Christmas Greetings From PA Pundits International – 2019

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Christmas 2019

In what has been another of those momentous years not just where we all live, but in the wider World, the regular contributors at PA Pundits International would like to take this special time to wish you all a wonderful and a peaceful Christmas, and we hope that you can share that day with your family, because after all, Christmas started out with a family, and it is a time when we should remember this with our own families.

I hope all our readers have a wonderful time on this Christmas Day. Stay close to your children, or, if you are older, be close to your grandchildren if they are with you, and you’ll see the happiness in their faces. That is what makes us happy, and while there is so much turmoil around us in our own Countries, and also in the wider World, our family, our children, and our grandchildren are what keeps us grounded. Most of you have mobile telephones and these have the facility to take images, so if you are in a position to see the faces of your children as they unwrap their presents, take the time to take some images of them to have a permanent reminder of the joy that all children experience at Christmas.

There is so much in the wider World which gives us cause for concern, so on this day, let’s just forget about that stuff and concentrate on our families, and by doing just that, those wider concerns will fade away, even if just for one day.

Take the time to give thanks for what we have.

Message from TonyfromOz in Australia

For me personally, this year has been a good one, as they all are, because life is good.

I had a couple of minor health issues, mainly age related, and very quickly sorted out. My good lady wife had a fairly major health scare and spent more than a Month in hospital while that was sorted out, so that was a scary time for her, and by extrapolation, for me also, as we are so close now, after almost 40 years together.

We love living where we are now, in an Apartment here in Beenleigh, where we moved to in the middle of last year, and everything is so close and handy for us.

Our Christmas Day involves a walk next door to where our Son lives with his wife. His daughter will also be with us, so it will be a small group, and we’ll be having a wonderful time. Each of us supplies some of the ‘fare’, and we will be having cold chicken, cold ham, and salads, and a Cheesecake for afters. There will be plenty of small plates of ‘nibblies’ before the main meal, and much to my wife’s chagrin, I have included a lovely Blue cheese I have found which is so good, and I just put some on a cracker and that’s me sorted out.

This year, we supplied the chickens, and there’s a small story to tell about that. Now that we are a little older, rather than take the time to do it all in the kitchen from scratch, it’s easier to just buy a couple of already cooked chickens on the day before, and then allow them to cool so we can just pull them apart and place the pieces on a couple of plates to take next door. To that end, I asked at our local Supermarket what time would be best to arrive in store on the day prior to Christmas Day, and be certain that I could actually get a couple of chickens, as I had heard that they always sell out quite fast. I asked the young lady at the Delicatessen, where they have all their cooked chickens on a large stand after they are removed from the ovens, what time I should arrive, and she told me that at 7AM, when the supermarket opened, they would have around 160 chickens ready. That would be two loads each from the two ovens, so they do around 40 in each of the rotary roasters. She said that she was starting at 3AM that morning. When each load is finished, they load up the ovens again, and just keep going throughout the day. She said that on this one day, they would cook around 400 Chickens, and later in the morning and afternoon, they would sell out within minutes of them being removed from the oven and packaged for sale. And all this is just from the average supermarket, one of a large chain of supermarkets here in Australia, this one part of the Woolworths chain, and each Supermarket does the same.

So, I duly arrived at the supermarket at 7AM and got my two chickens, and a dent had already been made in them, as I wasn’t the first with that idea. As it was, another of the ladies ‘in store’, told me that they had opened earlier that day, at 6.30AM, and as I looked around the store, there would have been at least 100 people in there doing their grocery shopping. Amazing.

While we are having salads with our meal, one of the big things here in Australia is cold seafood for Christmas, especially prawns, or as you call them in the U.S. shrimp. In the lead up to Christmas, for the last couple of days, there are queues at seafood outlets sometimes stretching out  a hundred metres or so from the door, as people line up to buy all sorts of seafood. Christmas Eve is the biggest day of the year for seafood sales. In fact, the main fish market in Sydney stayed open for 36 hours in the lead up days before Christmas and more than 100,000 people purchased 130 Tonnes of prawns, just the prawns mind you, besides all the other seafood as well, as shown at this article.

Very few people here in Australia have what you think of in the U.S. as a traditional Christmas Day meal, of hot food, turkey etc. People will still buy turkeys to cook, but again, more than half would be done before the day itself, and then served up cold. Christmas Day here in Australia is usually always hot, being in mid Summer, and a hot meal inside is just a little stifling. A lot of Christmas dinners are actually done in the back yards as people help themselves to plates of food set on on tables under a Marquee.

So, personally, from our family, I hope you all have a wonderful day with your families, wherever you are celebrating Christmas Day. Be with your family, because after all, Christmas Day started with a family, Joseph, Mary, and the boy child Jesus.

From our other contributors.

Tony’s right, it started with the birth of Jesus. It was predicted centuries before and fulfilled over 2000 years ago.

My favorite Christmas passage is John CH. 1 v.1-5 and  9-14

Have a Blessed Christmas!

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