Australian Politics – Newspoll Sinks As Turnbull And Bishop Strike

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By Andrew Bolt ~

I said that Australian prime Minister Scott Morrison should have called an early election when the Labor Party weakened our border laws.

Since then it’s gone downhill with bad growth figures, jobs for boys and the Turnbull trio – Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop and Turnbull-backed turncoat Julia Banks – all campaigning against the Liberals.

Result: Newspoll now has the Liberals 46% to Labor’s 54.


Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Why isn’t Turnbull expelled already from the Liberal party for gross disloyalty?

He has:

  • unnecessarily quit his seat rather than wait until the election, forcing the Liberals into a hard-to-win byelection – which they lost, along with their parliamentary battle.
  • sabotaged the Liberal campaign in his seat by pointedly refusing to support Liberal candidate Dave Sharma.
  • backed and advised Liberal deserter Julia Banks as she campaigned against Liberal Health Minister Greg Hunt in his seat of Flinders.
  • attacked Liberal MP Tony Abbott in his debate with with challenger Zali Steggall.

I have never seen a former Prime Minister actively campaigning like this against his own party within months of leaving office.

A Turnbull spokesman denies it but I would not be surprised at all to later find that Turnbull money has gone to the Banks campaign against Hunt, via Turnbull’s son Alex, who has admitted helping Banks’ campaign.

I know some Liberal MPs who strongly suspect Turnbull is indeed financing campaigns against the party he wants dead for dumping him.

And now former Liberal Party Deputy Leader Julie Bishop is also sabotaging Liberal campaigns. On the weekend she mocked Tony Abbott publicly just when he’s in the fight of his life to save his seat:

Ms Bishop’s humorous question and answer session with Crabb was punctuated with constant barbs directed at Tony Abbott, including poking fun at his former role as minister for women and his position on climate change.

Bishop then appeared on stage with turncoat Julia Banks, as well as two other politicians of the Left fighting the Liberals – the Greens’ Sarah Hanson-Young and Labor’s Linda Burney – to attack the Liberals as sexist:

When asked about cabinet discussions and what it was like being one of the few — and sometimes the only woman — in a room full of men, Ms Bishop described what she called “gender deafness”.

That’s a lot of damage in one day by the vindictive Bishop against two of Turnbull’s principle targets – the other being Peter Dutton.

This is a civil war, but Scott Morrison still refuses to fight back, believing that saying nothing is better than open engagment.

I’m not so sure. Nor is Newspoll.

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