If the All Blacks Can Have a No Dickheads Rule, Why Can’t Labour?

Posted on Tue 10/29/2019 by


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A whining pom has written an article at The Telegraph, and republished at a Newspaper about the All Blacks’ no dickhead rule. They pinched the idea from the Sydney Swans footy team who also had a no dickheads rule.

It got me to thinking. Why hasn’t Labour got a no dickheads rule? Perhaps they only have dickheads and so their ministers are all well qualified.

Example A: Clare Curran

A woman so blessed with stupidity she thought she could have secret meetings and pretend like they were all coincidental. When confronted with her dickheaded-ness in parliament she turned into a blithering mess, going full retard.

Oh dear, utterly destroyed and now gone from her job.

Example B: Phil Twyford

Phil Twyford epitomises dickheaded-ness, and has made it his life’s work proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a dickhead.

A more gradiloquent, pompous politician cannot be found.

Kiwibuild was an utter shambles, and despite it being the flagship policy of the Labour party the whole project has now been shelved after Twyford meddled so badly that nothing actually ever happened.

He’s still got his transport portfolio…for now. He must be skating on very thin ice with Jacinda Ardern because it has now been revealed he’s been screwing the scrum over the tram to the airport. On top of that businesses affected by the Central Rail Loop are at their wits end getting a response from his department over business disruption compensation.

Example C: Stuart Nash

Stuart Nash professed that upon becoming Police Minister he would end the use of Orders in Council to amend firearms laws, insisting that they would instead be put through proper law-making processes in parliament. Since March this year, he has used Orders in Council more times than ever before and promulgated flawed laws as a result.

His gun buyback scheme is a disaster, and he is the minister responsible for losing 30,000 firearms owners’ records from the register that Police already have for B, C, E and F category firearms licence holders. His responses to media have been semantic in the extreme and his OIA responses are that same. The Police are covering this up by relying on paper records which are dreadfully out of date. Yet, at the same time, he is insisting that the Police can and will manage a firearms register for the more than 250,000 firearms licence holders.

He also failed to take anyone’s head for Police letting a criminal enter their own Police station in Palmerston North and walk out with 12 firearms.

Then he was busted for driving illegally by not registering his vehicle and also not updating his Road User Charges. He stands there and tells everyone that firearms owners are law abiding citizens, yet has drafted laws that treat them worse than violent criminals and rapists by removing the right to silence.

He hasn’t yet realised that he will be rinsed by the Ardern when his buyback fails and then when his bill is gutted because of its stupidity.

There are three dickheads, and I think this will become a recurring theme with new posts showing more dickhead Labour ministers