A Facebook FaceApp Reality Check

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Facebook violates your privacy by collecting your information and selling it. ~

Mark Alexander ~    

Facebook violates your privacy, which is why the FTC recently fined the social-media behemoth FIVE BILLION DOLLARS for selling the information it collects on its users.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s political monitors and data algorithms keep posts from pages you follow “private” from your feed because they deem them not suitable for you. Despite that fact, some of our Patriot Post social-media posts have significant organic reach.

As I noted in a recent column, “The Left’s Moderation of Conservative Media,” there are cadres of influential social-media leftists who are quick to report what they deem as “offensive” content in order to have the “offending” content removed and the hosting page penalized. That included a recent Patriot Post page meme asserting there are only two genders. Apparently, the Facebook collective media monitors are “Gender Deniers.”

Facebook users also combine as “community content moderators,” but it’s the content-screening algorithms looking for content that violates Facebook’s “community standards” that are social media’s “Big Brother.” A recent tech journal described this moderation process as an ugly business.

To that end, I noticed something interesting about a topic I posted on Facebook critical of Facebook’s privacy violations and the use of the viral FaceApp: It got no traction — not a single like or comment, which is highly unusual. So I took down the original post, waited a few days and reposted it — same result. I suspect that a Facebook content algorithm prevented this post from propagating because it contained a link to an article critical of Facebook: “Think FaceApp Is Scary? Wait Till You Hear About Facebook.”

Since Facebook basically quarantined the post, let me restate the social-media warning: If you think all those social-media questionnaires and games are just for your amusement, think again. They are there to collect information on YOU and use it to determine what ads to put in your face, or worse, to sell to third-party vendors. The latest trending “fun thing” on Facebook is the FaceApp, and in an age when facial-recognition software is the next “Big Brother” tech threat, more than 150 million people worldwide have uploaded their faces to Facebook and the app’s Russian developer. Seriously?

Cybersecurity experts warn that if you have downloaded that app from Google Play or the iOS App Store, delete it.

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