Energy And Environmental Newsletter – October 14th 2019

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This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:
It Costs $532,000± to Decommission A Single Wind Turbine
In a “Reversal” Wind Power Industry Wants More U.S. Tax Credits
Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt: Let’s Not Commit Economic Suicide
The Economic Viability of Gas-To-Liquids Technology
Negotiation puts wind in proposed Upstate NY Community Fund sails

Turbine Health Matters:
NY County Health Board Eyes Wind Turbine Regulations
A new tool in China’s kit of repression
Why Everything is Getting Louder
Community ailments circle back to turbines
Falmouth’s Turbine Health Woes Recounted at Recent Hearing
Study: Wind turbine audibility and noise annoyance
Iowa County freezes future wind, solar projects for one year

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:
Socialism Is the Greatest Threat to the Environment
Why Wind Turbines Threaten Endangered Species With Extinction
Wind energy’s big disposal problem
Unfurling The Waste Problem Caused By Wind Energy
The madness of the Extinction Rebellion

Miscellaneous Energy News:
Video: Kentucky Governor’s Keynote Speech on Low Cost Energy
Weathermen Wild As Wind Turbines Interference Wrecks Their Radar Signals
NC Energy Company Finds Solar Power Actually Increases Pollution
Short video: Renewable Portfolio Standard Scam (Part 2)
Video: Hansen & Shellenberger: Nuclear Power? Are Renewables Enough?
Sorry Greta, India needs more coal to power growth
Wind: A bad choice for the energy-hungry
Netherlands is shutting Europe’s largest gas field in a push for renewables
Do people with rooftop solar panels still have power in California?
California’s Dark Ages (Renewables the cause, and not the cure.)
Gas Prices Soar as Californians Find Green Energy Is Useless in a Blackout
Dyson Becomes Latest Sign That Electric-Car Bubble Is Bursting
Extract CO2 from our air, use it to create synthetic fuels
Ocean City Demonstrates Off-Shore Wind Is No Easy Sell
Our Energy Security Is Threatened by Unprincipled Politicians
The Wind Industry Tackles Trouble on Two Fronts

Miscellaneous Energy—Nuclear:
Video: Nuclear Energy is Green
GEN IV Nuclear Energy is Clean, Efficient and Plentiful — Why the Worry?
Nuclear Power Is The Only Realistic Option
Net-Zero CO2 Emissions By 2050 Requires A New Nuclear Plant Every Day
“Turbines and solar panels don’t do well in hurricanes” but Nuclear Does
Nuclear Fusion Research In The United Kingdom
Can Nuclear Waste Be Safely Transported?
Nuclear added to “NC Clean Energy Plan”

Manmade Global Warming Articles:
Climate Worship Is Nothing More Than Rebranded Paganism
President Trump, religious liberty, and international climate policy
How I changed my mind… about global warming
The IPCC’s Seldom Mentioned ‘Uncertainties’
Chief UN Climate Scientist Calls the Climate Narrative “Religious Extremism”
IPCC Lead Author’s Research Uncertain About UN’s Climate Goal
Top climate scientist breaks ranks with ‘consensus’
‘There is no climate emergency,’ hundreds of scientists, engineers tell U.N.
Dozens of Failed Climate Predictions Stretch 80 Years Back
Some Recommended Sources for Objective Info on Climate Change
Marxists join climate strike: for system change, not climate change!
It’s Time To Move Beyond The Toy Models that Guide Climate Policy
The climate cult
Video: Ask John with Climate Change Skeptic, Jim Steele
US Presidential Candidate Said Climate Change May Require Elimination of Private Car Ownership
President Obama, Al Gore, Ocasio-Cortez are climate change hypocrites
No Transparency Keeps Climate Hysteric’s Findings in the Dark
Archive: How Much CO2 Does A Single Volcano Emit?
EIA: developing nations CO2 emissions increasing 8.4 billion tons by 2050
E&E Legal Asks SEC to Address False and Misleading Climate Change Statements by Several Companies
Climate alarmists buy off CalTech, NASA with monstrous $750 million payoff
Mann, Hayhoe Try to Erase the Medieval Warm Period
Ten Countries Block EU Climate Target Change
German Government Waters Down Climate Bill
Here Are 4 Outrageously Insane Climate Proposals
Don’t be duped by climate alarmism
Idiotic Environmental Predictions
German Environmental Cofounder Calls Climate Movement Hysterical, Overhyped
500 expert skeptics rattle Europe’s climate cage
Serious Errors In IPCC Ocean Report Revealed

Global Warming & Impressionable Youths:
The False Prophets of Climate Change
Greta Thunberg and the Cult of Adolescence
The Global Warming Cult is Polluting Adult and Children’s minds
Drama Over Science? Greta’s Climate Speech and Appeal to Emotion
Church Of Sweden Announced Greta Thunberg ‘Successor’ Of Jesus
Putin dismisses Greta Thunberg as a ‘poorly informed teenager’
George Soros Emerges as Key Funder of ‘Global Climate Strike’
High School Students and the Real Facts of Climate Change Movement
Time to Hear from Sensible Adults
Please Quit Scaring Our Kids
The Sheer Folly Of Today’s Eco-Protests
Short satire video: Green activist Greta Thunberg & Thomas Cook
Chemtrail Truthers Are Coming After Greta Thunberg
Is global warming worth the anxiety on our young people?
Chicken Littles vs Adelie Penguins

Science, Education, Politics, and Miscellaneous Related Articles:
What the Trump impeachment inquiry is really about
Yes, the Deep State Really Does Exist
Short video: Why I Don’t Want and Don’t Deserve Reparations
The Progressive Agenda to Dumb Down America’s Children
The 50 most miserable cities in America
With a $230 million deficit, UN may run out of money by end of month
Trump Tells Bankrupt UN to Find Money Elsewhere
Archive: The importance of stupidity in scientific research
Superior: An Open Letter to Heartland
Artificial Imbecility: Alexa In Your Bathroom
The University of Washington Should Not Censor Faculty Social Media
How about a Bipartisan Treaty against the Criminalization of Elections?
If New Report About Whistleblower Is True, It’s A Game Changer
Is Google News legally liable for bias against conservatives?
Short video: We’ve Found The Magic Frequency
Short video: All I want to do is to Make Cookies
New Book: Modern Egalitarianism Undercuts Fairness and Dignity


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