Energy And Environmental Newsletter – February 11th 2019

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

Bill Gates about the foolishness of renewables

Study: The $2.5 trillion reason we can’t rely on batteries to clean up the grid

Evolution of Electricity Rates

New Huge Study: Wind Turbines Devalue nearby Homes

The Three Major Problems with a Carbon Tax

Cost-Effectively Being Dumb

Study: Tax Abatements and the Texas Wind Industry

Short video: Texas town has $30M burden after going “100% renewable”

Green Energy Being Abandoned As Economics Go Red

The foolishness of Canadians paying a Carbon Tax

The Myth of the Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax

Carbon Taxes Aren’t Working Any More

Wyoming takes its yearly look at raising a tax on wind energy

PG&E may shed $40± billion worth of renewable contracts

Could PTC rush jeopardize U.S. wind repowering opportunities?

Green companies pay for favorable treatment

Climate change chief failed to declare $775,000± made to his family firm from ‘green’ businesses?

New Study: Rich States/Poor States

Ohioans Cheer NJ PUC Denying Offshore Wind Permit

Renewables Shocked as Mexico Scraps Energy Tender

Turbine Health Matters:

Abstracts for upcoming 8th International Meeting on Wind Turbine Noise

PhD Letter re Turbine Health Impacts

Note for solar: Toxic Chemicals (PFAS) Contaminate Cape

EPA Actions to Address PFAS

What Do We Really Know About Turbine Fires?

Study: The Health Benefits of Ignoring the IPCC

Nebraska Bill introduced to keep turbines three miles from homes

NY Wind Project Out of Compliance with WHO Guidelines

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Fixing the environment: when solutions become problems

Feds Say Hawaii Is Too Quick To Approve Wind Turbines

Scholar: Bats Facing Kill-off from Turbines and Disease

Miscellaneous Energy News:

German citizen anti-wind effort results in installations slump

Electoral Platitudes = Energy Truama for Citizens

Goodbye to a misguided war on coal

Hot Day in Australia results in massive blackouts

Wind + Natural Gas

Short Anti-wind video by Ohio citizens

Study: Grid Scale Electricity Storage Can’t Save Renewables

Archive: Hawaiian citizens win major victory over Big Wind

Tucker Carlson: Short video on Wind and Solar

Russians and Saudis abandon assault on US shale

Archive: Turbines affect the performance of seismic monitoring stations

Getting-off-fossil fuels: A medieval methodology

Exxon asks EPA to regulate methane emissions from oil and gas

Letter to FAA re Turbine Obstructions to Air Navigation

Article about Letter to FAA

Propaganda: misleading wind energy Super Bowl ad

Busch Superbowl Ad is Deceptive

Archive: On Low Inertia Grids and another related study

Offshore Wind Projects — Some Concerns

Cuomo’s Green New Deal Paddles Offshore

Needed — Oil and Gas Atlantic Seismic Surveys

Iowa Farmer and County battle over wind project

Virginia’s first wind project project is still ‘very much alive’

Texas County says ‘no’ to wind farm support

AWEA sponsors “Advocacy Training” session

AWEA releases model legislation for further electrification

Germany to phase out coal by 2038 in move away from fossil fuels

Green Wave rising in Colorado

Behind California’s Green Curtain

A webpage with good info about the NYS Green New Deal

Dark Ages Beckon With Green Left Energy Policies

Short Video: The News Media is O-Crazy-O

This is Why We Need Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power, Not Renewables

Virginia is 4th State in the Past Year to Reject Utility ‘Smart’ Metering Plans

The Great Battery Con Job

Why Green Energy is Futile — In One Easy Lesson

Why Most Green Energy Schemes Are Doomed to Fail

Renewables May Grow, But Not Much

German onshore wind industry warns of sharp drop in new turbines

Gigantic Solar facilities planned Near Rochester NY

NC Governor appears to force Duke into buying more solar

Turbine height increase rejected by NY County Planning Board

A brutal example of why 100% renewables can’t work

India has opened 52 new coal mines

China is financing hundreds of new coal plants, worldwide

New York State wind project gets cancelled

Offshore wind project hits rough water in New England

Ohio governor taps wind critic as utility commission chair

PA Board Denies Wind Permit

EIA 2019 Energy Outlook

Miscellaneous Energy News— Green Manifesto:

The 10 Most Insane Requirements Of The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is a leftist politician’s worst enemy

Green New Deal: The Devil Is in the Details

Green New Deal: Looks Like A Dem Parody Bill

The Green New Deal is a Prescription for Poverty

Green New Deal Would Be a Giant Leap on the Road to Serfdom

The Democrat’s Green New Hoax

Saved by Pseudo-renewable Energy?

More Green New Deal Commentary

100% Renewable Energy Pledge Based on ‘Magical Thinking,’ Will Cost Millions of Jobs

Green New Deal Calls For ‘Repairing Historic Oppression’

Remarkable coming out for 600± anti-energy organizations

Greens want 2020 Democrats to go beyond vague ‘Green New Deal’ support

AOC = DNC (A race to the Left)

Big-Name 2020 Dems Support the ‘Green New Deal,’ but Big-Name Enviro Groups Don’t

Democrats’ Green New Deal is a Disaster to All of Us

There’s Not A Damn Thing Mankind Can Do to Change The Climate!

Study:The 100% Renewable Energy Myth

Study:Internal Contradictions of the Green New Deal

Obama Energy Secretary Dismisses Green New Deal as Infeasible

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Physicist: Don’t fall for the argument about ‘settled science’

Revised: Deficiencies In the IPCC’s SR15 Special Report

Stop The Climate Stupidity

Why the Left Loves and Hates Science

Greenhouse-warming theory does not appear to even be physically possible

Ten Points About the Paris Climate Agreement (IPA)

Rampant Worry That Is Now A Societal Norm

Thomas Sowell: Politics By Catchwords

How to Convince a Conservative that Climate Change is Real

Climate Communications Initiative — Strategic Plan

The New Language of Climate Change

Poll: Who is changing their mind about global warming and why?

Is ocean warming accelerating faster than thought?

China’s coal output hits highest in over 3 years

Climate hysterics skyrocket

Journalism Doesn’t Exist

A Flawed Science Journalism Article Shows How We Can Do Better

Don’t let climate change ‘solutions’ halt the miraculous progress against world poverty

The UN’s Global Green Law is going nowhere for now

Geologist – The sun, not CO2, drives Earth’s climate

Fact-Free Politics: From Climate Change to Trickle Down

The CO2 Derangement Syndrome – a historical overview

US EPA: Year in review for 2018

Report: Dutch emissions cut target ‘out of reach’

Polar Vortex is Really Due to Global Warming

UK Court Rejects Climate Lawsuit

Climate derangement syndrome strikes again

More Evidence Water Vapor Is Dominant Influence on Temperatures

Huffington Post Report Filled with Biased and Misleading Claims about EPA

The High Priests of the Green lobby

Amidst Global Warming Hysteria, NASA Expects Global Cooling

Berndardt Takes Over for Zinke at Dept of Interior

2019 is already a vintage year for climate claptrap

The 1978–1997 warming trend is an artifact of instrumentation

In Flood Debate there are no Solutions, only Tradeoffs (same for AGW)

Study pours cold water on sea-rise apocalypse

Study Disputing Alarmist SLR Claims

Three New Studies: Sea Level Rise Whiplash


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