Climate Change Australia – Anti Adani Coal Mine Activists Take Over The Queensland Government

Posted on Fri 03/01/2019 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

What chance of Adani ever getting a fair go for their planned coal mine in Central Queensland? This explains a lot about the Queensland Government’s last minute excuses for delaying a project that has passed every test for eight years:

A senior climate change adviser to Queensland’s Labor government is also a key strategist driving the Greens’ aggressive federal election campaign attacking the state’s coal industry.

Kirsten Lovejoy is one of a clutch of veteran environmental activists now holding influential positions within the state Environment Department, which has stalled Adani’s Carmichael coal project in central Queensland.

Ms Lovejoy, principal policy officer for the department’s ­climate change and sustainable ­futures section, was last year ­appointed to the Queensland campaign committee of the Greens, who want the mine stopped.

The three-time Greens candidate holds the position with former Queensland Conservation Council chief executive Tim Seelig, an avowed opponent of the Adani project who was last year appointed principal adviser (strategic ­policy) to the department’s director-general.

Fellow serial Greens candidate Gary Kane also works within the regulatory branch of the department, which last month ordered a review of Adani’s management plan to protect the black-throated finch that has stalled the project.

I can’t help thinking, seeing this march through the institutions, that the fix is in. Adani may pass every regulatory hurdle, but there will always be powerful bureaucrats and their Labor Party allies to think up even more, the make the process too punishing.

If the Labor Party really doesn’t want the mine, at least have the guts to say so.

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