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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:
Another Round of Energy Pork
With climate change Science and Economics should be paramount
MIT: Too much wind and solar raises power system costs. Nuclear is the solution
Ontario saves $500± Million by dumping wind turbines
Why it makes sense to cancel wind and solar contracts in over-powered Ontario
Expect the ECB to Use a “Climate Crisis” to Justify Their Next Stimulus Plan
China says CO2 border tax will damage global climate change fight
Renewables Industry Gears Up for ITC/PTC Step-Downs
Renewable energy investment in developing nations slipped sharply last year
You Know, Carbon Credits Don’t Actually Offset Your Carbon Footprint
Renewables Investors and Rent Seekers Fund Pipeline Opposition
Germans Fighting Wind Projects Close to Homes

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:
EPA working aggressively to address “forever chemicals” (e.g. in Solar)
This Wood is Key to Wind Energy — Too Bad there’s a Shortage
UK Wind Project Extension: Environmental and Economic Downsides
Seabird Populations Plummet As Offshore Wind Projects Proliferate
Biodiversity and Wind Energy

NY State’s Race to the Bottom:
In NY National Grid fails under pressure
National Grid and Cuomo Settle Moratorium; Who Blinked?
NY PSC Needs To Be Independent Of Cuomo, Not A Pawn
NY Editorial: Don’t limit access to power grid talks
NY Legislation Would Require Line Item Explanation On Utility Bills

Nuclear Energy:
Rolls Royce wants innovative financing for its first-of-a-kind nuclear SMRs
Short video: Gates Goes Nuclear
Bitter Cold Stops Coal, While Nuclear Power Excels
Nuclear Energy is the Future (click on American flag for English)
Nuclear Power isn’t Green Enough for Germany
Archive: Solar Produces 300 times more waste than Nuclear does
Midcentury carbon free sustainable energy development based on fusion breeding

Miscellaneous Energy News:
Why “Green” Energy is a Terrible Idea
Green Energy Studies: Consulting, or Advertising?
Tech Breakthrough Could Spark A Geothermal Energy Boom
Recent DOE Presentation about Geothermal (download)
Some Facts About Energy
MIT: Why electric cars cannot compete against petrol engines
Video: Good talk about the cons of renewable energy
Can we go back to the pre-fossil fuel era?
Short Video: Moore’s Law Misapplied
Brussels’ draft proposal for a European Green Deal
Video of Life:Powered’s recent Energy and Environmental DC meeting
California Restaurants Sue Berkeley Over Natural Gas Ban
DOE should revive the Office of Policy Analysis
Large Arizona coal plant stops production after nearly 50 years
Supply Chain Looms as Serious Threat to Batteries’ Green Reputation
China’s Renewed Coal Boom
Putin Wants a US Fracking Ban
Trump energy secretaries plot next phase of ‘dominance’ agenda
What is it called when they turn off your AC? A “Peak-smart” moment
Archive: Biofuels — Twenty First Century Snake Oil
Preorder this good book: The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels 2.0

The UN and Manmade Global Warming:
UN climate change conference COP25 opens in Madrid
Dr. Judith Curry: Madrid and Lessons From Three Decades Of Failed Climate Policy
The UN’s impossible climate action pyramid
Goodbye freedom, democracy and the rule of law
Principled Inaction in the Face of Climate Change Extremism
30 Years Of UN Climate Policy Failure
COP25: the “easy wins” are coming to an end. What now?
Professor Says UN Could Use Military To Enforce Climate Change Agenda
UN 2019 Emissions Gap Report
UN: The world ‘will miss its chance to avert climate disaster’ without an almost impossible fall in fossil fuel emissions
UN Chief Warns Global Warming ‘Point of No Return’ Is Hurtling Toward Us
UN Secretary General Says Global Warming Has Claimed 7 Million Lives …Where?
Global climate protests ahead of Madrid meeting
Japan Tells UN Summit: We Will Keep Using Coal Power Plants
Video: Climate Reality Forum
COP 25: Hysteria meets diplomacy in Madrid
2019 Hurricane Season in Review

