Australian Politics – Former Prime Minister Turnbull Goes Mad: Sacked Because ‘I Would Win’

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Has the former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull been driven mad by his political fall? He now thinks his Liberal colleagues dumped him not because he was bad, but because he was just too good:

Basically, you could argue that their concern was not that I would lose the election, but rather that I would win it.

Seriously? How nuts is that?

Interviewer Andrew Neil sure wasn’t buying it:

That’s not credible, is it?

No. When Turnbull was finally dumped, it was because he’d lost 39 Newspolls in a row, lost all five crucial byelections last August and lost his bid to ram his useless National Energy Guarantee down his party’s throat.

Yet this bloke is as delusional as the Black Knight:

At the time of the coup in August we were at level-pegging in the public polls with the opposition, and we were four points ahead on the polling in marginal seats, so the government was absolutely in a competitive, winnable position.

Wow. This is completely delusional.

No, Turnbull was NOT “level pegging in the public polls”. His last Newspoll, taken before his NEG debacle, still had the Liberals behind Labor, 49 to 51. His last IPSOS poll, taken just after his NEG debacle, had the Liberals behind Labor by a shocking 45 to 55.

If Turnbull isn’t lying, he’s fantasising in a spectacularly florid way.

As for his claim that “we were four points ahead on the polling in marginal seats”, not one other Liberal MP anywhere has confirmed any such polling exists.

For instance:

Victorian senator Jane Hume told Sky News the Liberal party room had not been briefed on internal polling suggesting the Coalition was travelling well in marginal seats under Mr Turnbull. She had no knowledge of it and did not know of any colleagues who did.

Not even one of the most senior Cabinet ministers had seen this polling, which Turnbull would have had every reason to show his nervous colleagues:

[Finance Minister Mathias] Cormann said he was unaware of the polling Turnbull had referred to, but told Sky News the Coalition had seen improvements before the coup.

And the thought that MPs dumped Turnbull just because they thought he’d win is a fantasy built on a deceit. No MP thought he’d win, and none hated him so much that they’d rather lose power or even lose their own seat simply to spite him.

In short, Turnbull’s theory is against the facts and human nature, and so self-serving, that it’s mad. Utterly mad, and I suggest he go get help.


Former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett ripped into Mr Turnbull on Sunrise, calling him “terribly, terribly selfish” and saying his comments were a joke.

“With Malcolm it has always been about Malcolm. He would have to be a candidate for the most selfish, self-centred human being in Christendom. It is all about him. He’s just amazing, he never stops,” Mr Kennett said.

“I mean, how ridiculous. How absolutely self-centred is this individual? It has been the story of his whole life. It is all about him. It is not about the country, the party that gave him the opportunity to be prime minister, it is about Malcolm.”

But the interview confirms that there is a Turnbull team that is now dedicated to destroying the Liberals. I would not be surprised to read after the election that Turnbull has even put money into this effort.

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