points. She insisted that it took an entire village to raise a child. Strange that, for all her multitude of faults, I didn’t notice Hillary farming Chelsea out to be raised in some mythical tribal outpost.

Samuel Johnson, hundreds of years after his death, is best-remembered for having come up with the line “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”

It has a nice ring to it, but it conveys the wrong message.

It’s not patriotism that’s at fault, it’s the false claim of scoundrels that’s to be despised.

Anyone who doesn’t have a feeling of affection and deep devotion for the United States, who doesn’t realize how special it is, how miraculous it was that such an extraordinary group of men came together in Philadelphia and were divinely inspired to sculpt a nation such as had never been see before — one dedicated to the importance of the individual and to protecting his God-given liberties — should pack up and go wherever his heart takes him.

Never before had a government been created that set up safeguards to protect the citizens from that very government. How amazing is that!

It used to be that people would say that anyone who didn’t love America should go back where they came from because it was presumed that the idiots must have come here from someplace else and had grown up accustomed to living under despots. But today, those idiots are usually home-grown, just like the terrorists who like to blow up things and people. If they went back to where they came from, they’d be heading to places like New York, Boston, L.A., Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, San Francisco and Chicago.

Instead, they should be provided with one-way transportation to places like Moscow, Havana, Pyongyang, Beijing and Caracas, so they can fully enjoy Marxism to their hearts’ content.

Stephen Hanover shared a meme showing Rod Serling of “Twilight Zone” fame standing in that famous pose with his arms folded, saying: “Imagine if you will: An Atheist stuck at a green light behind a car with a ‘Honk if you love Jesus’ sticker on the bumper.”

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