The Politics of Abortion

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Burt Prelutsky   ~    

A great many black Americans have accused the government of committing genocide against them. They have blamed the cops of gunning for them and the feds for conspiring to distribute cocaine in their communities. They have chosen to blame unemployment on others rather than on themselves for dropping out of school. They can’t blame their 70% rate of illegitimate births on others, so they and their bottom-feeding politicians simply ignore the tragic fact and the inevitable repercussions of raising children, boys especially, in fatherless homes.

Something else, they choose to ignore is that even though they represent only about 12% of the population, they account for the majority of abortions taking place in the nation.

Which brings us to Planned Parenthood, the single largest abortion mill this side of Communist China.

It is one of those inconvenient facts that Democrats like to sweep under the carpet that Margaret Sanger, who created Planned Parenthood was a confirmed racist who argued for the extinction of the black race.

Another fact is that Sanger was Hillary Clinton’s idol, and that Mrs. Clinton herself is the proud recipient of the Margaret Sanger Award. Feeling as positively about abortion as she does, I wonder how often Chelsea wonders how close she may have come to never being born.

It is not apocryphal, as some have claimed; Adolph Hitler actually sent a letter of appreciation to Mrs. Sanger. Like Hillary’s heroine, Hitler also concluded the world would be greatly improved if certain groups of people were simply eliminated.

When I recently referred to Mark Zuckerberg as a two-faced, double-dealing, goniff, Dick Barry let me know that he had to consult a dictionary to discover that “goniff” is a Yiddish word for a thief or scoundrel and wondered how many others had to run off to their Funk and Wagnalls.

The fact is, I only heard from one other subscriber and he was Jewish, so he knew the word, but assumed others wouldn’t.

When I didn’t receive any questions about the word, I assumed that a lot of gentiles know a few Yiddish words and expressions just from watching a half century of Jewish comics on TV. Also, thanks to the context, I assume a great many readers simply understood that I was insulting Zuckerberg and were happy to leave it at that.

Unlike a lot of my fellow Conservatives, I am not expecting the worst from a House run by Nancy Pelosi. That doesn’t mean I expect Trump to receive bi-partisan support for his agenda. I’m just wondering how much worse it can be going forward than it was when Paul Ryan was the House Speaker.

After all, the only thing the House did for Trump in two years was to pass his tax cut bill.

It was the Senate that gave him his two Supreme Court justices, and the GOP picked up two Senate seats while Never-Trumpers Bob Corker and Jeff Flake rode off into the sunset. Fortunately, Romney can only replace one of those turncoats.

Speaking of presidents, I keep hearing Democrats insisting that Trump fails not only as a competent leader, but as a role model for the rest of us.

It makes you wonder what those people are smoking in the congressional cloakroom. Just who is it that might be encouraging their kids to grow up to emulate sexual hound dogs like FDR, JFK, LBJ, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump? Is there someone out there telling his kids to grow up to be just like the weirdly paranoiac Nixon or the pot-smoking bi-sexual Obama?

If kids need role models, let it be their parents. When it comes to presidents, most of those guys can’t walk and chew gum simultaneously.

Bob Marcks, who enjoyed the recent collection of funny sports quotes attributed to players and coaches, came up with one of his own. A college football coach whose team had just been demolished 49-7 told the guys: “You can take a shower now…anyone who actually needs one.”

After I recently blamed Woodrow Wilson’s administration for saddling this nation with a number of terrible things, including the Federal Reserve, Prohibition and the direct vote to select senators, Patrick Miano reminded me that Wilson was also a racist and a snob, adding it proved that “education is not the answer to everything.”

Wilson, who came by his bigotry naturally, having been born into a slaveholding family in Virginia five years prior to the Civil War. He received a BA degree in political science from Johns Hopkins and served as the president of Princeton before entering politics as a Progressive.

In replying to Mr. Miano, I wrote that in Wilson’s case, education not only wasn’t the answer to everything, it wasn’t the answer to anything.

In fact, Wilson reminded me that George Orwell once pointed out that there are some things that are so stupid that only an intellectual would believe them.

Reference to the Civil War reminds me that Linda Posto sent me a picture of Abraham Lincoln with the caption: “The worst mistake I ever made was appointing Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court.”

Ray Kasey, who liked Richard Nixon a lot more than I ever did, wrote to say that Nixon’s real crime was that he tried to cover up for his employees’ mistake. “Had he said those guys will be prosecuted, the whole story would have been different. I still feel sick over his resignation.”

In response, I let Mr. Kasey know that I thought Watergate was indeed a tiny molehill that Nixon foolishly mishandled, turning it into Mt. Everest. The coverup, as they say, is nearly always worse than the original crime.“

But, down deep, I have always wondered if the coverup wasn’t inevitable when you considered Nixon’s psychological makeup.

For one thing, he drank a lot. For another, he had gone through life regarding himself as disliked. It’s no secret that he envied John Kennedy’s engaging personality and that he hated the easy time that the political cartoonist Herblock had of turning him with his constant five o’clock shadow into a sewer rat. He hated the fact that the studio lights during his debate with Kennedy made him sweat and made him look like he hadn’t shaved in a few days.

And yet, within the same decade that he lost an election to be the President and another to be the Governor of California, he managed to be elected President.

In spite of the beard, I’m not Sigmund Freud. But it seems to me that if you believe that everyone in the world is out to get you and you keep waking up to find yourself in the White House, the pressure within the man must have just kept building.

I’m not saying that Nixon sat down and choreographed his political demise in order to resolve the conflict, just that I believe his subconscious definitely played a role in bringing about his downfall.