When Doesn’t Blackface Matter? When Democrats Could Lose Virginia

Posted on Fri 02/08/2019 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

Is the Left’s pontificating on racists and sexists really just projecting?

Take Virginia.

Virginian hypocrites: from left, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, Attorney-General Mark Herring and Governor Ralph Northam

A circus of sanctimonious hypocrites.

Now none of them may quit, because that would clear the way for a Republican, the next in line, to take over. So the Democrats are suddenly very, very quiet.

Question: if any of the three men was called “Donald Trump”, what the Democrats and their media mates be saying now?

Note, I am not necessary saying any of these men should quit (or not until or unless the claims against Fairfax are proved).

I am saying, through, that Democrats and the media Left face a test here. What would they demand if one of these men were called Donald Trump? Or Brett Kavanaugh? Or Bill O’Reilly?

This could be a teaching moment, and not just of the Left’s ingrained hypocrisy – a characteristic failing of collectivists. It could also be the moment that they admit the hysteria of blackface has gone way, way overboard.

Sometimes blackface is indeed meant as a racist insult. Very often it is not. And sometimes it’s done as a tribute.

But ,of course, mobs and witch hunters don’t do such nuance.

Nor do race baiters looking to build careers on the wrecked reputations and terrified silence of others.

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