Energy And Environmental Newsletter – November 25th 2019

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:
Short video: True Costs of Renewables – the Texas Lesson
When wind turbines die, the problems are just beginning
10 Times the Wind Industry Claimed it Supported Ending Its Tax Credits
The NY Governor’s well paid wind-power liars
Wind ‘on its knees’ as profits vanish, says industry pioneer
Weighing the Cost of Offshore Wind
Germany’s Green Suicide: Industrial Job Losses Top 80,000
Thousands To Lose Jobs As German Wind Energy Collapses
German Wind Industry In Freefall: Turbine Makers Sack Thousands in Mass Layoffs
What’s green, employs ten times as many people as the “fossil fuel industry” and is fake?
Falmouth (MA) town board approves $2.5M to dismantle wind turbines
Spend More on Energy Research Instead of Wasteful Wind Tax Credit

Turbine Health Matters:
NYS Health Board advocates 1.5 setbacks and 35 dBA noise limits
Wind Turbines – Why the FAA Fails to Ensure Air Safety
Dangerous Impact of Wind Turbines on Radar
Top GE engineer lifts lid on wind turbine collapse probe findings
Short video: 10 Sample Wind Turbine Fails
California wind project public opposition has surged

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:
Movie Dark Waters (about PFAS & PFOS found in solar panels)
Solar Panels Produce Tons of Toxic Waste—Literally
Iowa wind project sending many giant blades to landfills
Wind Energy: Industrial Sized Environmental Problems and Lies

Nuclear Energy:
Russia’s opportunistic partnership with Africa
Rwanda Joins African Countries Signing Nuclear Deals w Russia

Natural Gas:
Short Video: Fracking Ban?!
NYS Governor blows a natural gasket
NYS Governor Needs to Stop Pandering to Environmentalists
Empowering America’s Energy Sector to Lead
No End in Sight for US Shale Boom
Green Policies Don’t Reduce Emissions; Natural Gas Does
NY’s unregulated regulator

Miscellaneous Energy News:
Restore Electricity Market Integrity to Ensure Grid Reliability
Report: Energy Utopias and Engineering Reality
Military Opposes Proposed Pennsylvania Wind Project
The Fossil Fuel Dilemma
Response to proposed US GREEN energy act
Myth or Matter: Is Offshore Wind Blowing In Too Fast?
Short video: Tucker blasts ‘phony’ Bernie Sanders’ fossil fuel hypocrisy
Trump’s Energy Victory Lap
Proposed Customs and Border Protection Changes Will Weaken the Jones Act
Wind Developers Submit New England Offshore Wind Proposal
Short video: Dismantling offshore gas and oil platforms
Blame California fires on uncleared fuel, not the utility company
New Law Requires You To Listen To Greta’s Lecture Before Buying Gasoline
Transition to electric vehicles puts heavy pressure on production of critical metals
Green Delusion Persists: Tesla Owner Can’t Find Anyone To Recycle His Wrecked Car
China signals that coal power will be a top priority
Trump Talks Energy Progress at the New York Economic Club
Solar Energy: Yes of No?

Climategate’s 10 Year Anniversary:
Dr. Curry: Legacy of Climategate, 10 years later
Climategate 10 Years On – The Bastards Have Got Away With It!
Climategate and ‘Post-Normal Science’
It’s the 10th Anniversary of Climategate – and they’ve learned nothing
Climate Science Proves Scams Don’t Die of Exposure
Climate Alarmists are Still Promoting Junk Science, Fossil Fuel Bans and Wealth Redistribution
Climategate: a History
Don’t Let Media Whitewash Climategate — read excerpt revealing the truth!

Climate Change and Religion:
The Pope Trying To “Protect” The Environment By Threatening Damnation
An open letter to Pope Francis about the weather
The Climate Movement’s War On Basic Human Rights
Democrat Sen. Hirono: ‘Believe In Climate Change As Though It’s A Religion’
Prominent Geologist Denounces Semi-religious AGW Campaign
Climate change: a first-world problem?

Other News about Manmade Global Warming:
Climate Extremism in the Age of Disinformation
Climate change: On media perceptions and misperceptions
Why climate skeptics will lose — and how they can win
Why did you change your views on climate change?
Excellent video: John Stossel on Global Warming
Dr. McKitrick: Climate Models vs Observations: 2019 Update
Climate alarmists use junk science to promote their agenda
Opening Up the Climate Policy Envelope
World Climate Declaration: “There is no climate emergency”
We Must Confront ‘Climate Change’ with Reason Rather Than Emotion
10 questions to ask your climate alarmist friends
An Open Letter to Greta Thunberg
Climate Science’s Myth-Buster
Excellent video: Wolfgang Muller (EIKE), on climate change
European Parliament Told: There is No Climate Emergency
Video: The European Climate Declaration – Connecting Climate Realists Globally
New Tony Heller Video: There Is No Climate Crisis
L A Times propaganda conceals colossal global failure of the Paris Agreement
How Bad Science & Horrific Journalism Misrepresent Wildfires and Climate
Alien Theories About Climate Change
‘Climate emergency’ declaration takes heat for fictional ‘world scientists’
11,000 Scientists — just kidding!
The Left’s new solution to climate change–Get rid of us
Global CO2 Emissions Rising Again And Won’t Peak Before 2040
IEA’s WEO 2019 scenarios won’t hit the Paris targets, again
10 Carbon Capture methods compared
Update: Dr Ridd’s Fight for Freedom of Speech on Climate Change
Does one ten thousandth of the atmosphere control Earth’s thermostat?
Video: Europe’s Green Fall
Greta sets sail on new plastic yacht
The Danish Meteorological Institute admits it wrongly reported Greenland’s “Record Warm Temperature” this Summer
Living-in-the-moment mentality and climate crisis concerns
Harvard-Yale game ends in near-darkness after climate change protest
German Hotel Group Cancels ‘Alternative Climate Conference’ After Protests
Climate Scientists Forced to Hide from German Thugs

Education Related:
We Do Live In A Post-Truth Society
STEM-Ming The Slide Of Our Educational System
Will the Courts Rein in Collegiate Race/Gender Pandering?
US Presidential Candidates on Higher Education
Conserve Free Speech on Campus
Academic Bias Against Industry Is Toxic Hypocrisy
Students at Washington & Lee University campaign to have Washington and Lee removed from diplomas

US Politics and Related Articles:
Short video: “I Am the Majority” Mark Robinson
Socialism/Communism: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Socialism vs. economic freedom — A history lesson
Time to Exit the UN
Inside Story: The Plot Against the President
Healing Civic Culture One Conversation at a Time
30 Years Later, Misconceptions Still Drive Socialism
How to Crush a Bankers’ Dictatorship: A Lesson from 1933
Short Video: Who Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize?
Did You Know This About Marie Yovanovitch?
EPA Chief: U.S. ‘leading by example’ on environmental issues

Science and Miscellaneous Matters:
Scientists: Dishonest or Afraid?
Climate science has died: the effects will be big.
As trust in science fades, so will our living standards
How Our Collapse Of Community Relationships Threatens Liberty
10 Years Later, The Manhattan Declaration’s Defense Of Marriage Is Even More Needed
Short video: We’re Running Out of These Elements — Here’s How
The one word hoax: “Will” versus “Might”
IBM Study: Mac users perform better at work compared to PC users
An AI Future: Einstein’s or Frankenstein’s?


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