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Somewhere along the line, a fair number of medical practitioners have decided that the Hippocratic Oath is null and void. Perhaps, they’d argue that they were forced to swear that their first obligation was to do no harm and that, therefore, they’re under no moral obligation to abide by the oath. They might liken it to being forced at gunpoint to renounce their citizenship or, at the point of a Muslim sword, to renounce their religion.

How else to explain the psychiatrists who, without ever having had Donald Trump on their couch, declare him non compos mentis?

Worse yet are the social engineers posing as doctors who are giving 8-year-old girls sex hormones such as testosterone because the tots are allegedly claiming to be boys.

During a recent panel discussion, the audience was shown videos of doctors Ilana Sherer and Johanna Olson-Kennedy treating third and fourth graders. Dr. Olson-Kennedy has been given a $5.7 million grant by the National Institute of Health to do research on the subject. I’m not sure that someone who argues for mastectomies on 13-year-old girls is someone I would trust to even be a crossing guard.

These doctors, who would have been quite at home working alongside Dr. Mengele, dispense gender-blockers the way kids toss peanuts to the monkeys at the zoo, arguing that children have every right to over-rule biology when it comes to their sexual identity.

The fact that these two monsters haven’t had their licenses revoked tells you all you need to know about the medical establishment these days.

Although some of his liberal colleagues have started suggesting that Joe Biden is perhaps being a little too hands-on when it comes to women, others, most of whom simply don’t want to have to compete with him for the 2020 nomination, are hanging him out to dry.

But not Mika Brzezinski, who is also known these days as Mrs. Joe Scarborough, as well as the co-host of CNN’s “Morning Joe.” She defended Biden by saying that his fellow Democrats were being guilty of “eating their young.”

A very odd thing to say about Biden, who is 76-years-old. Perhaps she was fooled by the painted teeth and the hair plugs.

Actually, until I checked, I didn’t know that Joe and Mika had finally tied the knot last year. Apparently, it was a quiet little affair, which just happened to take place in the rotunda of the National Archives, the not so honorable Rep. Elijah Cummings presiding.

Getting back to Biden, as embarrassing as the present crescendo of women claiming he had made them uncomfortable in the past by hugging them, sniffing their hair and nuzzling their necks, I have a feeling his own people are massaging the message by focusing attention on grown-ups and not in children.

The problem I have always had with Joe isn’t his bizarre behavior with adult women, but his constant fondling of prepubescent girls at public functions. At least grown-ups can slap him upside his head, but little girls are pretty much forced to stand there while the creepy stranger caresses their little shoulders and sticks his schnoz in their hair.

Speaking of creeps, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour recently grilled James Comey, demanding to know why he, as the director of the FBI, allowed the folks at Donald Trump’s rallies to chant “Lock her up!”

It’s hardly inspiring when an alleged reporter calls the former FBI chief on the carpet for allowing American citizens to enjoy their First Amendment rights. It just bears out the fact that if you scratch a liberal, you will inevitably find a Fascist lurking just beneath the surface.

The other eventuality is that Ms. Amanpour will be the recipient of some news award honoring her for her dedication to defending the Constitution. After all, Jeff Zucker, who has turned CNN into the DNC’s house organ, can’t take home all those phony journalism honors.

After I took a swipe at Mark Levin’s constant hollering on his radio show, a few people suggested I tune in on his Fox TV show, “Life, Liberty & Levin.” The fact is I have. I thought it was okay, but I were watching TV, there are things I’d prefer to watch. What I did discover is that when he chooses to, Levin can speak in a perfectly normal voice. Which, to my mind, proves that his screaming on radio is just a very annoying schtick.

One of his defenders suggested I might like to read one of his books. But, again, I had. Because I’m interested in the Supreme Court, I read his “Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America.” I found it a tough slog. So, the notion of reading a second Levin book never entered my head. As I see it, bore me once, shame on you. Bore me twice, shame on me.

The thing that really astonishes me is his constant call for a Convention of States. The notion that such a Convention could possibly be more effective than Congress in getting conservative measures passed strikes me as hopelessly naïve and highly dangerous. Liberals are far more likely to get their own wet dream resolutions passed by such an assembly; one, because they are far more united than we are; and, two, because they know how to fight dirty.

I read a report that stated that a Conservative candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court defeated his Liberal opponent in a major upset. I took heart until I heard that his margin of victory was just 6,000 votes. The loser had already requested a recount. Any time an election is that close, you can count on boxes and boxes of ballots suddenly popping up in basements, attics and the trunks of ‘98 Chevys, all over Madison.

As things turned out, the Conservative held on to win. That strongly suggested that the Liberal had already cheated so much to make it a close election, there was nothing left in the tank. Or the trunk.

In Illinois, if they haven’t done so already, they will soon legalize what is blithely referred to as “recreational” marijuana. Heck, if it’s recreational, it can’t possibly destroy brain cells and bring on schizophrenia. Or so the politicians would have us believe.

All over the country, the hacks are doing everything in their power to apply lipstick to the piggish face of drug addiction, simply in order to bring the drug money flooding into their state coffers.

When you get right down to it, the only difference between the schmucks in our state legislatures and the punks on the street is that the punks don’t feel it necessary to tell lies about the poison they peddle.

Finally, it occurs to me that our public servants don’t serve, our reporters don’t report, our teachers don’t teach and our pundits, with precious few exceptions, don’t pun.

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