Australian Politics – Hope: Liberal Party Goes From Wipe Out To Bad Defeat

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Here in Australia, the Liberal Party takes hope from a Newspoll showing they’re on 47 per cent to Labor’s 53:

It is the best result for the Morrison government since its post-coup peak in October and marks a four-point reversal in the two-party vote since December, when it was behind 55 to 45 per cent on a two-party-preferred basis, sparking predictions of an electoral wipe-out.

With Labor commanding a significant election-winning lead of 53-47 after preferences, the ­Coalition would reduce the scale of a defeat from the possible loss of 21 seats to 14 if the poll results were replicated at the general election on a uniform basis.

Take hope where you can find it.

But there are two things that suggest better could – could – be ahead. First, narratives change as journalists and voters get tired of the same old same old. Labor may soon become the issue at last. Second, Labor’s policies, released long ago, may seem increasingly out of date – particular its attack on negative gearing, now that house prices have already fallen to levels that would worry millions of home owners.

But Prime Minister Scott Morrison is still struggling to cut through with an agenda of his own. Sadly, his own global warming policies and caution leave him unable to exploit Victoria’s shameful blackouts last week – which would be a Tampa moment for a Liberal party game to challenge the great global warming scare that has left us short of electricity.

And there’s always Malcolm Turnbull, who desperately wants the Liberals to fail. Watch him and his acolytes. Watch out also for the ABC, which now seems completely off the leash in barracking for anti-Liberal candidates and politicians.

Here’s ABC host Wendy Harmer, for instance, promoting anti-Abbott candidate Zali Steggall:

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