Boris Johnson And Conservatives Win Big In UK Election

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By Anton Lang ~

The election result is still being finalised in the UK, but the big winner is Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party. Boris Johnson called the election early in the hope that he would win and then be able to proceed with Brexit, the proposal to pull the UK out of the European Union. (EU)

This one thing has been a problem in the UK ever since the vote was held to withdraw from the EU back in 2016, three years ago now. That proposal, put to the vote via a Referendum, was expected to result in a vote to remain in that EU, but in a major shock, the British people voted to leave the EU. Ever since then there have been strident calls to ignore that vote from parts of the public who have protested far and wide to remain the EU. There has been political machinations over those three years in the UK parliament, as they have tried to find a way to leave that is amenable to the majority, and nothing of that nature has worked at all.  All that political turmoil has come at a cost, as former Prime Minister Theresa May has tried in vain to find a way to leave, and all that led to was her resignation as Prime Minister. In a long and drawn out process, Boris Johnson was then voted in to lead the Conservative Party, and then the problems kept occurring in that UK Parliament. Far and away the biggest problem came from the leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party. He obstructed the Brexit process at every occasion, and the Parliament was deadlocked. Boris Johnson came to power on his platform to get Brexit done, as it was the will of the people who voted to leave at that Referendum.

He finally got his wish to call a General Election, much earlier than it was scheduled, and in a gamble, decided to hold that election in the run up to Christmas, and relatively close to that, something that had never been done before, holding an election so late in the year, and so close to Christmas.

While Boris Johnson is the big winner in this election, the biggest loser was Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party as his Party was decimated all across the Country. There are calls from his own Party for him to resign, and to go quickly, as he is seen as the architect of this Biggest Labour Party loss in Decades.

This has been an astonishing victory for Boris Johnson, and the Conservatives, and now, maybe action will begin on removing the UK from the European Union.

For the results of this UK election, I have used the BBC site at this link.

As you can see there are still a couple of seats to be declared, but Boris Johnson has won a handsome victory, and now has a very comfortable working majority. With almost all seats declared The Conservatives have won big and the Labour Party lost big. The Labour Party lost seats in its heartland it has held for almost a hundred years, as the flight from Labour was felt across the whole Country as they lost almost 60 of the seats they formerly held. The other big winner was The Scottish National Party in Scotland, the yellow coloured seats at the top of the UK map you see at the site at the above link.

The map you see at that site is interactive and you can scroll in with the tab at the bottom of the map to see some of the individual seats and click on those seats for their results.

The last thing to look at in all this is this following image of what the political landscape now looks like in the UK.

While this looks heartening for people who associate that blue colour with the Democrats in the U.S. here, on this map of the UK, that blue colour represents the Conservative Party. The Party closely associated with the Democrats in the U.S. is the Labour Party, and on this map, they are those small red colours you can see there in amongst all that sea of blue.

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