Leftists Still Attacking Columbus Day

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Those who have proven they can’t learn from history, much less honor it, are busy rewriting it. ~

Robin Smith  ~   

In another episode of “As the Offended, Politically Correct World Turns,” we’re greeted with a calendar conflict that’s emblematic of a segment of our population that has abandoned reason and the ability to strive, survive, and succeed in reality. Today, according to some, is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, not the commemorative date to celebrate the historical figure who ventured to a new land and found America, Christopher Columbus, or Cristoforo Columbo.

On your “smart” device, your calendar might read, “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” or even “Columbus Day (regional holiday).” Originally, the special day aimed to recognize the landing in the Americas of the Italian-born explorer who approached Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella after rejection from the royalty of England, Portugal, and France, thinking a westward exploration would result in reaching the Indies and Asia. But, in recent years, those who have proven they can’t learn from history, much less honor it, are busy rewriting it in efforts to prove themselves and their anti-American narrative correct and have encouraged the toppling of statues of Christopher Columbus and ignoring the times, the context, and the truth in their efforts.

If you’re celebrating Columbus Day, you’re honoring a man who came from a simple raising in the home of a wool weaver in the seaport, Genoa, Italy. Cristoforo Columbo had no formal education or schooling. He was self-taught. His Italian heritage and his Catholic faith drove his passion along with much of his devotion to exploration.

The mapmaker and sailor lived in a day when the Turkish Empire controlled northern Africa and blocked the fastest trade routes to the Orient, or India and China. Most educated folks, and those who referenced Holy Scripture (see Isaiah 40:22 among other verses), believed the Earth to be round, but the disagreement was on the size of the planet. Columbus believed some of the earliest calculations were too large and argued that the westward route would lead to their trading partners without the hassle and fight of the Muslim enemies.

So, in September 1492, Columbus set sail. His journey was fraught with problems, but he landed, despite near mutiny of crews aboard the vessels in his charge, on Oct. 12, 1492, on modern-day San Salvador. Believing he had arrived at his intended destination of the Indies the natives of the island were deemed “Indians.” His travels continued through the Caribbean with several subsequent journeys to and from Spain to this land he believed to be Asia.

Now, here’s where the revision of history is greatest. Academia and those devoted to a narrative of oppression have declared that Columbus introduced slavery and was a murderous tyrant. He is depicted by those desiring to lift the alleged victims, the “Indians” or Indigenous Peoples, to the place of commemoration, not the inspired explorer.

Columbus is painted as greedy — typical for a guy of white privilege. He also believed in God and His Son Jesus Christ … uh oh. You see, the crew cried, “Blessed be the hour of our Savior’s birth, blessed be the Virgin Mary who bore him and blessed be John the Baptist who baptized him” as they turned the half-hour glass, along with other observances of the Christian faith. He named one of his ships the Santa Maria — Holy Mary. He even dared (get ready for the head explosions of the godless groupies) to set up the standard of the Cross when he first touched land and named it, San Salvador — Holy Savior.

But Columbus sought gold not for personal wealth but for the purpose of evangelism and to, in his own words penned in his journal, liberate Jerusalem from the Muslim captivity: “Thus, I protest to your Highness that all the profits of this my enterprise may be sent in conquest of Jerusalem.”

And, about that slavery of the Indians, you see, Columbus wrote that there were individuals in his crew who “did not deserve water in the sight of God” for selling native girls into slavery. He can’t stand blameless for the cultural acceptance of slavery at the time, but it was also practiced among the natives, as was cannibalism.

Among the Carib tribes, indigenous to the lands that Columbus first touched, not only was slavery practiced, but also mutilation and forced reproduction of children for the purpose of cannibalism.

But that doesn’t fit the narrative that, in the pre-Columbian world slavery, exploitation, evil nor any other type of oppression ever existed. Only once a white male motivated by wealth and raw power was able to establish dominance over a minority people was America born — hence everything about these United States is morally wrong and must be destroyed as part of the restitution to victims that span the line of time.

Currently, there are over 100 cities that have banned the observance of Columbus Day to now herald the Indigenous Peoples instead. Washington, DC, is the latest to join these municipal malcontents through its passage of “emergency legislation.” But shhhhhh, don’t tell — the District of Columbia, a territory that holds the seat of the government of our United States, is the feminine form of Columbus. The original 13 colonies were even referred to as Columbia.

Let’s let “progressive” leftists continue in their embarrassment of honoring Elizabeth Warren as a Cherokee with high cheekbones dishing out her Pow Wow Chow while trying to take over the District of Columbia, which was named for Columbus, while making a mockery of everything great about America — her freedoms, our faith, and our families. While they’re busy rewriting history, let’s ensure that we write our future by defending America’s greatness and the truth.

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