Australian Politics – Is Julia Banks Just A Stooge For Malcolm Turnbull’s Revenge?

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Revenge against one of the Ministers who votes against Malcolm Turnbull: 

Malcolm Turnbull’s son Alex has admitted he was ‘involved’ in a bombshell campaign by Julia Banks to unseat Greg Hunt… But he denied his father was also involved.

He would say that, wouldn’t he?

And how telling that Banks, a fervent Turnbull acolyte, is involved.

Julia Banks Hero Worship For Malcolm Turnbull

As I noted on The Bolt Report on Thursday, something suspicious is going on, and I do wonder how much Malcolm Turnbull – the dumped prime minister – is involved.

Banks says she will run as an independent against Hunt in Flinders and fight for stronger policies on global warming, yet Hunt is a warmist who as Environment Minister pushed hard for tougher global warming policies of the kind that Turnbull wanted, too.

So why pick on him?

Well, Hunt backed last year’s leadership challenge of conservative Peter Dutton, even though he himself is Left of centre, and Banks – a very, very close supporter of Malcolm Turnbull – has neither forgiven nor forgotten. On Thursday she attacked Hunt for being “Peter Dutton’s wingman”.

Nor is Banks the only Turnbull supporter to suddenly announce they are running against Liberal MPs – and running to promote Turnbull’s pet cause of global warming.

Former Turnbull staffer Alice Thompson is running against Tony Abbott, Turnbull’s great nemisis, on global warming.

And this week, Oliver Yates, who ran the Clean Energy Finance Corporation under Turnbull, said he would fight deputy Prime Minister Josh Frydenberg in Kooyong, again on global warming.

This too is curious. Like Hunt, Frydenberg is actually a global warming believer and former environment minister who pushed for tougher policies than the Liberals were prepared to take.

So why pick on him?

Why? Oh, by the way Frydenberg last year replaced as deputy Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s great supporter, Julie Bishop.

Yes, I know it sounds like a great conspiracy theory – that there’s somehow a push, coordinated, to pick off enemies of Malcolm Turnbull, and replaced them with Turnbull fans claiming to be moderate Liberals who want to rid the Liberals of global warming footdraggers.

Add to that list Zali Steggall, who is also standing against Tony Abbott, and also on global warming. And before her, of course, was Kerryn Phelps, who won Turnbull’s seat from the Liberals when Turnbull quit.

Funny how all these people’s comments saying all the same thing, popped up around the same time. And how funny that Alex Turnbull (and GetUp) supports them, with Alex in recent days promoting Steggall, Banks and Yates on his Twitter account.

And just where is the money for all these campaigns coming from? Watch this space.

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