* IMPORTANT * re: Tony’s Wife

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To our faithful readers and newcomers.

Please keep Tony’s wife and Tony in your prayers.

Tony is our Editor-In-Chief.

He approves the articles published in PA Pundits – International as well as writing about Electrical power generation.

Following is a note from Tony.


Ed, 11.50AM Sunday Morning.

Change of plans, and it all happens quickly.

We, that’s me and her son and wife, decided that she would be best served by being in a hospital, so that has only happened in the last one hour. She is now en-route, and I will be following within a short time.

No time now for Posts. I’ll see what I can do when I get back home.


Tony wrote this at 11:50 AM Sun Australia time, 9:50 PM EDT USA. I was offline then.

It’s now Sunday mid-day 12:55 pm.

I’m sorry for the delay but Sunday mornings are always busy here.

Let’s see what I can drum up. ☝

Best regards,

-ed Admin.

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