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By Howard Sachs  ~

As millions of our kids trudge off to “blue ribbon” public schools and elite universities, millions of others now happily march toward the free five-minute courses at Prager University (PragerU). If there were a Nobel Prize in Education, Dennis Prager and his co-founder, Allen Estrin, would receive it. They have transformed American education for the good through the wonder and greatness of the Internet.

Going viral would be an understatement. The school is educating hundreds of thousands of young people each day. It is educating them again in the truest sense of the word — teaching them about liberalism, the greatness of America, and Western culture’s beauty and truth. PragerU’s five-minute courses now have 2.3 billion views. It is the point of the spear in the fight to reverse the damage done to education and our kids’ minds by the education establishment.

The damage in traditional education has been great, deep, and pervasive. Today, when little Jonny toddles in to the public school down the street, or when Jennifer walks to her first day of classes at Yale, they no longer come for a liberal, elevated American education. They come for an indoctrination into leftism — the illiberal, regressive ideology born in Europe and transported here over a century ago. Jonny and Jennifer now learn about Karl Marx and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez rather than George Washington and the Bible.

The contrast is as breathtaking as it is depressing. As summer again leads to fall, we once more hand our kids and their precious minds over to the poison of leftism. We hand them over to the vulgarity, moral brokenness, and nihilism of a rapacious ideology. All of America’s beauty and goodness are vile. That’s what they learn directly or covertly by these new leftist teachers and professors. All of our expansive liberty and traditions are to be trashed.

In their place, what do we now get? We get Lord of the Flies kids pouring buckets of water over policemen’s heads, howling and smashing on the doors of our Supreme Court, and playing loud pornographic videos at Dartmouth College in order to drown out the great American conservative thinker David Horowitz. We get kids being told it’s not their souls and passions that need controlling; it’s fossil fuels, Republicans, the system, America, white patriarchy, and Christians clinging to their Bibles and guns. We get befuddled and flummoxed young boys and girls who can’t even figure out if they are a boy or girl. We get young, profoundly ignorant ingrates shrieking for free stuff under socialism. We get a generation of young Americans who are demanding evermore rights but who are clueless as to what the definition of a right is. We get youngsters being taught the morally vile notion that the boy or girl in the womb is just “a choice.” We get our kids being taught about condom placements, anal and oral sex, anger towards this benighted country, climate-change hysterics, their victim status, gender-neutral bathrooms, and sexual fluidity.

These are the schools that once resonated with prayer to an almighty, beneficent, and judging God to start the day but now announce that our kids may take a day off to do social justice by protesting this racist, sexist, xenophobic, intolerant, bigoted, homophobic monstrosity called America.

But the cavalry is here. It may be too late and too little, but it’s here nonetheless. It’s Prager University, which is giving our young what they need and deserve — American knowledge and wisdom steeped in our proven values, ideas, and traditions. It’s amazing that kids can now sit and listen to free courses taught by some of the greatest minds in the world — scholars, writers, Pulitzer Prize winners, and former prime minsters. Then they can read a bit of supplementary material and become deeply wise and knowledgeable — certainly much wiser and intelligent than most of their contemporaries at Harvard, Berkeley, Columbia, or Yale.

Students are not going to become scientists, engineers, doctors, or mathematicians from PragerU, but they will, in the most elevated sense, become a deeply educated liberal American freed from the poison and clutches of leftism.

The Left is certainly fired up about this assault against its project to overturn America. The leftist masters of tech at Google and YouTube have shoved much of PragerU into its dark, restricted corners reserved for hardcore pornography and wild violence, hoping it will die a quiet death. But here too PragerU is fighting back, unwilling to give over our great country to this regressive assault. Mr. Prager just testified in front of a Senate committee investigating the topic of assault on free speech by tech monopolies. PragerU attorneys these past weeks testified in front of judges on the Ninth Circuit as part of a suit against Google for its nefarious attack on our freedom of speech.

I pay my kids, nieces, and nephews each week to watch the latest PragerU course. It’s one of the best investments I can make in education. I also donate a lot to support this wonderful education institution. I have seen the results and they’re wonderful. Almost every dollar given now to our traditional colleges and universities is a dollar spent to harm the minds of our kids and, consequently, to terribly hurt our country.

We are, as Mr. Prager often says, in a battle for the soul of America. Currently, the Left is in control in almost every institution of America. It makes the fight against it even more compelling, necessary, and valuable for those of us who still cherish our country.

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