Climate Change Australia – How Could This Green Judge Sit On This Case?

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By Andrew Bolt ~

This is astonishing:  

The Chief Judge of the NSW Land and Environment Court who blocked a coal mine due to factors including climate change founded the group of activist lawyers for whom he last week ruled in favour.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal Justice Brian Preston co-founded the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) NSW in 1987 and acted as its principal solicitor before leaving the organisation in 1995 to join the bar.

The EDO NSW, which received $260,000 from the state government last year, represented community group Groundswell Gloucester in Justice Preston’s court last week where it successfully argued for the Rocky Hill mine on the mid north coast to be blocked to stop global temperatures from increasing by 2C…

Judge Preston did not mention his links over the past 30 years to the EDO when he ruled in its client’s favour last week.

Extraordinary decision, extraordinary process.

And one more reason to count the cost of the Morrison Government’s refusal to tear up the Paris Agreement:

Justice Preston’s judgment he said there was an “urgent” obligation to block the coal mine because Australia had signed the Paris Agreement.

I should add:

The Telegraph is not suggesting any bias on the part of Judge Preston…

The Council of Chief Justices of Australia’s most recent Guide to Judicial Conduct said judges may need to disqualify themselves from matters if their relationship to a “litigant community organisation” creates even the perception of bias. It also strictly warns judges not to hold “strong views” on matters they will preside over in court.

Read on. “Strong views” are sure held by this judge when it comes to global warming. His claim that this one mine “is likely to have indirect impacts on the environment, including the climate system” is a joke. The Chief Scientist says the totality of Australia’s emissions – all mines, cars, planes, cows, generators – make virtually no difference to the climate. This one mine is a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of virtually nothing.

And the judge, by the way, took no evidence from a single climate scientist about the positive effects of what small warming we’ve see so far, whether natural or man made. We’ve actually had fewer cyclones and bigger crops, for instance

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