The European Union and Manmade Global Warming:
EU Parliament’s ‘Climate Emergency’ Will Lead to Disastrous Consequences
Short video: CLINTEL meets with European Parliament
Revolt Brewing Against EU’s ‘Unrealistic’ Climate Goals
Europe’s Climate Fiasco: EU Set to Miss 2030 Climate Goal
European Parliament splits over “climate emergency” motions
French protest against agricultural industry being blamed for climate change

Manmade Global Warming (other):
Global Warming’s Apocalyptic Path
The Incredible Story Of How Climate Change Became Apocalyptic
Why Apocalyptic Claims About Climate Change Are Wrong
Climategate: Untangling Myth and Reality Ten Years Later
Who is Winning the Climate Wars?
Educational deficiencies lead to doomsday projections
New Dr. Lindzen Study: On Climate Sensitivity
The great failure of the climate models
Carbon Dioxide Emissions on Steady Upward Trend
Report: Carbon Futility —  Five Essays on Climate Policy
Alarmists Propose Rebranding ‘Climate Change’ for Greater Shock Value
Good short video: Naomi Seibt on Climate Change
Bishops urge Catholics to divulge ‘eco-sins’ in confession
AOC Suggests We Need to Fight ‘White Supremacy’ to Combat Climate Change
Supreme court declines to hear dispute between climate professor, National Review
No Plan B for Planet A
Third World Countries Remain The Losers Of Climate Change Activism
Putin Says Zero-Carbon Energy Will ‘Send Us Baсk to Caves’
Formal media conspiracy regarding Climate Change
John Kerry Launches Climate Coalition
Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against
There is No Climate Emergency
Are Climate, Energy, Enviro Justice  for the Left Only?
Archive Study: The Truth About China — Why it will resist demands for abatement
Archive: Climate Change and the Death of Science
CO2 is not the eco-enemy
‘Last Decade Was The Warmest’ – Yes, But…
Global Warming Leaders Openly Admit Their Movement Has Little to Do with the Environment but Is a Marxist Scheme to Redistribute Wealth
Don’t Believe the Battle in Our Nation Is Spiritual? Just Look at California

Education Related:
Creepy: Greta Thunberg Being Taught As Religion In Swedish Schools?
Despite Common Core Promises, U.S. Kids Repeat Poor Performance On Latest Global Tests
A New-Schools Strategy to Fix Higher Education
The Majors that Pay and the Degrees that Don’t for Graduates

US Politics and Related:
America needs to wake up to the real threat
President Trump and the Popularity of Socialism
New Poll Shows US Voters Aren’t Buying Into Sales-Pitch For Socialism
Hong Kong protestors sing American National Anthem as a gesture of thanks
Mask off: Greta Thunberg comes out full Marxist
Greta Thunberg the teenage Climate Puppet has gone Marxist
Climate Change: The Democratic Party’s ultimate coup d’etat
Recommended Gift: Agenda Documentary Package
Christian Trump Supporters Don’t Have A ‘Branding Problem,’ The Left Has A Lying Problem
The Origins of the Deep State in North America Part 1: The Round Table Movement
The Real Ukraine Scandal Leads to the Clinton Foundation
Nonprofits Are Abusing Both the Law and Taxpayers for Political Gain
4 minute video: A good synopsis of the impeachment issue
White House aides ‘nervous’ about fallout to dispute ‘climate crisis’ claims

Science and Miscellaneous Matters:
Short video: The Dark Art of Framing
Tipping point in civilization: Experts say “listen to children”
Scientific Transparency, The New Trump Administration Proposal
The world is doing much better than the bad news makes us think
Dr. Soon Video: All Green Cash … and Hidden Secrets of Greenpeace
Most Americans Think Cohabitation Is Fine, But That’s Not What Social Science Says
Fact-Checking on Facebook: What Publishers Should Know
Common Elements of Pseudoscience
Archivists Trying to Make Sure a ‘Pirate Bay of Science’ Never Goes Down
From the inside: What is Peer Review?


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