Lunacies of The Left

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Burt Prelutsky  ~   

I wish there were a few of me because I’m finding it harder and harder to singlehandedly keep up with all the nonsense spewing forth from the Democrats while also having to keep track of their blatant hypocrisy.

Take Bernie Sanders. Please! First, he ordered his campaign staff to stop letting the world know he wasn’t paying them $15-an-hour even though he kept insisting that paying any less than that was immoral, and then said he would pay the $15, but that he’d be cutting their hours, which would mean they’d lose their health care benefits.

The old schmuck sure is sounding more and more like the cold-hearted, exploitative, Capitalists he’s always railing against and less and less like a warm and fuzzy Socialist.

He is a classic example of “Do as I say, not as I do.”

He also remind me of the 70% of my fellow Jews who oppose the Second Amendment and will always vote for Socialists, even the anti-Semitic ones like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, although over the past century no group of people have needed guns more or suffered more cruelly at the hands of Socialist dictators Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler.

That is what makes their infatuation with Sen. Sanders so predictable and so infuriating.

Speaking of Socialism, John Lewis passed along one of the most succinct definitions of the madness I have ever come across: “If there was a barnyard election, the pigs would always vote for the person who feeds them, even though he is the same person who is going to slaughter them one day.”

The Democrats are so fearful that their debates will cost them more votes than they garner, they have decided there will be no calling for a show of hands at next week’s event. That’s because in hindsight, they discovered that when in response to how many of them would provide illegal aliens with tax-funded healthcare, all 10 idiots on stage, including Joe Biden, raised their hands.

Over the past dozen years, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, all joined the Clintons in calling for our borders to be shut down and illegal aliens to be kept out. But, of course, that was before the Democrats realized they were losing voters among blacks and blue-collar whites and needed to replace them by giving driver licenses to illegals as a way of garnering their votes.

It was recently disclosed that the combination of Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder prevented Homeland Security from using DNA testing to determine the criminal status of illegal aliens entering the country.

And these are some of the same people who accuse President Trump of treason.

I don’t have a problem of admitting when I’m wrong, as when I assumed Mitt Romney would defeat Barack Obama in 2012 and, again, in 2016, when I figured that Mrs. Clinton would win the election.

So I don’t mind tooting my own horn when I actually guess right, especially when I appear to be one of very few.

In the first instance, I was certain that the widely heralded Arab Spring would prove disastrous. In the second, I said that Turkey was not an ally of the western democracies and that, under Recep Erdogan, was an Islamic theocracy and had no place in NATO.

This guess has been borne out by Erdogan’s cozying up to Vladimir Putin, the very man that the NATO nations feel most threatened by.

What one of the most troubling things about American politics, especially when it comes to presidential elections, is that the electoral votes of blue states are so much larger than those of red states. (Have I ever mentioned how annoying it is that conservative states are now referred to as red, the traditional color of Communists and Socialists?)

It’s bad enough that the Democrat can always count on starting out with well over 100 of the necessary 270 electoral votes just in California, New York and Illinois.

But it’s even worse than that because whereas blue states are rarely in play, a large number of red states often seem to be turning purple or, worse yet, pink.

In the madhouse that America is fast becoming, American citizens can’t sue sanctuary cities or states if they’re the victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens who have no right to be in the country, let alone constitute a protected class, but illegal aliens can sue the authorities for essentially any reason under the sun.

Another protected class are prison inmates. Thanks to the loony First Step Act, a piece of congressional legislation that has already led to 2,000 convicted felons being released because of over-crowded prisons.

Although the bill was supposed to be limited to non-violent criminals, among the 2,000 are 59 murderers, 106 robbers, 239 rapists and 496 who were doing time for crimes involving guns and explosives.

A brighter solution would be to build more and bigger prisons. And don’t we keep hearing that infrastructure is something that members of both parties agree we need? Would it really constitute a hardship if they added prisons to highways, bridges and airports?

John Kennedy (R, LA), one of the very few senators with a functioning brain and a sense of humor, told Tucker Carlson how it is that the First Step Act was passed 87-12: “Some votes can only be explained by the fact that a majority of fools are on one side.”

He added that he and Sen. Tom Cotton (R, AR) were two of the few who actually read the bill and understood that in spite of the sales pitch that only low-level, non-violent criminals would be let out, rapists and killers would soon be back on the street.

Kamala Harris, in her desire to offer more freebies than the other contenders for the Democratic nomination, claims she will not only come up with the $35 trillion to pay for federal health care for all, including illegal aliens, but do so without raising taxes on the middle-class.

Apparently, she believes that she can come up with that much money by taxing the super-rich down to their skivvies. She probably does believe that’s possible because she is as stupid as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and has an equally weak grasp of economics.

It has long been my belief that liberals are easily confused by numbers, especially when it comes to millions, billions and trillions. It explains why Maxine Waters once insisted that a piece of legislation would put 500 million Americans out of work. Quite a trick in a nation with only 300 million people at the time.

The fact is that even if Sen. Harris took away all the money from every billionaire, not only in America, but in the world, you would only wind up with a paltry few trillion, not nearly the 35 trillion her fantasy requires.

I am always amazed when I hear that people like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have become multi-millionaires thanks to their book sales.

I know that the DNC bought hundreds of thousand copies of the ghost-written books by Bill and Hillary Clinton and handed them out to donors. But do they do the same for politicians who never resided in the White House?

It’s bad enough that I’ve written eight books, including books of political commentary, interviews with notables, a funny book about angels and an auto-biography, and not one of them has ever sold a thousand copies.

But being out-sold by politicians who probably never even read the books they allegedly wrote really hurts.

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