New Zealand Police Move from the Carrot to the Stick

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Excuse me one minute while I adjust my tinfoil hat but I don’t like one little bit where the whole “Gun-Buyback” is taking us. Which of the two options below do you think on the balance of probabilities is most likely to be correct?

There are just 50 days left of the national gun buyback scheme and police are warning no leniency will be given to those who don’t hand in prohibited firearms. Photo / File

(A) The government are a bunch of Wombles who are just wombling along with no desired outcome or long term plan for the future and are just reacting to events as they happen with no thought to the future.

(B) The government have a long term plan in place and the gun-buyback is step one of that plan.

I favour option (B)

Given the fact that new gun laws have been rushed through without adequate consultation and that more changes are to come, I see a very sinister long term plan in the background of what appear to be ill-thought-out, knee jerk reactions. I think that the initial reaction was knee jerk but once the change was made, those in power and especially the Police, started to think about how they could use the Christchurch tragedy to their advantage in order to impose on New Zealanders, Socialist anti-gun agendas that they previously would not have been able to get away with.

Luckily for us, because the initial reaction was knee-jerk, they will struggle to pull their plans off effectively which is why the Police have already moved from the carrot approach to the stick approach.

 […] police have issued a public warning that those who do not make the cut-off will feel the full force of the law.[…]

“If you think you still have plenty of time to hand in your prohibited firearms, think again,” said Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement.

“There will be no extension so if you want compensation for your firearms, to keep your licence and don’t want to be prosecuted, hand in your firearms now.”

“Everyone with a prohibited firearm or part needs to hand them in or they will be breaking the law after the amnesty ends on 20 December 2019.”

[…] “Anyone prosecuted will lose their firearms licence and face a penalty of up to five years imprisonment.

“I’d have to say to all the gun clubs and firearms enthusiasts out there, surely this is not what you want – to be unable to enjoy hunting or the hobby you enjoy ever again?”

NZ Herald
Good guns Bad guns Photoshopped image credit Pixy

The government’s long term plan I believe, is to soften us all up with the Gun-Buyback so that the gun-owning public will relax and think that it is all over. They have handed in their “evil” weapons, bought some new non-evil ones and everything is now back to normal right? Wrong. Apart from the fact that new proposed laws will result in many gun clubs being forced to shut down, there is a much more sinister agenda at play.

The agenda is for the government to have the ability to totally disarm the population. To do that they need to know exactly where every firearm in New Zealand is. Not just which address, but also where exactly in the home the weapons are stored and what kind of safe. The only thing preventing the government from using the Christchurch tragedy to totally disarm the population is the fact that the Police do not know where all the firearms are. Apart from those gun owners who have special licences for certain categories of guns, the rest of the gun owners’ guns are a complete unknown to the Police. They don’t know how many guns each person has or what kind of guns they have.

This is why they had to start with the carrot approach. It was because they know that a stick approach can only make an example of a few people in the hope that the rest will panic into handing their weapons over. The reality is, however, that the Police do not know where the weapons are or who they belong to.

This is where step two of the plan comes in. If the government had made step two, step one they wouldn’t be in trouble now. Step two is the Gun register. It will give the Police the information they need to disarm the law-abiding population leaving only New Zealand’s criminals armed….and the Police of course, who have now created permanently armed rapid response teams at the same time as disarming citizens. I note that the Police have given themselves an exemption to keep using their semi-auto black guns.

At this point, you are thinking: Take off the tinfoil hat SB. That will never happen. Ask yourself this. Would the government have bothered with a gun-buy back if they had the ability to locate every single firearm owned by a law-abiding gun owner? Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to send the police to knock on the door with a shopping list of what the licence holder owned and to tell him/her to hand it over or be prosecuted?

The only reason the carrot approach was used was because the Police didn’t know where all the weapons were. The stick approach is going to be a failure for the same reason.

Once they get all the legal guns on a register however all bets are off. All the government then has to do is to wait for the next terror attack in order to justify making yet another type of gun or guns illegal. Next time they will not have to ask for the guns or pay for them. We will have provided them trustingly with everything they need to take them by force if necessary.

Oh yeah, and one more thing. Isn’t it an interesting coincidence that right after they started taking guns off the population our Police force (who until now have been proud of not carrying weapons), announced a trial of fully armed police in three different locations?

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